Cute Birthday Wishes for little niece : Congratulations for been an Uncle or Aunt, a caring one for that matter, that’s why you’re here. One opportunity life offers that people look forward to. Having these gentle souls look up to you, play with you and even live with you. The memories we derive from them … Read more

May the odds be in your favor

May the odds be  in your favor  Meaning- This simply means ” may you succeed in the things you do” . It is just like saying may lines fall in pleasant place(s) for you. It means well when you say these to someone. Just like we all know, there’s power in spoken words. Most times … Read more

Romantic Good night love messages for him

Good night love messages for him

Good night love messages for him .Here,  you are going to read the beautiful Romantic Good night love messages for him. You can send these text over as direct messages, text, or put a call across to your sweet heart to wish him sweet dreams and sleep. There’s this feeling that comes when someone remembers … Read more

Thank you teacher quotes

Thank you teacher quotes

Thank you teacher quotes: This is an article written to show how parents  and students should appreciate those who devoted their time in taking care of your child or ward. Don’t say they’re been paid, don’t say you’re paying your child or wards school fees, there’s more to someone who takes care  and impact your  … Read more

Best Hairstyles for black girls

Best Hairstyles for black girls –Children are getting ready to return to school and it means you have to put every effort to make them to look good. As a Mom, one of your responsibilities should be ensuring that your daughter appears clean and good with well braided d hair, give them the best hairstyles … Read more

How to promote Business Online and Offline

How to promote Business online and offline: Business is the act of buying and selling of goods and services.  In business it is either you’re selling goods and getting patronized by customers or you’re rendering services which customers also patronized.  All these are in change with money.  That is to say the essence of business is … Read more

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles: Here we have collection of best Ghana weaving styles ever, shuku hairstyle I’d a type of hairstyle that is plaited towards the center of the head. Basically, shuku Ghana weaving styles are weaved to gather at the center of ones head. Types of shuku Ghana weaving styles Let’s take a look … Read more

Kaftan latest Bubu gown styles

  Kaftan latest Bubu gown styles: This is a special kind of free gown sewn mostly by African women. The beauty of bubu gown show is obvious when it flows down to the ground. So basically, Bubu gown styles are dress that are free from top to the down region. And it is always big on … Read more