Tribute to my beloved Father from a daughter

Tribute to my beloved father:  Writing this  Tributes of my late Dad is one of the hardest things ever. It is a reality that I still can’t fathom. It is hard to think of not without fighting back tears. Before I commenced, the paper was wet. As I type, it is raining in my eyes. I don’t know how long this is going to last but I don’t care if I have to cry forever. That’s how much I miss him.  I want to dedicate this tribute to my beloved father from a daughter to the special man ever  who I miss so much.

Are you mourning the death of a loved one? This is a very painful experience that breaks not just the heart and soul but the entire existence of one.  I do feel bad at the loss of someone else, but I felt devastated when I experienced the death of a close one, my Father. With pain in my heart I have written these tributes to my beloved father

It is a painful experience when you have to learn to stop talking to someone you’re used to talking with. A heart breaking experience when you can’t dial their numbers. It is traumatizing when all you do is imagine, at the end of it all , if you’re lucky you might see them in the dream. But then you seeing them in the dream will rekindle the love and memories you shared. At times you won’t even be aware in that dream that they’re gone, just for you to wake up and see reality of life steering at you.
At this stage what will you do? Dreams are not something you will do cut and join, you can’t go back and continue from where you stopped. He’s gone again. Move on they will tell you. If only the know what your heart is telling you
At times you will be advised to pray harder so as not to see your loved ones in the dream. But only you knows what you’re battling with. Who will you tell that you actually want this dream. You won’t look normal if you open up about this reality. What do we do? We keep our wish to ourselves just to look normal. Deep down we’re hurting.  Short tributes I wrote to my late Father:
Tribute to my late  Father 
Tribute to my Father, I love you Dad
Funeral Tribute to My Late Father/Poem
I miss my Dad/Tribute to the best father ever.
Tribute to my late Father in heaven.
Tribute to my Late Dad: Gone but never forgotten

Tribute to my beloved Father from daughter 

 I miss my Dad, my heart is broken. His death gave me an irresistible shock.  It was a sorrowful moment in my family,  we were suppose to be celebrating  because it was  Eve of  Christmas but on the contrary. The shock of your demise is still unbelievable.  It hurts my Dad I shared memories with is now memory. Sad!

My Dad passed away on the 24th of December in Nigeria. It was a great traumatic experience for me. I haven’t experienced a death of someone so close to my heart like this before. At first, it looked as if it wasn’t a reality, I try to picture him around me and imagine myself discussing with him as usual, but all this wasn’t helpful because I can’t still behold my lovely Dad around me. I now realized that truly, my Dad has travelled to the world far beyond. All I am left with are memories of the quality times that we shared together. I missed my Dad, I missed so many things about him.
I am therefore dedicating this tributes to my Late father in heaven, to express how exactly I felt and still feel about his departure from this earth. This can also serve as a guide to you when writing a tribute or farewell message for your Late Dad.

Tribute to my beloved father

Father and Child

1. Tribute to my Papa, I love you Dad

Death is inevitable, with total submission to the will of God, I am writing this tribute to my Dad in heaven, yes My Dad is in heaven. He was wrapped away by the angels so he can find peace with his maker. I know it is a price we all have to pay some day. Although i did not see his exit coming but I am sure he is in a better hand. He is in a place where there is no sickness or pain. Dad is smiling over me. I know this, i said this because he appears happy each time I see him in my dreams.
Still trying to figure out the best words to use and describe the silence your exit created both in our house and in our hearts. The silence your exit created Dad, its deafening. The vacuum is such that no mortal can fill. It has not been easy for the past months without you. Still trying to face reality. A reality that is difficult to comprehend and accept. Sometimes I feel if I come back I will see you. Other times I feel like asking how you’re fairing. I know you’re fine above. Now all I have of my Dad are memories. This is strange!  I am fighting back tears. You’re in my heart  Daddy and I will forever miss you. Therefore I  dedicate this tribute to my beloved father

