Short birthday wishes for a reverend sister: Today, we’re going to write some short birthday wishes for a Nun or a Reverend Sister. This is a religious profession found in Catholic Church. A lady dedicates her life to serve God and as such is referred to as a “Reverend Sister or Sister ” for short after her ordination in the Church. They are posted to various communities to serve in various capacities. Do you have one in your place of work, worship or study, go ahead and send this heartfelt birthday wishes for Reverend Sister or wishes for Catholic Nun to her.

Just like the Priests, they are known with a special uniform and scarf that covers their hairs often. The color of a Reverend Sister’s uniform is mostly white, blue and black, though it depends on the congregation or community of the sister in quote. Sisters don’t marry and as such cant raise their immediate family apart from doing the works of God. They assist in raising Children in the community as some congregations opens schools, orphanage homes, hospitals, etc. What a good way to serve God!. having said that, how do you say happy birthday to your church Sister? This and more is what we are going to look into in these post of happy birthday wishes to a reverend Sister.

Birthday Wishes for a reverend sister

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Short Birthday wishes for a Reverend Sister

What do you say to a religious person on their birthday? Its Sisters birthday and you’re here to look at the best wishes to send across to her. That’s so thoughtful of you and we are happy to have you here, check out the best birthday wishes for a reverend sister we have got here:

1.Sister, congratulations on your birthday, here is wishing you a life time of happiness as you continue to work in the Lord’s Vineyard.

2. You’re one of the most amazing, beautiful souls I have encountered in this journey of life. You have impacted my life in a way you cant imagine. I appreciated you.

3. Happy Birthday to a special Nun. The way you go about with the things of God is a very big motivation to us the youths, in the Church. We hope you know how much part of us you have become in this community and also know that we love you.

4. You’re more like an Angel in our community. thank you for help out with community services, on this special day of your birth, i wish you a long time of happiness, happy birthday Sister.

5. Happy Birthday Reverend Sister, I want to use this medium to thank you for all the works you have been doing in our parish. We don’t take any for granted,.

6. Sister Mary, happy birthday to you, thanks for been a great pillar of support to the children in our parish. we love how you direct their parts to the things of God. May God continue to strengthen you. Amen

7. happy birthday Sister, may God give you the strength you need to serve him . Amen

8. we are blessed to have you in our community. your soul is precious to all of us and we wish you a blessed birthday..

9.Dear Sister, here is wishing you a healthy and happy life as you live. enjoy every second of this day and the rest

10. As you celebrate your birthday today, i pray God to always come through for you. May you know no sorry all the days of your life . Amen.

11. May God’s grace never depart from you, Dear Nun, you have been a special gift to humanity, God bless you and have a birthday filled with happiness and joy.

12. You have been a blessing to us and i am sure you will remain a blessing to the incoming generation. As you continue to grow in mind and spirit, may god make you stronger and fulfil your life dreams. happy birthday Rev. Sister Chsom

13. The strength to win souls to God, may He grant unto you. as one with God, you shall succeed in everything you set your hands on.

14. Dear Reverend Sister, we are grateful for God’s presence in your life. in your faithfulness and righteousness He will guide you. there is nothing more important today than to thank God for sparing you. Happy birthday Sister

15. Reverend Sister, thanks for bringing the best in me, you nurtured me just like a mother would. As you celebrate your birthday today, May heavenly blessings be with you.

16. You have impacted so many lives through your words of wisdom, thank you for those kind words, we are grateful. Happy birthday to my Mentor and Nun.

17. As you propagates His words, you shall not lack knowledge, Solomon’s wisdom is yours.

18. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you heavenly blessings and may you have beautiful memories to think of this day.

19. Happy birthday Nun, you’re amazing, strong, bold and courageous. I pray lines fall in pleasant places for you. You’re loved

20. You have been a supporting system to many in God’s Vineyard. It is with joy that we share in your happiness today. It’s your birthday Sis. Mary. We can’t help but pray to God to give you all the good things in life that your heart desire.

Apart from the short birthday wishes for a reverend sister, we have other birthday messages for Nun you will like below;

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Birthday Wishes for Catholic Nuns

How do you say happy birthday to a Catholic Nun or Rev. sister?

