Pidgin gospel songs : In Nigeria, people worship God in different ways. Apart from using English language to sing, another general way people sing is using pidgin language. Singing songs with different languages at times spices up the praise and worship section. Singing is a way of propagating the gospel. As you know pidgin comprises … Read more


Nigerian proverbs in Pidgin: Proverb is a short piece of advice expressed in a short sentence. It is a wise way of advising someone. Though most times it takes someone who is smart to decode the area the words of wisdom are pointing to. And then Pidgin is a language spoken in some countries of … Read more

Happy Anniversary Messages in Pidgin English

Happy anniversary messages in Pidgin English – Anniversary is basically remembrance of events that happened in the past. We try to mark the days of special moments we have had such as wedding, burial, birthday, graduation, etc. At Somyarriy’s, we celebrate our anniversaries and other events, we do that in any language that we understands. … Read more

Fake Friend Quotes in Pidgin English

Fake Friend Quotes in Pidgin English: This Pidgin quotes will give you an insight on how to throw shades at friends especially the fake friends. Fake Friends exist, they are unfriendly friends in our lists, we have them and at times might take us decades before events that will unfold them will happen. What is … Read more

Words of wisdom in Pidgin English

Words of Wisdom in Pidgin English– is a special gift from God. It is also a rare gift and so not everyone is endowed with it. But that’s the truth. When words are spoken with wisdom,it takes only a wise man to interpret it. I would say, wisdom is the language of a wise man. … Read more

Funny Pidgin Motivational Quotes

Funny Pidgin Motivational Quotes: In Nigeria and some countries of the world, pidgin language is regarded as language of the street, this is because,  it is spoken more in non official engagements. Pidgin language or pidgin English as called in Nigeria is combination of English language and local dialects of a people. Sometimes some words … Read more

Hustlers prayer quotes in pidgin

Hustlers Prayer Quotes in Pidgin: Prayer to all hustlers and Strugglers all around the world. God knows everything we do,  So, let’s  communicate with Him in prayers by submitting our fears and challenges to Him. He wants to hear us say them. Feel free to pray.  If na pidgin English , Queens English or your … Read more

Happy New Month in Pidgin English

Happy New Month in Pidgin English: The gift of life is one gift everything and everyone that has breathe appreciates. It is not easy to wake up to a new morning, a new week and then a brand new month. At this stage I know you wish to share happy New Month in Pidgin English … Read more

Morning Prayer in Pidgin English

Morning prayer in Pidgin English: You can communicate with God through any language of your choice. He created all languages and as such understands all. That’s why we have taken out time to write morning prayer in Pidgin English. You can pray with any Pidgin language of your choice, be it Nigerian Pidgin English or … Read more