Tribute to My Late Father

Tribute to my Late Father – My father went to be with his maker on the Eve of Christmas,  I miss my Dad,  my father was my superhero and now he is my guardian Angel. He meant the world to my siblings and l. We love you Dad and miss you everyday. We felt and still feeling the vacuum your absence has created, non can fill it. Your girls are doing good also your sons. You’re forever and ever in our hearts beloved Dad. I am sorry but it’s like I will keep crying forever over your demise. You should have stayed a little ,just a little longer with us and watch us grow. Your wife our mother you left with us is not finding your exit easy. You know how close both of you were Dad, you were more than a husband to her and now she’s alone. The world itself is lonely despite it’s habitats just you know how bad the whole thing got us. With tears in my eyes , I write this tribute to my late father.

Tribute to my late father
Father and daughter

Have you ever watch the transition of a beloved one before? How does it feel after spending months or maybe years outside home ,then come a festive season you were looking forward to go and celebrate with your family, only for you to get home and  to watch your beloved Dad struggling to live and eventually the final whistle was blown? I lost my Dad just like that!

That was exactly what I went through, the feeling is such that I  can’t put in writing well enough. The memory I will live with till the end of time. After watching my Dad’s transition moment, I learnt to cherish life and loved ones more. A painful experience I will keep saying.
I felt helpless that I couldn’t help. I was devastated. It was difficult and still difficult to adjust to reality. I am sending hugs to all who has watched the beloved ones transition to the world beyond. It was and will remain one of the  painful moments of ones life. With tears still in my eyes I write this tribute to my one and  only Dad , I know he’s resting well.

 Emotional Tribute to my late Father 

It is not possible to forget you Papa. I still miss you Father. I wish you will come back one day. Miss you
It is hard to watch someone answer nature’s call
He was actually wrapped by the angels
Dad transcended to the other world just after the call
A world we were told that is free of stress
I wish I can stop you, a wish I can’t achieve
I realized how far you have gone and let those tears out.
Your exit brought us close to what death is
I felt the pain of loosing someone that is irreplaceable
Looking out for you Dad,in the midst of other Dads
I search with my eyes and send my soul to look out
My soul will say he is not here with me, but he’s watching
I realized how far you have gone and let those tears out
Your love for your children, we cherish
You lived a truthful life
At times I felt you went for adventure
Or maybe you went to seek for more truth about what I can’t tell
Again it dawned on me it is a journey of no return
I realized how far you have gone and let those tears out.
Frankly speaking father, I will love to have you back
I was not ready to be fatherless but then you left
More time with you here would have healed this wound
So you know how you exit is dealing with me
I have been screaming out loud, how I want my Dad
I realized how far you have gone and let those tears out.
We had some beautiful memories
We discussed everything and anything
But Dad we didn’t discuss how to live without you
Now your death left us with no manual on how to be fatherless
It is hard been fatherless in this harsh world
I realized how far you have gone and let those tears out.
If we run  towards you, we won’t catch up with you
Knowing how far you have gone, we stopped running
If we keep crying, surely, you wouldn’t want to see us in tears
We mourn your exit, but then were reminded not to mourn like those without hope
We have hope in resurrection , we look forward to the resurrection morning
I realized how distance won’t stop it then and I let those tears out.
Farewell Daddy
Your beloved daughter
2.  Tribute to my late cousin –  I want to share  a painful experience I had sometimes ago in 2021. It was so painful that I wished it never happened. I lost a beloved cousin to auto crash. That fateful Thursday, I had returned from work and was trying to put away things I came back with from work. Just then I got this call from an Aunty that changed the rest of my plan. My cousin is dead. I screamed but then the call didn’t make sense to me. It was more like a dream.
Tribute to my late cousin
Tribute to my late cousin
Just to be sure of what i heard, I called my Aunty back to be sure of what I heard, the story line did not change. My cousin went to Lagos to purchase goods and on his way to where he reside, he heard some noise from his car and packed to check what happened.
Unfortunately he was knocked down by incoming vehicle, we prayed and wished for a miracle, but then he sustained internal bleeding and that after surgery led to his untimely death. My beloved cousin died just some months after his fourth decade birthday.
It was quite a devastating moment in my family. In our widest imagination, we didn’t imagine this coming.
While you were here with us Brother, your actions were always kind, a generous hand and an active mind..with those lovely smiles you will address everyone with a special name, you were a special gift to our family.
My cousin was very industrious, he ran quite a number of businesses to his credit. He grew his business empire so well.
He loves his family so much and took good care of his Children. Those Children will miss you forever Bro.
My cousin was a good man , he was a good Christian who doesn’t joke with the things of God. He was humble, accommodating, kindhearted and always ready to extend helping hands.
A loving brother and a faithful friend.. We will all miss you very much.
God has put His arms around you and lifted you to rest.
Now all we have are memories of our past which will never fade..
For all who are mourning the deaths of beloved ones, I pray God to console all of you.
And for all our beloved ones who departed with the hope of resurrection, may He forgive their shortcomings and give them a place in paradise .Amen
I will keep writing tributes to my Dad, seems now that the only way I can tell him how I feel, I am sure he knows because all my tears can’t go unnoticed. I miss my father. Dad that loved his girls. Dad we miss you, your children do, also your wife, our mum. See more tributes here Tribute to my father in heaven