Birthday wishes and prayers for Priest: We are here to show you how to write short birthday wishes for Priest or Pastors in the church. We love our spiritual leaders and of course it will be a great idea to celebrate them on their birthdays. As a Priest or Pastor posted to our Parish, he will definitely have limited time to spend with them. So it is better you choose to make their stay memorable by sharing birthday wishes and prayers for Priest.

Birthday Wishes for Priest

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1.Heavenly Father, Bless your chosen son, guide and protect him as he mark yet another year in this life journey.

2. Happy birthday Padre, I appreciate all the good things you have been doing in our Parish, I pray God to uplift you as you add another year to your age.

3. Thank you for been the source of inspiration to the youths in our community. You have been a great role model that we all look up to . We cherish you and we wish you a happy birthday Fr.

4. To our Parish Priest,

On behalf of the youths of ST. Rose’s Catholic Church, we wish you a happy birthday. We pray God to uphold, protect and bless you. May you continue to shine bright in the hearts of many. Father, we are happy to have you in our midst and as such we say together… Happy birthday Father John .

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for a Priest

Little things matters you know, so go ahead with the short birthday wishes and prayers for Priest/Pastors we have written on this space.

5. You have been an exceptional Priest in this missionary journey, everyone that have come in contact with you can attest to this. You fed the masses both physically and spiritually. Like the compass, you direct us to the right track. Your emotional and mental support we appreciate. Father on your birthday today, we pray that your fountain of knowledge will never run dry. Amen

6. Heavenly God will enlarge your coast. May you continue to proposer until you become prosperous, cheers to a beautiful year.

7. Dear Padre, we felt the wind of change, right from the time you were posted to our Parish. It hasn’t changed since then. We appreciate every moment with you and can’t wish for a better Priest.

8. May your birthday be a reflection and more of the love and compassion you have shown to your Parishioners. Happy Birthday, Pastor!

9. To my life ambitions , you have been very supportive, your wise counseling, prayer and good wishes kept me going. I won’t detail. I wish you more joy and happiness as your celebrate your birthday today.

10. You’re not just a ” Father” but a Father to me. Directing me to the things of the Lord is the biggest gift a son can receive, which you have given me. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration Padre.

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Birthday Wishes for Pastor

As we know, some churches refers their Priest as Pastor’s, don’t get confused. Their job description is the same. To win souls to God. What do you say to a pastor on his birthday? So you can go ahead and send these heartfelt birthday wishes for pastor’s that we have written below:

11. Pastor, you are a mentor, a guide and you touch the lives of so many, not least to mention mine. I feel each of your sermons directed to me and have such a profound impact in my life.

12. What a great priest you’re? You’re the most amazing and beautiful soul I know. Your simplicity to life and love for nature deserves to be studied. I am grateful that I know you. Do have a blast.

13. I’m wishing you many more years of doing what you were put on this earth to do, Dear Pastor.

14. Pastor, your unwavering commitment to serving others in the community and your compassionate heart in helping people out inspires us, and your presence in our lives is a truly a blessing.

15. I wish you a wonderful birthday, Pastor. You’ve been amazing.

16. May this new year bring you much joy and happiness, and may your faith continue to guide you on your journey.

17. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Amen

18. Sending birthday wishes to a Pastor who continue to inspire , guide and win souls.

19. On this day, May your birthday be blessed with the same positive energy, happiness, hope, warmth and love you bring to your congregation every blessed day. Happy Birthday, Father!

20. My birthday message for you today, Dearest Pastor, for all that you do for everyone else, we declare today public holiday, take this day to enjoy just for you.

Birthday Wishes for a Priest

A good number of people have been asking How do you say happy birthday to a priest?, Hence, we have these kind words on birthday wishes for Priest. As you can see, we’re still in the celebration mode. Our priest is going to feel loved today.

21. Your birthday it’s a time to celebrate the benefits of living a full life in God. What else can one pray for if not this. May you experience the joy and happiness that comes from it.

22. With the light of God in your paths, you shall passed through life challenges and come out victorious.

23. I will remain thankful to you for everything you have done. For the most selfless Priest the world have ever known , today is a day that’s all about you to merry, to celebrate you and all of the good that you do. May you have a blessed birthday this year, Father. Congratulations

24. Felix natalis Sacerdos, May divine favor locate you in this new year. We love you so much. God’s blessings

25. You’re a great Priest. I call you all rounder because of you knowledge in everything. You encouraged me in my studies, not leaving behind my social and religious life. I wish you more healthy life Fr.

26. May you start your year blessed, I pray you finish it with numerous blessings of the Lord.

27. May God’s mercy never fail you. In your chosen profession to proclaim His gospel , God will never deny you. Have a beautiful birthday celebration Padre

28. Happy new year Sir, as you mark yet another year, you shall not lack the good things of life you will be needing to navigate the journey.

29.For all of your messages, wise words, kind words, knowledge, words of wisdom, and for all of the love, joy and light you radiates to the lives of our community, I want to thank you for all of your dedication and kindness.

30. Bon anniversaire Padre!

Prayer for a Priest on his Birthday

We are not stopping with the birthday prayers for Priest soon, so you know. At this stage, it is wise we commit them to the hands of God. Only Him protects. May they live to see more fruitful years to come. Amen . Let us Pray:

31.Lord we lift your son into your hands, we ask that you perfect his expectations. No power shall stop his shine. He shall live to do only your will. Amen .

32.God has been faithful, on this you birthday Padre, my birthday prayer is that you shall never lack, you will live to fulfill your purpose on earth and enjoy with Father in heaven. Amen.

33.Merciful God, you Son has been serving you, working tirelessly in your vineyard. May he not labour in vain. With long life shall you preserve him.

34.My birthday prayer for Priest, you have been doing amazing works for God and to man. All that you have sow will return bountiful. Your works of hands are blessed. I asked this through Christ our Lord. Amen

35. When others shall say there is a casting down, as for you there will be a lifting up. Be happy Fr. Enjoy your year.

36. I wish you God’s continues blessings as you step into another year in life. You’re special to us, don’t forget.

37. You’re one of the greatest gifts of God to us. My generation is blessed to have you. We join to celebrate your birthday as we wish you a happy birthday Sacerdote

38. Feliz Cumpleaños Sacerdote

39.Joyeux anniversaire Father!

40. Congratulations on your birthday Padre.

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Imagine a memorable moment you have created just by sending these lovely birthday wishes and prayers for Priest/Pastor. You know it takes absolutely nothing to make the world a better place. Let’s exhale joy, love, care and if course let’s jubilate with those that helps to reconnect us with our Creator at no cost. Happy birthday Padre, we love you