Happy birthday in advance to me

Happy birthday in advance to me
Happy birthday in advance

Happy birthday in advance to me: Is your birthday fast approaching and you’re thinking of how to celebrate you special day? Worry less, we got you. We know how important ones birthday is, birthday celebration is a moment we recall how and when we came to this world. Most times we take out time to reflect on our life journey so far. How far we have gone, and what we wish to achieve. Happy birthday in advance to me wishes and texts will help to guide you on the best ways to thank your maker for your existence while seeking for His guidance ahead of this life journey.

What is Happy birthday in advance?

Happy birthday in advance is pre birthday wishes. That is to say, it is not my birthday yet but I want to wish my self all the best wishes in advance. As you know, there is nothing wrong with self love. You can be proud of yourself, your life accomplishments, and even the life you’re living. Say the sweetest happy birthday wishes to yourself even if it is not in advance with our lovely birthday wishes.

Sometimes, I have seen friends asked, “how can I say happy birthday to me in advance?”. Now that you have known what it means to say those pre birthday wishes . Basically, you can take to your social media platforms to pour those birthday wishes on yourself. You can use your Facebook status, Instagram or WhatsApp status to post these birthday wishes in advance. Pre birthday wishes is also a medium to notify family and friends who might have forgotten about your birthday once again. So, there is absolutely nothing wrong in celebrating yourself ahead.

Here we go with the;

Best happy birthday in advance to me wishes

1. I don’t feel like closing my eyes. Just I stay awake to witness my birth. Smiles 😊

2. I honestly can’t wait till my birthday before celebrating my life. The journey of my life has been roller coaster. Events has happened, some are meant to destroy me , but take a look at me, I am here, hale and hearty. I am grateful Oh Lord!, I just can’t wait and that’s Why I am wishing myself happy birthday in advance.

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3. Dear Self,

You have been resilient to several odds this past year..but take a look at you, who could have thought that you will make it this far. See how far you are away from all the challenges of life. I am super proud of you. I can’t wait to celebrate my day.

4. Happy birthday in advance to me, this is the best birthday so far and that’s why I look forward to my Day. It will be a moment that I will have all the rights as an adult. Turning 18, one of the ages I have been hoping and wishing to come so quick. Luckily, it’s here. My legal birthday. Happy birthday to myself in advance. I can’t wait to become the woman I dreamt of.

5. Reminiscing about my stay here on earth, I count myself lucky and blessed. God has been wonderful to me, my family and friends, all I can say is thank you God. Can’t wait to see this new chapter of my life.

6. Adding plus One soonest will be a dream come true. My life is a testimony of what God cannot do doesn’t exist. God I just want to take these few days to my birthday to acknowledge you for what you have been doing in my life. For countless times you saved me from the trap of enemies. I ask you continue to guide me as I add another year.

Pre birthday wishes to myself

Earlier we stated that happy birthday in advance is pre birthday wishes to myself as well. That been said, we equally took out time to write birthday wishes ahead of ones birthday.

7. Happy birthday to me. I will be clocking the golden age by tomorrow. It’s been awesome living here on earth and now for half of century. Special shout-out to my maker for making everything that concerns me golden. I will walk into this new age with pride, joy and happiness. Happy joyful birthday to me in advance.

8. I don’t know whether to be 😊 happy or sad 😭, I will be adding a year in a jiffy, nature has brought me closer to my grave. God has been faithful. For everyday of my life I see grace. I won’t take the gift of the good things surrounding me for granted. The special gift of oxygen I will remain forever indebted to you my maker. I can’t wait to mark my day, meanwhile I am wishing happy birthday in advance to me .

9. May celebration never cease from me, may I live to fulfill God’s purpose in the land of the living. No power shall cut short of my shine. I look forward to seeing another year of my life in the next 24 hours.

10. Happy birthday to me, I can’t keep quiet. I am excited to announce to everyone that I will be 40 years tomorrow. To that effect, I am wishing happy birthday in advance to me. It will surely be a remarkable year. Amen.

11. What is there not to be grateful for? I am living the life I dreamt of. I have everything I prayed and hoped for. Above all, I have been given another rare privilege of seeing myself add another year by tomorrow. I just want to appreciate God in my life. As I wish myself happy birthday in advance.

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Happy birthday to me in advance
Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me in advance

Saying a happy birthday to yourself in advance ahead of ones birthday is not a bad idea. It shows how much excited you’re to the next year waiting for you ahead. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t post about it, it doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with that. Celebration means different things to different people. Choose your own method. If you want to celebrate your pre birthday, it’s ok. You’re beautiful you know, and more than a day should be set outside to celebrate you every year.

12. Tomorrow is my birthday , so you don’t forget, I am expecting my birthday present.

13. I plan to declare Monday sit at home, because it’s my birthday. Patiently waiting to unwrap this new year.

14. God’s plan for me is bigger than I have imagined. Stay calm and watch as I walk into my world on Tuesday.

15. Tomorrow will be a total shutdown of the city, I will be touring the town, because I will be so busy celebrating tomorrow, that’s why I am wishing a happy birthday in advance to me.

16. I shall be taking census of those that care so much about me on my birthday tomorrow. Hey, don’t make noise, the birthday girl wants to sleep. It’s the eve of my birthday. Happy birthday to me in advance.

17. Make sure my gift arrives with you on my birthday tomorrow . Be there to witness my birthday.

18. My joy knows no bound because it is my birthday in the next 6 hours.

19. Wine is getting sweeter as the year progress so is my life. I am so happy, I will be plus one tomorrow .

20. I wish myself a joyful birthday celebration ahead.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I would say I am too beautiful to be celebrated in a day, as such I want to celebrate myself in advance. Happy birthday to me.

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