Birthday Wishes and prayers for pastor’s wife: The first Lady in the church is your Pastor’s wife. This is peculiar to all churches except for Catholics whose Priests are not allowed to get married. So it is a beautiful thing to celebrate your pastor’s wife either as an individual or as a church during her birthdays and other anniversaries. As long as the church is concern, she’s playing a significant role in the church. Taking care of the Man of God alone is enough. We feel it is proper to write these happy birthday wishes and prayers for pastor’s wife as a guide.

Birthday Wishes to pastor's wife
  1. Happy birthday to this Godly woman who is serving quietly behind the church scene. May God continue to show you mercy. Amen.

2. Mama in the Lord, thank you for taking care of us, praying for us , encouraging and been a source of inspiration to us. More beautiful years ahead.

3. God your daughter has been serving you faithfully, we pray you uplift her , protect and direct her footsteps as she mark yet another year. Amen.

4. To the first Lady in the church, you have sacrificed so much of your time and heart to the things of the Lord. We don’t take any of these and more for granted. We plead God to perfect all that concerns you. Amen.

5. Our beautiful Mummy in the Church, you stood out among women. How you pilot the affairs of women in this parish is incredible. We celebrate you and say happy birthday our Pastor’s Wife.

6. Thanks for supporting our Pastor physically, mentally, spiritual and otherwise. We treasure your love for him and dedication to Christ.

7. Happy birthday to our compassionate Pastor’s Wife, you’re endowed with wisdom. A role model to the younger generation. God will keep upholding you Ma.

8. Through your mentorship, we have nothing to worry about the next generation. The church of God is happy to have you in our midst. Have a blessed year Mummy General Overseer.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Pastor’s Wife

Pastor’s wives goes by different names. For example in most churches in Africa, they refer their pastors wives as Mummy G.O that’s Mummy General Overseer, First Lady of the church. Others just Mummy and many as Pastor’s Wife. Although some are been addressed my their names or Mrs.( Attaching surname). The title you choose to call her boils down on what she wants and what was agreed as a church at times to be calling her. The need to address the name you call her came as a result of this birthday wishes and prayers for pastor’s wife we are writing below. So as to know how to address the birthday message to your pastor’s wife.

Birthday Wishes for First Lady of the church

9. I am sending a glorious, beautiful, Happy Birthday wishes to an exemplary Pastor’s wife. A child of God in whom He is well pleased. Indeed, your feets are planted in prepared goodly places Ma. God bless you everyday. Amen.

10. Happy birthday to the woman of God I cherish so much, my friend, sister, prayer partner and pastor’s wife.She is a pastor’s wife indeed.May heaven and earth honor you all the days of your life!

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11. I am thrilled by your humility, and how respectful you’re to everyone of us in the congregation Ma. Happy birthday.

12. Happy birthday to our Pastor’s Wife. You have been a great supporting system to our Papa in the Lord. We love you Mummy.

13. Just like a mother, you take care of everyone in our church. At one point or the other, you have us fed. Thank you for allowing God use you.

14. You have been a source of strength to our Daddy in the Lord. Thank you for easing away his stress.

15. Our own version of virtuous woman on earth here is you. You’re so strong and courageous. My family and I wishes you a happy birthday celebration.

16. Mummy we wish you good health and many more birthdays to come.

17. Here is wishing you a happy birthday Mum G.O, sending blessings on this special day.


How do you wish a happy birthday to the First Lady of the Church? i am sure you know who we are referring to tat this stage. Yes!, most pastor’s wife offers great services to the community that we can not underrate, outside from taking care of Pastor and household, so go as far as playing the role of mother, guardian and even role models to several people in the congregation. at times we see them officiating services just like the pastors. in short Pastor’s wife are the backbone of the pastor. That’s why we have taken our time to write these birthday wishes to Pastor’s wife just to thank them for their contributions to our communities

18. May you increase in wisdom as you celebrate your day today. Happy birthday to the first Lady of the church God bless you, for all you stand for and represent in our generation and in the Kingdom of God.

19. Dear Pastor’s Wife, I wish you a birthday filled with love, you have been a source of strength h to your husband and the entire congregation. thanks for all you do.

20. You have been serving the Lord tirelessly and guiding us right, thanks so much as we wish you a glorious birthday Pastor Mrs.

21. I thank God for His grace upon you. You shall be enrich everyday in Him.

22. May the Lord keep you firm to the end and you shall not lack any spiritual gift.

23. Mummy G.O, for all the time you navigated life challenges with me, I say thank and do have a fruitful year.

24. A happy birthday to our Pastor’s wife, we’re happy you’re here with us. to guide us in His ways. thank you for taking care of the Ministry.

25. You set your problem and challenges away to serve the Church of Christ, May God arise this day and pour His unending blessings upon you, Happy birthday Pastor’s wife.

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Birthday Wishes for First Lady of the Church

26. My birthday prayer and wishes to Pastor’s wife is that God will bless you in abundance, He shall increase you in all areas of life. you shall know no sorrow. whatever you put your hands on shall proper in the Almighty name of Jesus, Amen.

27.You have shown good moral characteristics in the ministry and have been a great spiritual director to many, may God Honor you, happy birthday Mummy G. O.

28. Let the light of God shine upon you and grant you happiness on this your birthday and for more years ahead. Amen

29. May God continue to double your wisdom Ma’am and increase your knowledge and understanding . Amen.

30. Happy birthday to Mummy G.O, my pastor’s wife, a woman of virtue, my Priceless jewel, a woman of trust, she is ready to sacrifice anything she has,. Happy birthday elegant Mama, age graciously

31. No matter the situation you found yourself Ma, don’t give up, God will lift you beyond your imagination .

32. Happy Birthday to our Pastor’s wife, (Mrs ……….) Thanks for all you do for ( put the name of your church) Have a very Blessed day!

33. Happy birthday to my pastor’s wife, the First Lady of (Church name), a woman with so much grace, So beautiful both inside and outside. May God give you more reason to smile, your new age is blessed.Cheers to your new age Ma’am.

34. Happy birthday to the first Lady of the church, God bless you, Mama, for all you stand for and represent in our generation and this Kingdom. About your increase there shall be no end. Keep living, our mother in Israel. We love and celebrate you.

35. Thank you for modeling Christ through your dressing, speech and so many other things.Thank you for all your teachings in the Children’s department,we won’t take them for granted ma.Thank you for been a mother to all.Today been (put date),we celebrate you greatly Mummy, God bless your new age.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pastor’s Wife.

Apart from the month of March set outside as Pastor’s Wife appreciation month, you can always celebrate your first Lady of the church. Let’s learn to rejoice with people. This is why Somyarriys wrote these beautiful pieces on best birthday wishes and prayers for Pastor’s Wife. We encourage you to share with them. As they sacrifice a lot to see things move well in the church. May God reward them and also bless you that is wishing others well. Amen.