Crepe Material Gown Styles for Ladies

Latest Crepe Material gown styles for Ladies: what can I make with crepe Material? This is a question ladies ask themselves often each time the come across crepe fabrics. There are several styles you can sew using this sophisticated material. Gone are the days we let it bother us, thanks to designers these days, there are several crepe gown styles in vogue we can think of here. So, take a tour at the latest crepe Material gown styles for ladies in our gallery below.

Crepe Material gown styles

Latest Crepe Material gown styles for ladies

There are various styles you can create from crepe Material, we have the short and long crepe gowns, off shoulder crepe styles and as well as pencil crepe gown styles among others you shall be seeing in this best crepe gown styles in Nigeria and across.

Flare crepe gown styles

Also note the various types of crepe materials available in the market today. And they can be made from different materials both synthetic and natural. All are characterized by their wrinkled appearance. Let’s take a look at common crepe Material types.

Best crepe gown styles
  1. Georgette
  2. Plisse
  3. Crepe Satin.
  4. Moroccan crepe.
  5. french Crepe
  6. Scuba
  7. wool crepe
  8. Crepe de chine
  9. Canton etc
Short crepe gown

What can I see with crepe material? Crepe Gown can be styled based on the event you want to attend.

Midi crepe dress styles

Credit: STJ

Crepe dresses can come in different forms, like short,long, maxi and mini or even midi gown styles. You may also decide to sew flare of pleated gown using this fabulous material.

Gown with layers

Elegant style

Red crepe dress

Flowered crepe Material Styles

When going for picnic or casual functions, you might consider flower- crepe gown . It may interest you to know that, crepe materials is not just for corporate gowns alone. Crepe can be used to sew flare, maxi and mini gowns and even jumpsuits or playsuits. Not forgetting casual wears also.

Flower crepe dress styles

Another name for crepe is crape material. It originates from French. There are several features associated with it. Well, it will interest you to know that crepe materials don’t retain heat. And this is one of the features that makes it good for office wears.

Polka dot crepe gown

Crepe styles for plus size ladies

Beautiful polka dot crepe gown. Again crape material is light and it makes it a good fabric to be worn during Summer. You can go for crepe styles for chubby ladies and it will come out well.

Flower crepe dress

Flower crepe dress

Red crepe gown styles

Beautiful polka dot crepe gown

Crepe Gown Styles that will make you look classy and comfortable. This fabric top the list of most preferred fabrics in the world. People go after it in various designs. But it is mostly worn among women. The texture and sophistication of crepe makes it ideal for a wide variety when it comes to stunning dress styles.

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Vintage crepe Gown

In Nigeria, flower crepe gown styles are popular in the fashion industry. The floral pattern of the fabric makes it easier to pair with various accessories.

Mini crape dress

Short crepe gown styles

Crepe yarn is soft and can be stretch. This is a feature that made it the best choice to use and sew crepe short dresses. It allows for easy movement. So getting a crepe fabric to make short crepe gown styles should be the best target for your wardrobe.

Latest Crepe Material gown styles

Classy gown


Short crepe gown styles


Stunning dress you can sew using crepe fabric.

Green crepe gown styles

Take a look at these crepe Material gown styles suitable for office. The will make you appear smart

Yellow short crepe gown


Burnt orange crepe dress


Elegant crepe dress for church.

Long Crepe Gown Styles

We have the list of various types of crepe materials above, below we have long crepe gown styles you can achieve from any of the type we mentioned and others. Let’s go through the crepe gown images together.

Crepe Material gown styles


As a fashion lover, you can’t but admire crepe fabric. Though it can be used by men to sew but women adopts it more.

Sleeveless crepe Material gown styles


You also go for this beautiful style above. Good for casual functions and picnics.


Just like we stated earlier, you can have crepe fabric turned into office dress. It’s a smart way to go to work especially on Mondays to Wednesdays.

Maxi crepe gown styles

Credit: Grandeur

Beautiful maxi crepe gown for Nigeria ladies. A fashion style that is trending in this region is sewing different fabrics into free gowns otherwise known as Buobuo gowns.

Wool crepe gown styles


A typical example of a wool crepe gown. Combining this beautiful wool colours together to get this luxury gown we’re staring at right now, is everything. The layers, the creativity put in it, this is a beautiful crepe material you will surely like to try.

Black crepe gown


Beautiful black crepe gown

Pencil crepe gown

Credit: @Chidex

So there are several reasons why you have to own latest crepe material gown styles, apart from the cool nature of the fabrics and various designs like the flowered crepe gown, you can also enjoy the benefit of it’s elasticity. It means you can comfortably walk to and fro. The multi color and colourful nature of crepe materials cannot be overemphasized. Go get one today.