Touching birthday wishes for a reverend sister. We know you want to send birthday wishes for a catholic Nun or sister, we have amazing wishes you can share with her just to make her feel happy on her special day.

Birthday Wishes for a Nun


You have seen how to send birthday prayers for a reverend sister on her birthday. Don’t forget Nuns are people like us. They have feelings and deserves every love we have to offer.

21. Beloved Nun, on this your special day, i wish you joy and happiness, I pray God to perfect all that concerns you.

22. Thank for dedicating your life to serve God and help to make our community a better place. Your impact in the community services can be felt by all. happy birthday Nun.

23. We thank God for the gift of this beautiful Nun. You have been an aspiration to every young girl in our community. Thank you for all you do to better our system.

24. Such a beautiful day, a beautiful soul was born, you’re a star. Thank you for standing out in this challenging life. God bless you.

25. It’s a glorious day, and God will do a abundant and amazing things more than you desire for you.

26. Happy birthday to you Daughter of Zion. Thank God for adding another year to you. On behalf of my family and I, we wish you a happy birthday Rev. Sister.

27. Cheers to another age. It’s been a glorious journey and I appreciate God how far He has brought you. And I pray He guide you to the part only Him can lead.

28. This day shall mark the beginning of wonderful things God has in store for you. You shall leave to enjoy the goodness of God.

29. Birthday shout out to the most hardworking Catholic Nun I know. You do your work delightful and diligently to the admiration of everyone that knows you. Your best is yet to come.

30. May the Lord guide you, bless and give you peace as you mark your 30th birthday.

31. On this day and many years to come, may the Light of God shine upon you and remain with you. Best birthday wishes Nun.

32. Happy birthday to someone so precious to Mother Mary and me. We love you Tilda, we pray for strong health as you continue doing good.

33. Dear Rev. Sister, we thank God for the life he has given you, may God bless you richly. Have a blast.

34. May the smiles of today, be there forever. We’re so blessed to have you in our Parish. God bless you.

35. Looking back, I am so proud of you and I know God will do amazing things for you today and always.

36. May your faith in God continue to grow stronger .

37. A good friendship brings joy to the heart. Happy birthday to my sister in Christ.

38. The Bible says in the book of Psalm 91:16 “it is with long life that you satisfy the Lord and show him your salvation.” so shall it be with you. Amen

39. My birthday wishes and prayers for you Sister, that God will reward you with kindness for as many lives as you have touched in this missionary journey of yours. Amen

40. I love you Sister and I wish you a happy birthday.

You’re such a precious soul and I wish you happy birthday Sister .

Short religious birthday wishes for sister

Here, at, we send our birthday wishes for Reverend Sister across . you will see what to say to Reverend Sister or a Catholic Nun on her birthday.

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41. May we celebrate many more years with you. Best birthday wishes Nun,

42. i want to thank you for been a good example to our congregation. We enjoy all you do.

43. Rev. Sister, I wish you good health and many more birthdays to come.

44. Amen to all your prayer intentions. God’s strength as you mark your birthday .

45. May the Lord bestow you with everlasting joy and happiness. Here is wishing you all His blessings now and forever. Amen

46. To Reverend Sister Joy, remain devoted in the things of God and He will never abandon you. Happy birthday to you.

47. Distance won’t be a reason for me not to celebrate this beautiful Sister. Remain blessed,as you show love and care for others, so shall God take care of you.

48. May the light of God never seize to shine in your life Rev. Sis.

49. Happy birthday to a reverend Sister driven by her love for things of God. You’re a wonderful gift to this generation. Keep soaring.

50. Let’s declare today as public holiday just to mark the birthday of this rare gem. I bless God that our paths crossed. You made me to serve God and I have no regrets. Best birthday wishes Nun.

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The best way to send birthday messages to a Nun is what you just read above. She will be appreciative when you show her love on her birthdays and other days. They’re human too. Their contributions to humanity cannot be overated. We appreciate them as well and that’s why we took out this space to celebrate them by creating these happy birthday wishes for a reverend sister or birthday messages for a Catholic Nun as seen above. Thanks.