Good luck Messages for Interview

Good luck message for interview : Going for interview comes with mixed feelings at times. This is because we don’t know what to expect, the questions that will be asked and the ability of other candidates for the same position we came for. At times we wonder what our chances are. At this stage we … Read more

Wishes for New Shop Opening

Wishes for New Shop Opening – Everyone has a dream, either to buy a house, open a new business or to achieve other things. One of the things that gives great joy is when such dream is being actualized. Having someone around us who opened a new shop or business is something that deserves rounds … Read more

How to promote Business Online and Offline

How to promote Business online and offline: Business is the act of buying and selling of goods and services.  In business it is either you’re selling goods and getting patronized by customers or you’re rendering services which customers also patronized.  All these are in change with money.  That is to say the essence of business is … Read more

Impacts of Social Media in the Society

Impacts of Social Media in the Society – Social media comprises of different software applications that enable easy and quick interaction among people. These interactions can be inform of sharing videos, conversations, audios, texts and chatting etc. Some of the social media applications that are popular in the society today are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, … Read more

Importance of Electronic Accounting System

credit card Importance of electronic accounting system- In the past, businessmen uses stones, toes, fingers and sticks as counting units. These ways they adopted aimed at gathering, processing, accessing and storing information. Business owners lost considerable amount due to pilferage by staff, inaccurate and incomplete recording of financial transaction. This has caused most of them … Read more


  How to install inverter/solar energy  inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (A.C). It gets its source in form of alternating current which is stored in form of direct current in batteries.   Inverter   The moment it senses any open circuit (power Outage), it inverts the energy (DC) … Read more


 Certificate on Incorporation A sample of Business name certificate Are you thinking of how to start a company in Nigeria, the steps and requirements involved, these article will reveal all you need to know in opening your own company. Company’s Registration in Nigeria  First,  you should decide on the nature of Business you want to … Read more