Sad Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

Sad birthday quotes – Have you ever been in a situation where you have to celebrate someone’s birthday with mixed feelings? Yes, it happens. Imagine wishing a friend or family member who is mourning a happy birthday, it’s going to be emotional you know. This is because to the celebrant nothing else matters at that moment or even for the year. Sad birthday quotes is like emotional wishes and it should be aimed at encouraging the person.

Sad birthday quotes
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As for me, remembering my father’s birthdays comes with mixed feelings, this is because he has gone to be with his maker. So situations like this can also make one to write sad birthday wishes. It can also come in form of tributes, farewell messages etc.

Emotional birthday wishes for best friend

Knowing the right words to use for our loved ones during their down time is very important. At this state, they are vulnerable, they need care, love and all the supports they can get from us. It’s there birthday today, unfortunately it is coming on a sad note. But then, we know there are still several reasons we should be grateful. So it’s okay to let them know we understand how they feel but we need them to cheer up;

This year, I wish I did not remember it is my birthday. Grateful for life though.

The darkest night makes way to the moon, may your light henceforth reflects light. Starting with the candle light on the cake, you will never experience darkness anymore.

Last year may not have been the best year for you, may you never encounter a sad birthday ever again.

From a heavy heart , your birthday is here, and I pray it ushers you into something new, beautiful and amazing. May you never experience what just happened.

This year, I want you to let the bad vibes and energy to fade away. Concentrate on a new you , it’s a sad birthday, but I wish you well.

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I wrote these sad birthday quotes for best friend in the past, you might draw ideas from here;

Your Birthday makes us sad always, knowing you would have grown more than you were, probably 6″ft or more, you would have made additional buddies, played more and then added to our happiness. Sad, because you disappeared just like that, you’re still in our hearts. As we still try to place hands on what went wrong. Till then, happy sad birthday to you.

Dear friend, Wherever you are today we wish you a splendid Happy Birthday. We still remember all your dreams for the future. We pray to see you someday.

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Sad birthday quotes for a friend
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How do you say happy birthday at a sad time?

It might look odd wishing someone who has been in a moody state happy birthday, sure, your intentions are clear, but you should consider the best sad birthday quotes to use, a soul in pains needs healing. Be intentional with your wishes, send soul lifting or rather let’s say heartfelt wishes across. So, how do you say happy birthday at a sad time, let’s see;

Dearest, love is sweet , love is sad, but with me, you’re sure to have the best birthday ever .

It’s really sad I know, but forget the past and face the future, hope for a happy year ahead.

Looking back, don’t count your age by years but by joy, happiness and hope you have brought to men.

Age is just a number, I can assure you , you’re doing well for yourself and the community at Large.

You have a bright future ahead of you. Look forward to it, the best is yet to come.

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At times I get tired of wishing you this sad birthday wishes, but then I remember what we shared, the memories we created, I still can’t help , Happy birthday to you.

I don’t feel happy to see you celebrate birthday from that sick bed, it feels worst because you can’t recollect, what a sad birthday! Get well soon dear.

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You see how one’s low moment can make us go emotional. Sad birthday quotes for best friend comes with that. It is an emotional birthday wishes ever to think of. So, let’s encourage one another in all states of mind, the world will be a better place as we do.