2. Funeral Tribute to My Late Father POEM

Dad, it is true that you’re gone

No day passes without the thought of you
Most times I wish you were here
Your light still and will continue to radiate
I didn’t know it will be this cold
And then I learnt this cold is going to be forever
Such that wearing sweater all day won’t quench.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
I live no day without your memories
Memories of ride with you
Memories of your jokes and your laugh
How about listening to world news with you
Sometimes I wish I can turn back the hands of time
It is painful knowing it is a wish I can’t have.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
Sometimes it seems like dream
Am I hallucinating?
I pinched myself to realized that l am in a new world.
The world told me it is a call from nature
A world without my Dad? I asked
Still figuring how this world will exist without you.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
The thought of your demise weakens me
I still find it difficult to accept that I am fatherless
Life without you, is one I never imagined
Nature forced me to live without you
Because you have always been in my existence
I still and will continue to miss you Dad.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
From the rising of the sun to it’s setting
I won’t be able to see my beloved Dad.
How do I relate this to nature?
How do I make nature to know how much I miss my Dad
I am left with my thoughts , Dad I know you understand
I have a star above, keep shining on me, my guardian Angel.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
It is difficult to stay without dialing your number
Painful calling home without hearing your voice from the background
Your voice that comes sometimes like voice over, smiles!
Yes I smiled. I did because I still hear your voice.
Knowing you will cherish our memories as much as I do.
And then tell myself it is just distance apart.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
Dad how about moments under moon
Where you shared your life journeys with us
You would tell us how you came up with our names
You would tell us every line with laugh
We would laugh together
Now, it seems you left with the moon.
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
I remember how much you love nature
I don’t know how the other side is, you loved gardens here
Cultivate gardens and water beautiful flowers
Listen to birds sing and differentiate them by sounds
Enjoy the other side of nature more than you did here.
Thought of you absence brings back memories, memories that will never fade
Dad, it is true that you’re gone
I  have you in my heart forever
Watch over me  more than you did while here
Though I know we will see in dreams and in the world after
Till then i am now left with only our memories
Dad can I wish you something, can I?
May you find  peace with your maker.
3. I miss my Dad/Tribute to the best father ever.
A saying goes ” absence from those we love is self from self- a deadly banishment”.
Your death Dad is what I will describe as the greatest shock of my life. The shock struck me like a thunderstorm from the blues. The shock was irresistible.  At first I thought it was a nightmare, but then watching your beloved wife , our mother shedding tears there in the hospital, those uncontrollable tears ran down my cheeks. Dad we waited for a miracle, we did Dad. I thought  it was seizure that you will be revive but I was wrong, My father has gone to be with his maker. And that’s why I am writing this painful tribute to my beloved father.
My Dad was the most peaceful man I know, sad I used “was” to describe my legend. I wish I can do otherwise. My Father was a great philanthropist, all who came across him can attest to that. You were a rare gem. The most intelligent man I know , you were kind, a man who stands for others . you were a comedian by default. You really enjoyed that part of your life, making people happy. Dad those faces you put smiles on won’t forget you in a hurry. They strangers you gave lifts, the less privileges you helped, your goodness is still speaking till date and will continue after. To those who know you, no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t know you, no explanation is possible. 😢 😢 😢 😢 . I know death remains the end of all mortality, but yours is bigger than a mystery especially to those who came across you while on sojourn here on earth.
Dad, some of the things I learnt from you are to have free spirit, to speak the truth no matter whose ox is been gored, to say sorry when the need be, to be humble and outspoken. All these and other  traits I got from you have been helping me in everyday of my life and I will stick to them, Dad. Indeed, I have lost my compass. I don’t even know which way to go.
Unfortunately you won’t be there to walk me down the aisle. You didn’t live to see the beautiful children I will be birthing. You won’t be attending my convocation ceremony. I mean physically you won’t be anywhere around me again. The thought of these and more drains me always.
I won’t question God, he knowns everything. He sees the end from the beginning.
May your gentle, humble and kind soul rest In peace Amen ..
Go well Dadm
I miss you

4. Tribute to my late Father in heaven

It is hard to write this tribute to my beloved father,
Dad it is difficult to believe that you left us this early. I came home on Christmas Eve to celebrate your favourite season with you and the rest of the family, though you were hospitalized. Dad, I watched you struggle to live, I prayed and wished for a miracle , little did I know that I will be spending just 10 minutes with you before you joined the angels in heaven. Right there, my father was wrapped away by the angels. It was indeed a black Friday for me and the rest of the family.
In everything, I take solace knowing that you lived a life worthy of emulation. You were the best Dad anyone could ask for. I thank God for the privilege of having you as my Dad. Thank you Dad for the positive impacts you made in us. Thank you for tour efforts in making is example of good children.
My father was a kind hearted man who made the happiness of others a priority. I lost a genius in you. You’re great sense of humor will be missed. I will forever cherish the years we spent. Thank you for all you did. I pray God to comfort our Mum and us and to forgive your shortcomings and grant you eternal rest. Amen

5. A tribute to my beloved Father in Nigeria. 

The year 2020 started normal like every other year. I traveled home for Xmas as usual, celebrated and spent time with my family. 2021 came, we thank God for the gift of lives and pray for his protection and guidance. We pleaded God to protect us against death. Yes we did and then I traveled back to base with the expectation of celebrating the next season same way or maybe better. It was actually the last Christmas with my Father in it. Dad left the world at 8:15 pm on the Eve of Christmas 2021. Traumatic experience I will call it.
My father was a good man, who loved his six girls and two boys. He was so proud of us. My Dad loved to watch us discuss. He was a great historian. My father will engage us in trending topics around the globe. Just to know how current we were with happenings and also to keep us updated.  After we have grown to a stage, we started having full discussion with him, sometimes in form of debate, other times we just listen to him speak. All these we do most times under the moon. He would tell us stories about animals, plants (he enjoyed farming despite his white collar job), others times we listen to him speak about heavenly bodies. Dad was very  good with geography.
My Dad was a great orator,  he enjoyed having people around him. Dad with his wisdom will keep his audience glued to any topic of interest. How about his laugh. My Dad can laugh for African. Smiles! He would laugh to the admiration of all.
Dad, do you know  that sometimes in the middle of the night I will wake up, cry and still go back to sleep? Other times I will be awake till day break. Asking questions without getting answers. That’s part of what your exit is causing me. I am missing my Dad. I am missing the man through whom I came. It is hard. My origin of existence is no more.
I will keep you in my prayers for the rest of life. Good night Father
Love you forever. In the words of William Shakespeare  “If we do meet again, why, we shall smile, if not, this parting was well made” .
Gone but not forgotten,
Forever, and forever, farewell Daddy
Rest in perfect peace Daddy
From Harriet
Your third daughter
See the part two of the tribute I dedicated to my beloved father who left this world On Christmas Eve, 2021. Click here Tribute to my Late father . Keep resting in peace Dad.( Mr. Tobias Ndukwu).
From Chisom
Your beloved Daughter)
After reading a tribute to my beloved Father from a daughter, see the Death anniversary messages for my father. Am sorry I gave you those goose pimples, it wasn’t intentional. I only expressed how much I loved my Dad and miss him. It is a bitter pain for someone to leave for the rest of life. But what can we do? Than to keep living while cherishing the moments we spent together. Keep resting in peace Dad, you’re forever in my heart. I wish…
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