How to control pollution

How to control pollution: Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances to the environment. These substances are dangerous to lives. It affects human, animals and even plants. Pollution is capable of causing deaths of living things. Substances that causes pollution in our environment are known as pollutants. As such it is our duties to ensure … Read more

Iwu Nkwu in Mbaise ( Cutting of Palm Oil Fruits)

Palm oil fruits Iwu Nkwu in Mbaise – In Mbaise land, located in IMO state the Eastern part of Nigeria. There exist several cultural practices, such as Igbu nkwu, iwa oji, eri gwara, iwa akwa ( though it is practiced by few communities in Mbaise), igba ekpe among others. Most of these cultures are  practiced … Read more

Farm Mechanization

Tractor Farm mechanization: Farming is the cultivation of land and rearing of animals. It involves the preparation of land, planting of plants, harvesting, storage and utilization or consumption. Types of Farming   1.Arable Farming This is the cultivation of crops. 2. Pastoral Farming This involves the rearing of animals. Animals are kept in a confined … Read more

Importance of oil palm tree

Importance of oil palm tree: Palm tree is grown in tropical rain forest. It is a perennial tree. Collection of palm trees in a forest is called Palm tree plantation. This article will review the importance of oil palm tree . Palm tree plantation   Propagation of palm tree  It is propagated through it’s seed … Read more

Challenges of Accessing Agric_business Finance in Nigeria

Agricultural sector is one of the important sectors that serves as economic backbone upon which the Nigeria government rely for its foreign exchange and revenue. Agricultural sector comprises of farming, fishing, pastoral, hunting etc. We have the challenges of accessing agric_business finance in Nigeria. cocoa plantation Some of our Agricultural produce include, Crops, vegetables, hides … Read more


Maize farm Agricultural challenges in Nigeria –  Agriculture is the major livelihood of an average Nigerian.  It contributes hugely to the Nigeria GDP. Agriculture is the cultivation of lands, rearing of animals, it involves fishing, pastoral farming , horticulture etc. All these and more are been practice in both substantial and commercial ways. Agricultural challenges … Read more