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Unique birthday quotes for self
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Unique birthday wishes for Self – Beautiful, today is your birthday, first of all happy birthday to you. Alright, you’re here in search of sweet messages you will use to celebrate yourself on this special day,.well you’re at the right place. We always look forward to celebrating our birthdays with family and friends every year. It is a rare privilege to live and witness another 365 days of our lives. Many dreamt of this, many wish for it but few made it. Congratulations for being one of those that made it and see how we have written unique birthday wishes that you can use to wish yourself a happy birthday.

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Unique birthday wishes for self

Special birthday messages for myself

Short inspirational birthday Messages for myself

What can I say to myself on my Happy birthday 

See the best words that you can use to celebrate yourself here . Choose any and make your year memorable with it. I know you have been asking what can I say to myself on my  birthday? You can do it, dedicate these positive words to yourself. You deserve them because you’re unique.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Self

1. Happy birthday to me, God I return all the glory to you. See how far you have brought me. My last year wasn’t easy, but I am grateful I made it this far and I pray for a better year. Amen.

2. I celebrate my humble self on this great day, my life journey in the past was full of ups and downs. In this my new year, I pray for a greater year , and strength to overcome any obstacle the enemies planted on my way. I shall succeed in all I do this year Amen. I am saying this  Happy unique birthday to me, so shall it be.

3.Dear Self, I welcome you to this new era, a year full of amazing things, may I experience the wonderful things of life that I desire and deserve. My foot shall take me to beautiful places that I have never been before. Happy birthday to myself.

4. It’s a new dawn, and a happy New year to me and every other person out there who was born on this special day. We are special and that’s why we are still here today to witness yet another beautiful June 3rd, for all I know great men in the record were all born on these day. Cheers to a fruitful day that beared forth this wonderful fruit. Join me as I wish myself a unique happy birthday .

5. I am happy and won’t take the gift of life for granted.  From a grateful heart, God thank you for fighting my battles, this is a unique year, it started well already and I have no doubt of the blessings in stock for me. I have a special gift for me but before then, I want to wish a happy birthday to myself. 

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6. If I keep a documentary of my life here on earth, your mercies and blessings, world library won’t contain it. What shall I offer to you my God in return for all you have done in my life. Silver nor Gold I have non to give , but from the depth of my heart I appreciate you. And I pray you do something marvelous, excellent and something new in my life in this new year that is here. Happy birthday to My dearest self.

7. I am taking my time to write this lovely note to myself on this day;

Dear Self, you are a strong woman.

I love your passion

You have good spirit

Your intentions are always pure

You shall do amazing things

You shall break more records 

In all aspects of life I shall triumph.

I celebrate you, myself and I .

As I wish myself a special happy birthday.

8.  Look how far God has brought me.

I am alive to celebrate another birthday

Against all odds, I am still strong

Let the music begins, join me as I mark yet another milestone in my life.

9. This beautiful soul will not die but live to fulfill the goodness of God.

Happy birthday to the wonderful woman I have become. 

10. It is my legal birthday.

Join me family and friends as I celebrate my birthday.

It is an age to break boundaries

A mark of a year to explore the world

To see what the world have in stock for me and create amazing things.

My life shall be full of signs and wonder. 

Happy birthday to My self.

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Special birthday Messages for myself

Everyday is unique so is every year. So take out time to celebrate yourself everyday and once you made it to another year, it’s a call for celebration. How do you celebrate your birthday? You know you can do it in several ways, but it all depends on some factors such as family, work, environment, finance and others. Both either ways, you may choose to put up some post out there to inform family and friends about your birthday, in that case, use these birthday messages to celebrate yourself;

11. This is a year I have been looking for to, to me it will be an amazing year, my last birthday as a single lady, I can’t wait to unfold my life in my next birthday as a married woman

12. What God cannot do honestly doesn’t exist..I am wishing myself the best in this birthday, knowing what I have been through, how far God has brought me and how He has delivered me. I am forever going to remember this year . A cheers and happy survival birthday to a survivor.

13. Basically, I just added another year, looking back I see nothing but grace and this is why this year’s birthday is unique. I return all praises to my maker and keeper as I plead He continue to see me through. A happy unique birthday to myself.

14. I felt like wishing myself a happy birthday in advance , then I was waiting patiently, ticking alongside with clock, here I am . A new me, a new chapter of life within a while. I can feel all the good in store for me already and I am grateful for all as I celebrate my birthday.

15. As I add another year, may every burden I have been carrying all these years be relieved from me. I am free man and so shall it be. Devil won’t have second chance in my life again. I am born new, and old things has passed away. Behold I am a new creature and through Christ who strengthens me, I shall do wonders. A happy birthday for myself I ask.

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Short inspirational birthday Wishes for myself

16. On this my birthday, I pray for a better version of Myself to emerge, I pray for ability to carry out great things and the strength to serve God and help humanity. Happy birthday to me.

17. May my life be an inspiration to all that I will come across this year. Let man or woman have the cause to regret been in contact with my. My life shall give God Glory. Happy birthday to me.

18. I shall dedicate this year serving in various capacities in my community. My new year, I want to help the needy in my locality as such, I ask God to provide all that I will be needing to achieve these and more. It’s a unique year already and I am wishing myself, a happy and unique birthday.

19. A year of His amazing grace. I didn’t know I will make it this far. Nothing is indeed difficult for God to do. I am happy to celebrate this moment with all of you. A year full of different things, my year of songs and wonders. I shall rejoice and be glad in it. Happy birthday to me

20. May I have a happy and fulfilled birthday celebration this year and other years ahead. Amen

So basically unique birthday wishes for self are some of the things you can say to yourself on your birthday. No crime in self love. Celebrate yourself on your birthdays always.

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