Low Cut Hairstyles for Nigerian Guys

Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys: How often do you cut your hair? Hairstyles plays a vital role in determining the outward appearance of an individual. Getting your hair cut to desired style gives one a clean look and boasts ones confident . Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys will give you the best hairstyles … Read more

Nigerian Bridal hairstyles

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Best Hairstyles for black girls

Best Hairstyles for black girls –Children are getting ready to return to school and it means you have to put every effort to make them to look good. As a Mom, one of your responsibilities should be ensuring that your daughter appears clean and good with well braided d hair, give them the best hairstyles … Read more

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles

Shuku Ghana Weaving Styles: Here we have collection of best Ghana weaving styles ever, shuku hairstyle I’d a type of hairstyle that is plaited towards the center of the head. Basically, shuku Ghana weaving styles are weaved to gather at the center of ones head. Types of shuku Ghana weaving styles Let’s take a look … Read more

Beautiful Passion twist hairstyles for ladies

Passion twist hairstyles :  This is also known as spring twist. It involves a twist where two strands are added as extension when braiding hair, here you will see different types of passion twist, the best length, best products and color to use in making passion twist hairstyles               … Read more

Low cut hairstyles for females

Low cut hairstyles for females: As a lady, have you thought of cutting you hair before? After years of growing and nurturing hair, at times some ladies won’t feel comfortable again. Boom! they will decide to get low cut hair. Some argued that they decided to go on low cut because they want breeze to … Read more

Didi hairstyles for natural hair

@Nailplustotalbeauty Didi hairstyles for natural hair : Over the years, ladies now prefer to keep their hairs without relaxer. This gives them that African Queen look. Most ladies don’t use relaxer of any type on their hairs again. They have resolved to grooming and growing their hair in a natural way. But then growing hairs … Read more

Nigerian children hairstyles

Nigerian children hairstyles : Getting the best hairstyles for your girls at times seems difficult, this is because you  they plaited several hairstyles and you’re running out of styles. Again this might be in search of a fitting hairstyles or something trendy. Worry no more, here we have collection of hairstyles from different stylists. Nigerian … Read more

Best Packing Gel hairstyles for black girls

Best packing Gel hairstyles for black girls

Best packing Gel hairstyles for black girls: There’s a popular saying that says the beauty of a woman lies in her hair. It won’t be out of place to say that the first thing most people notice in you is your hair. So there’s every need as a lady to maintain a neat hair. Here we have collection of best packing Gel hairstyles for black girls. We will explain below the requirements for here as you read further.

What is packing Gel hairstyle?

Packing Gel hairstyle is a special kind of hairstyle made from gel and weavon or attachment. It is all the rave right now. The soft, sleek, straight, curly, long, short weavons are the best for packing Gel style

What is gel?

Gel is a colloidal solution that is used in salon in order to make hair lap and enable styling of hair as desired. Gel is liquid like but doesn’t flow. It is thick and weak substance. Gel can appear in white or black color depending on the type of coloring substance used.

How do I style my  hair with gel?

Are you looking for how to style your hair with gel, well, One of the fastest and finest styles to fix is packing gel hairstyles and ponytail hairstyles. It is very easy to fix and consumes less time.

These hairstyles doesn’t consume much weavon.

Gel hairstyles are best for weddings. Brides, bridesmaid and even guest of wedding parties goes with these hair styles. It give fittings while looking simple and classy at the same time

Gel hairstyles is done with gel and weavon or attachment and spray. The weavon is attached to the middle of the hair packed together while rubbing gel to the hair to hold it firm. And the spray adds to it’s firmness.

You have learnt how to style hair with gel, now take a look at our collections.

Best packing Gel hairstyles  for Black Girls
Packing Gel style with extension.
This extension can come from different types of weavon, it can be curly weavon, straight weavon or even wave weavon.
Gel hairstyles  for Black Girls
Packing Gel hairstyle with human hair
A good number of people uses human hair to fix it, the human hair for packing Gel can be bone straight, wave weavon for packing Gel or even curly weavon.
Gel hairstyles  for Black Girls
Gel hairstyles with curly weavon
Best packing Gel hairstyles for black girls

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