Remembering Dad on his birthday

 Remembering Dad on his birthday – My Dad has been gone for 8 months now, honestly everything changed . Nature forced me to live without him, I am here, though I still miss him. I am remembering Dad on his birthday.

Remembering my Dad on his birthday

Today is my Dad’s first birthday in heaven. Should I call it a sad birthday to us? 🤔 😭 😢

1. Dear Dad, today is your birthday, without tears ,I want to join the host of Angels to wish you a happy heavenly birthday.

2. You will always have your place as a father in my life. The vacuum your exit created, no man can fill. I will miss you forever Dad. Happy birthday

3. I still cry each time I remember you. Your last memory with me was ten minutes to your departure, just you know how well I remember, you battled to live a little longer for us but then the final whistle was blown on that Eve of Christmas. Till now I shed tears the same way rain falls on the surface of the earth. I love and miss you Dad, happy birthday in heaven.

4. Angels have gathered to celebrate you above with candles and flowers, we are here celebrating you with prayers, praising God for the privilege he gave to us and made you our father. We equally ask him to rest your soul. Happy first birthday in heaven Dad.

5. Dad I want to thank you for the love you showed your children while you were on earth. We became strong though our strength failed us since your exit. We miss you. Happy birthday 😢.

6. Papa, say hello to heaven for me as we join in the celebration from here. You have been in heaven for the past eight months Dad, still difficult for us to let go.

7. Now distance separated us physically, but I know you are right here with me as guardian angel, watching over your little girl. Your love for me is still like that from the first day. Go well father, happy birthday in heaven.

8. Now all I have of you are memories,  I would give anything to recreate the memories we shared Dad, happy birthday 🎂

Remembering Dad on his birthday
Card to my Dad

9. Remembering my Dad on his birthday in heaven, it’s been a moody day for me and the rest of the family. What can we do than to wish you a happy birthday above.

10. We lost you at tender age, it has torn our hearts apart. You were everything we could have asked for in a father. I will always remain your little girl. Happy birthday father.

11. The memories we shared was filled with happiness, love, care and joy. We missed the moments we cracked jokes together, the laughter, the vibes and the atmosphere most especially under the moon. Dad, we scared of sitting out under the moon since your exit.

12. News doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I don’t listen to any, you would interpret and tell us the implications on some national issues on news, how boring it would be to listen to one without you. Go well Dad and enjoy your Day.

13. Happy birthday Sir, you taught us almost every good moral we have with us today. We will always remember you.

14. I know you’re looking down on us from heaven, Dad happy birthday.

15. Remembering my Dad on his birthday, though I might not see you again until the resurrection morning but I feel so blessed to be given a loving, caring and warm Dad. Even though you’re not here but just so you know that your present while on earth was felt by all and it shaped who I am today.

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16. I can hear the bigul and trumpet, blowing above by the angels celebrating you on your birthday. Forever in my heart Dad.

17. If I have another chance of meeting you, I am sure you know I won’t let you go. Happy birthday in heaven.

18. I am here wishing you a happy birthday in heaven Dad, we miss you. Our hearts still bleed over your demise.

19. Remembering my Dad on his birthday, he is in heaven, I am here with mixed feelings. I smiled at the beautiful memories we created and moody that you left early. I just wish…….

20. Hugs from others can’t be as warm as those ones I got from you. Rest in peace Dad.

Remembering my Dad on his birthday
Happy birthday Dad

21. We are sending our birthday messages to the best Dad God blessed us with but unfortunately he was called when we needed him most to be with his maker. Happy birthday Sir

22. That warm smiles will always come from me each time I remember you. And each time your name is mentioned, I will always beam with smiles, that’s my Dad, I would say, sure I will wipe those tears because I know I will cry. Hard to believe you’re in my past. Still difficult to face this reality. Happy birthday Dad.

23. Your death is a vague memory for me. An unclear memory yet it will defile formatting. I will have it with me forever. But your days here on earth are still as clear as the day. To us and to may who came across you, you were a great philanthropist, jovial and one man with beautiful soul.

Dad you were the most intelligent among men. Rest in peace my genius Dad. Say hello to heaven for me.

24. Dad I equally remember that black Christmas Eve, that made me fatherless, I lost a father, a friend, a mentor, adviser and greatest teacher. I lost my comedian father, but you will remain forever in my heart. Happy birthday Dad.

25. I stare at your grave, I am left with those memories we created together. I miss you so much Dad. Happy birthday.

The brightest star stopped existing above on December 24, 2021, since then I stopped looking out for stars. I am remembering Dad on his birthday, as I say goodnight Father.



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