Gone but never forgotten, Tribute to my Late Dad

Gone but never forgotten, tribute to my late Dad : It seems like yesterday, but it is already six months my beloved father went to join his maker.

Gone but never forgotten, tribute to my late Dad

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My Dad left this world on the Eve of Christmas 2021, it was all like a movie. I am still finding it difficult to comprehend.

We were all in the hospital, I just got home for Christmas break and went to see him in the hospital. Gathered there was family and friends.

We watched our beloved father battled for his life, yes he didn’t want to go, he wanted more time to be with his family and friends.

He was struggling to live a little longer and watch all his children grow into adults. He wanted to be their as a father to his children.

How about our mother? I am sure he didn’t want to live his beautiful wife a widow, he loved his wife, while battling for his life from time to time he would stretch his hand to his wife.

We all felt the love those two shared even on his last minute. I prayed for the love to continue, we wished and hoped it never end. But it was just a mere wish.

Let me tell you a little about my family

By the way, Daddy and Mom gave birth to eight children, six  beautiful daughters and two handsome sons.

My father was a genius, like wise my mother and that combined, was a great advantage to us the children. We are fantastic eight.  We don’t lack behind in anything that involves intellect. Thanks to God and to our parents for their beautiful union.

Growing up, Dad worked in one of the financial institutions in Nigerian and Mom a teacher ( once a teacher always a teacher) retired. Our home was a definition of peaceful and happy home.

We didn’t get to live with our father at our early stage of lives, he worked in different state from our home, so we lived with our mum and couple of relatives that do come around.  But one thing we loved about him then was his ability to come home to us every weekend. We spent all the weekends of my Dad’s career days together.

He comes home every weekend to his family. We always look forward to his coming as he would buy several things for us. Then the next thing we would look out for was driving around town and villages with him. Our Saturdays was for adventure. We would visit interesting places with him, at times we go to market together.

Then on Sunday, we go to church together. At times after services, we visit his sister’s in their husband houses. Dad had four sisters and two brothers. He was the last son of the family.

After our Sunday outing we would retire to the house in the evening and then Monday morning, we bid him good bye . These was his normal routine.

These acts continued for years until he left the bank to do other jobs close to our home. Then we had our father with us all through until that black Christmas Eve. He left forever! I am sad 😢.

Back to 24th December, 2021, watching my Dad struggling to live, I didn’t know he will die, at least not that soon. Was thinking we could celebrate the Christmas together. By the way, the best season of my father’s life was Christmas. He loved Christmas seasons with everything in him. From looking forward to the arrival of friends and family, to joining in the groove of Christmas.

He would call us to come and watch the masquerades, he would watch  them in admiration as he sprays them with some money. He  would entertain our guests in the house with his jokes. 😊, Oh! How I miss my Dad. Did I tell you my Dad was a comedian by default. Yes he can be hilarious 😂.  When he cracks those jokes our guests would laugh until they crack their ribs. Such a jovial man!

You now know  why I didn’t think my father will die on Christmas Eve?

Well, I am sorry to say but he left us on the Eve of Christmas, 2021. 😭 😢 😭.

The news came like a thunder from the blues to all . The shock was irresistible. Was thinking and still thinking the whole thing was a movie.

How we left the hospital is still what I don’t know.

How we went home on Christmas Eve without my Dad is still what I am thinking?

We missed out for the first time from Christmas celebrations.

He left us!

I became fatherless since then and will remain fatherless till the end of time. You see how difficult the whole experience and idea of death is?

It is a pain to loose someone. I felt it on that Day. My heart goes out to all those wearing the same or similar shoe with me. Sending kisses and hugs 🤗

Well, my family members were informed, we waited until after Christmas to fix the burial date of our father. January we decided as a family to bury my Dad on the 21st of January, 2022 in our village.

That date created another wound in our hearts. Before then, we have made arrangements, from informing our kinsmen, his maternal home people, church and friends of what happened and our plans.

On that day, friends and family came out en mass to mourn with us and watch as we bid a final farewell to the head of our family by committing him to mother earth.

I lack words to describe how we felt watching an ambulance entering into our compound, seeing the casket.

When he was laid in state, I got the greatest shock of my life seeing my agile father lying motionless.

He couldn’t see us, he couldn’t call us by our names, Dad didn’t ask us why we were crying. Maybe, just maybe he was hearing us but couldn’t communicate back? I imagined.

We prayed around him, we cried too. Our hopes was still alive even at this stage. We were hoping for a miracle, looking to see him open those eyes, for him to say something or at least bid us farewell by moving even if it was a finger. We didn’t get any of these.

Minutes later,  pallbearers and some family members took his body to his grave, just in front of our house, he was lowered. It now dawned on us that he has left for a journey of no return. A sudden journey no one is ever ready for. A journey our consents are not required before we are forced to it. A lonely journey where no one accompanies you.

We bid him farewell by pouring sand and then he left. Grave was covered.

Gone but never forgotten, a tribute to my late Dad

May God raise him again on the resurrection morning. Amen

The video of the whole event still plays on my head, I wouldn’t want to format my brain to get this experience off, in as much as I know it was a painful one.  I loved my Dad

Couple of times I saw him in my dreams, I wasn’t scared.  Though I know he’s no more. I miss him.

Sure you know Dad, everything, I mean everything has changed. Your wife our mother is still looking forward to you coming back. A wish we know is not possible. Your absence has created a vacuum in our hearts, a vacuum no one can fill. Thank you for the positive impacts you made on us. We shall continue to live exemplary lives.

I pray God continue to bless us , and console us. I equally pray he forgive you your shortcomings and grant you eternal rest. Amen.

Tribute to my late Father in heaven

Day by day, I imagine you.

How can all of this be valid?

I can’t imagine you’re gone,

I can’t accept it,

Even after many months.

Just the thought  of your exit still makes me cry.

It was hard to say  goodbye even while watching

The picture wasn’t clear, it was blurred. I didn’t understand.

Don’t know if it will ever get better.

With hope it does.

It makes me think of all of the times we’ve spent. Dad.

Every time we talked, you encouraged me.

So many things I never got to say.

I never imagined you’d ever be so far away I have a deep feeling that you are still within.

You knew that I loved you like no other

In my heart you’ll always be;

I wish I have the power to bring you back to life

But now I have to let you rest,

I miss you with all of my heart.

ish you never had to part.

I know you’re in a better place,

So now I guess this is my goodbye.

Rest in Peace beloved Daddy

From day one all you did was advised me.

Now all I do is fight back my tears.

I wanted to do everything you told me

because I wanted to be just like you have wanted me to be.

Your death made me realize that truly, you are a Man of the people. You were loved.

Now I sit here wondering what to do because there’s no one to replace you. I never did tell you all the things I felt, like how much I did love you this is not because you are gone no

We will mourn and cry.

Our questions are pointless.

Life without you

is so hard to conceive.

Our hearts are damaged

and hurts severely.

We will miss you,

much more than dearly.

For having you in our lives,

we’ve all been blessed.

We thank God for the years we spent,

Though it was short because we would have loved an extension of your stay.

But now the time has arrived,

for you to rest.

We promise to cherish,

our memories of you.

You shall live in our minds forever,

All the memories you shared with us

Is what bonds us now to you

It’s been six months

that you finally got it your way

you left us here, without a farewell

leaving behind just your memories

I am glad you wanted until I traveled

12 hours on the road to see your face,

10 minutes after my arrival , you set for the journey.

I am glad I saw your face at the last moment

Your face filled with love

before you were wrapped away by the Angels

Rest well Dad

Keep sleeping in the Lord beloved father.

The second part of the Tribute to my beloved father