Heart Touching Happy Father’s Day Messages

Happy Father’s Day Messages – The world marks Father’s Day every third Sunday of June. This special date has been set outside to celebrate not just our biological Fathers but also to celebrate all those who in one way contributed to our well being. He can be your foster Dad, uncle, and others. A special … Read more

Farewell Messages to Coworker

Unique farewell messages to Coworker: Do you have a colleague in your work place who is planning to leave the office? It could be that the person got another job somewhere else, or maybe they want to be self employed, ok, the question is, what do you write in a farewell messages to Coworker or … Read more

Remembering Dad on his birthday

 Remembering Dad on his birthday – My Dad has been gone for 8 months now, honestly everything changed . Nature forced me to live without him, I am here, though I still miss him. I am remembering Dad on his birthday. Sparks Today is my Dad’s first birthday in heaven. Should I call it a sad … Read more

Death anniversary messages for my father

Death anniversary messages for my father: It seems like yesterday, but it is already six months my beloved father went to join his maker. In loving memory Read the Tribute to my late Father. Related Tribute to my late Father My Dad left this world on the Eve of Christmas 2021, it was all like a movie. I … Read more

Tribute to My Late Father

Tribute to my Late Father – My father went to be with his maker on the Eve of Christmas,  I miss my Dad,  my father was my superhero and now he is my guardian Angel. He meant the world to my siblings and l. We love you Dad and miss you everyday. We felt and still … Read more

Tribute to my beloved Father from a daughter

Tribute to my beloved father:  Writing this  Tributes of my late Dad is one of the hardest things ever. It is a reality that I still can’t fathom. It is hard to think of not without fighting back tears. Before I commenced, the paper was wet. As I type, it is raining in my eyes. I don’t know how long this is going to last but I don’t care if I have to cry forever. That’s how much I miss him.  I want to dedicate this tribute to my beloved father from a daughter to the special man ever  who I miss so much.

Are you mourning the death of a loved one? This is a very painful experience that breaks not just the heart and soul but the entire existence of one.  I do feel bad at the loss of someone else, but I felt devastated when I experienced the death of a close one, my Father. With pain in my heart I have written these tributes to my beloved father

It is a painful experience when you have to learn to stop talking to someone you’re used to talking with. A heart breaking experience when you can’t dial their numbers. It is traumatizing when all you do is imagine, at the end of it all , if you’re lucky you might see them in the dream. But then you seeing them in the dream will rekindle the love and memories you shared. At times you won’t even be aware in that dream that they’re gone, just for you to wake up and see reality of life steering at you.
At this stage what will you do? Dreams are not something you will do cut and join, you can’t go back and continue from where you stopped. He’s gone again. Move on they will tell you. If only the know what your heart is telling you
At times you will be advised to pray harder so as not to see your loved ones in the dream. But only you knows what you’re battling with. Who will you tell that you actually want this dream. You won’t look normal if you open up about this reality. What do we do? We keep our wish to ourselves just to look normal. Deep down we’re hurting.  Short tributes I wrote to my late Father:
Tribute to my late  Father 
Tribute to my Father, I love you Dad
Funeral Tribute to My Late Father/Poem
I miss my Dad/Tribute to the best father ever.
Tribute to my late Father in heaven.
Tribute to my Late Dad: Gone but never forgotten

Tribute to my beloved Father from daughter 

 I miss my Dad, my heart is broken. His death gave me an irresistible shock.  It was a sorrowful moment in my family,  we were suppose to be celebrating  because it was  Eve of  Christmas but on the contrary. The shock of your demise is still unbelievable.  It hurts my Dad I shared memories with is now memory. Sad!

My Dad passed away on the 24th of December in Nigeria. It was a great traumatic experience for me. I haven’t experienced a death of someone so close to my heart like this before. At first, it looked as if it wasn’t a reality, I try to picture him around me and imagine myself discussing with him as usual, but all this wasn’t helpful because I can’t still behold my lovely Dad around me. I now realized that truly, my Dad has travelled to the world far beyond. All I am left with are memories of the quality times that we shared together. I missed my Dad, I missed so many things about him.
I am therefore dedicating this tributes to my Late father in heaven, to express how exactly I felt and still feel about his departure from this earth. This can also serve as a guide to you when writing a tribute or farewell message for your Late Dad.

Tribute to my beloved father
Father and Child

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