Death anniversary messages for my father

Death anniversary messages for my father: It seems like yesterday, but it is already six months my beloved father went to join his maker.

Death anniversary messages for my father
In loving memory

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My Dad left this world on the Eve of Christmas 2021, it was all like a movie. I am still finding it difficult to comprehend. I sending hugs to everyone one in this phase. My prayers and thoughts are with you. God will console us all. Amen.

Anniversary messages for my late Father

. My Dad was my super hero when I was small, same when I became adult and he remains my hero in death.

. My Dad was a great historian, who had time for one more.

. You spoke the truth at all times, no matter whose ox was been gored.

. I miss you every now and then and will keep loving you forever.

. Your exit will always sting me.

. The smartest father ever, I least expect loosing you when I did. It became the worst injury on me.

. I miss you every day and will love you forever.

. You were a teacher by nature, thank you for all you taught us. We learnt great lessons from you that we would apply in our live endeavors.

.You were my biggest inspiration. My best friend you will remain forever. I love and miss you Dad.

. Everything changed immediately you left, life seems meaningless. Your departure is hurting us. We miss you.

. You were our life biggest gift. You can imagine how it felt loosing you. Sleep well father.

. My hero went to be with his maker. I am left with no one to defend me. How hard it is to be without my lovely father who I miss him

. The eve of Christmas 2022 made me fatherless and it hurts to know that I will remain fatherless till the end of time. You see how difficult the whole experience and idea of death is? Go well father

. I would have let you know how much you mean to me, I know you would be dying soon.

. Among the last phone conversations we heard, you said ” Stay strong and stay well all of you” . But you know Dad it is difficult to be strong when I am weak.

. You won’t believe Dad, we still search your fridge, to look for all the goodies you do bring home. This whole thing is driving us nut, can you come back Dad?.

. Farewell, a man who understood the importance of family and shared his time with us.

. It is a pain to loose someone. I felt it on that Day. My heart goes out to all those wearing the same or similar shoe with me. Sending kisses and hugs 🤗

. He couldn’t see us, he couldn’t call us by our names, Dad didn’t ask us why we were crying. Maybe, just maybe he was hearing us but couldn’t communicate back? I imagined.

But alas, it is obvious he’s smiling at us from heaven. Dad you’re now my guardian angel.

. We bid him farewell by pouring sand and then he left. Grave was covered. It was six months ago, the wound still fresh . I miss my father

. Couple of times I saw him in my dreams, I wasn’t scared.  Though I know he’s no more. I miss him. I have written this death anniversary messages for my father to express how I feel about his exit.

. Even if I am to format my brain, I wouldn’t dare, for the the fear of loosing the memories that we created. These memories are saved, safe and I will share them forever.

. At times I feel like dialing his number, but then realized that his no more, painful .

. Your beloved wife and children whom you left to be with your maker are still mourning your irreplaceable loss.

. Sure you know Dad, everything, I mean everything has changed. Your wife our mother is still looking forward to you coming back. A wish we know is not possible. Your absent has created a vacuum in our hearts, a vacuum no one can fill.

. Thank you for the positive impacts you made on us. We shall continue to live exemplary lives

. We can’t search for replacement because you left, you don’t have second . Dad you left, leaving behind no duplicate.

. The pain of been fatherless, the heart of a fatherless child is now what I have. A heavy heart. A heart that is not predictable, I laugh now and then I cry. This mood swing is something else.

With tears in my eyes I have written this anniversary messages for my father.

. Nature took you from us leaving us with no manual of how to be fatherless. It is messy Dad, now we have to figure out everything by ourselves. We became adults by force. Nobody is playing your roles in our lives.

. I know you didn’t wish for this, at this stage I am left with uncontrollable tears.

. The world will tell us not to mourn but they don’t know what we are passing through.

Death anniversary quotes

. My  heart is heavy.  The tears coming out from my eyes cannot be described as tear drops. Daddy, it is raining in your daughter’s eyes. Just so you know. Bye

Death anniversary messages for my father
Father and child

Remembering my late Father

. He was the most jovial being I know. Full of humor. A comedian by fault, my smile seized with your departure.

. Trying to figure out how to navigate life, still don’t know where to go from here, quite a pity you left that early.

. Your exit is a reality that is difficult for me to admit. It is hard to believe I have been here without you.

. I have asked my self severally, Did my Dad travel to another planet? On a second thought I would say, but then you were committed to mother earth that means you’re still here with us. My guardian angel.

. You will always have a place in my heart,  a place that will remain forever. I miss you.

I am now left with only our memories, memories of the time we shared, memory that no time interval will cause to fade.

Having you as a father was one of the best things that happened in my life. Loosing you was / is the worst thing ever.

I remember those days in the moon, we would sit and listen to your stories, some times stories of war, others tale by moonlight stories. We miss those moments.

Words failed me, I can’t describe the impact of your exit on us. We are only managing to life Dad. I hope you realize this and come back.

Rest on father, I Know you’re one of the stars above, watch over us. I miss you

I am writing this death anniversary quotes with smiles, it comes from a bleeding heart.

Keep sleeping in the Lord beloved father.

Anniversary prayers to my late Father

I am praying for my late Father in heaven that God will grant him eternal rest. Amen.


. You were a happy man while on earth with us, I pray God to keep you in a happy place above.

. I pray for your comfort, peace ,joy on your anniversary with tears in my eyes  as I say happy death anniversary, Dad.

I wake up every morning to pray for you that God should grant you a peaceful rest, you’re always in my mind Dad. It is difficult to write this death anniversary messages

I ask God to forgive you your shortcomings and accept you in His paradise.

With heavy heart I wrote this Death anniversary messages for my father, this experience over the year has not been easy.

I pray to God to let you know how we miss you,  what your absence has caused and is still causing us.

I pray to God to give us the strength as we live. We need God’s Grace to fill this vacuum your absence created.

May God raise him again on the resurrection morning. Amen This is the only hope I have . The hope of resurrection.

I have hope that God will raise you up on the last day, to unite you with saints, of which we will all be.

I pray to God that your efforts while you were here with us on earth and God’s mercy will earn you a place in heaven.

. Dad, please be fine wherever you are.

. I pray God continue to bless us , and console us. I equally pray he forgive you your shortcomings and grant you eternal rest. Amen.

.May God whom you served while you where here on earth bless your soul.

. The Bible says that God will open their eyes.

No suffering, sickness, yes not even pain,

Those who did good, eternal life they’ll gain.

So… sleep on Father, sleep tight

For now, with you the sky is night.

But after night will come daybreak

May your soul find peace.

Death anniversary prayers for my father, Dad, to be saying prayers for your soul is what I won’t stop doing.

. Dad I can only reach where you are through prayers. Trust me that I will be doing for the rest of my life.

. Rest well in the bossom of God.

. Sleep well until resurrection morning.

. We have hope that Almighty God will console us.

. We pray  God of the fatherless children to console us.

. May God fill the vacuum in our mother’s heart.

Rest on our hero, rest in peace Daddy.

.My heartfelt death anniversary messages for my father, I will forever cherish the moments we spent. And hold on to the memories we shared. Good night Daddy.

My heart is broken 💔💔💔

From your beloved daughter


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One of the most painful pieces I have written is death anniversary messages for my father. Sad!