Short Birthday Wishes for Teacher

Short Birthday Wishes for Teacher: Here, is the best birthday wishes from a student to teacher. Congratulations, it’s your teacher’s birthday. For you to be here looking for the best birthday lines, it means you’re doing well. You’re a good student to your teacher and of course a great child to your generation. Your teacher … Read more


Birthday wishes and prayers for Priest: We are here to show you how to write short birthday wishes for Priest or Pastors in the church. We love our spiritual leaders and of course it will be a great idea to celebrate them on their birthdays. As a Priest or Pastor posted to our Parish, he … Read more


Short birthday wishes for a reverend sister: Today, we’re going to write some short birthday wishes for a Nun or a Reverend Sister. This is a religious profession found in Catholic Church. A lady dedicates her life to serve God and as such is referred to as a “Reverend Sister or Sister ” for short … Read more


Cute Birthday Wishes for little niece : Congratulations for been an Uncle or Aunt, a caring one for that matter, that’s why you’re here. One opportunity life offers that people look forward to. Having these gentle souls look up to you, play with you and even live with you. The memories we derive from them … Read more

Sad Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

Sad birthday quotes – Have you ever been in a situation where you have to celebrate someone’s birthday with mixed feelings? Yes, it happens. Imagine wishing a friend or family member who is mourning a happy birthday, it’s going to be emotional you know. This is because to the celebrant nothing else matters at that … Read more

Birthday wishes for Celebrity Idol

Birthday wishes for Celebrity Idol– In life, there is someone that inspires you. Someone that you want to be like or whom you admire because of some qualities they posses that you like. Who is a celebrity? These days, celebrity seems to be a common term, with almost everyone aspiring to be one. But in … Read more

Birthday Wishes for Boss at work

Professional birthday wishes for Boss at work: Are you working in an office where you have superiors or work colleagues whose levels or ranks are ahead of you? And then anyone of them is celebrating birthday, you have been thinking the best short birthday wishes for boss at work, well, we got you. Yes!! At … Read more

Unique Birthday Wishes for Self

Unique birthday wishes for Self – Beautiful, today is your birthday, first of all happy birthday to you. Alright, you’re here in search of sweet messages you will use to celebrate yourself on this special day,.well you’re at the right place. We always look forward to celebrating our birthdays with family and friends every year. … Read more

Happy birthday in advance to me

Happy birthday in advance to me: Is your birthday fast approaching and you’re thinking of how to celebrate you special day? Worry less, we got you. We know how important ones birthday is, birthday celebration is a moment we recall how and when we came to this world. Most times we take out time to … Read more