Priestly anniversary wishes and prayers; How do you celebrate a priestly anniversary? You have a priest or pastor in your church, whose priestly anniversary is fast approaching, do you mark the celebration as a church or you don’t remember to mark his priestly anniversary? Just like his birthdays, it is good you also celebrate his … Read more


Emotional Safe Flight wishes for friend: Seeing a friend or loved one off to the airport can be an emotional moment. We share hugs, kisses and handshakes over and over again until the depart from our sight. You can still reach them, to do this, there are several ways to wish a friend safe flight. … Read more

May the odds be in your favor

May the odds beĀ  in your favorĀ  Meaning- This simply means ” may you succeed in the things you do” . It is just like saying may lines fall in pleasant place(s) for you. It means well when you say these to someone. Just like we all know, there’s power in spoken words. Most times … Read more

Good luck Messages for Interview

Good luck message for interview : Going for interview comes with mixed feelings at times. This is because we don’t know what to expect, the questions that will be asked and the ability of other candidates for the same position we came for. At times we wonder what our chances are. At this stage we … Read more

20+ Special Good Morning GIF Love

Good morning GIF: Waking up in the morning to read a special messages inscribed in a beautiful picture is such a good way to start a day. How about sending good morning images to that special one in your life, a message that ask for nothing, just a good morning gif will brighten the person’s … Read more

Short prayer for the elderly

Short prayer for the elderly : Growing old is a natural phenomena. That is to say it doesn’t require human input. It is the dream of everyone to get old. Nobody wants to die young. We all wish to live forever. It is the dream of every creature to live to old age, quite a … Read more

Street Quotes About Life

Street Quotes about life: These are the quotes that are peculiar to the street. The are the kind of lines we hear everyday in the street, people use these sayings to encourage themselves and others. Generally, life is not easy at times. To some people everything is fine and to most the achieve anything and … Read more