How to Recover from Breakups: 10 ways

How to recover from breakups: 10 ways. I pray this advice meets you right on time. Breakup and heart breaks are among the difficult things to deal with. This is because of it’s effect on the social, emotional, mental, psychological and physical state of the individuals involved. It is always hard to deal with no matter how hard you try. 
How to recover from break ups: 10 ways
Broken heart
Don’t be afraid to make some changes that you know must be made. You have to surrender and let go. You might feel you have lost it but believe me a better version will come in a more healthier way. Sometimes it is hard to let go even though something might not seem right about it.
Having enough trust not to open a door you just closed is very hard but one thing that you should remember is that, you should remember and leave the door closed, because this is the reason why you walked away in the first place.
They will sit to belittle you, break you down and constantly complain about you and yet never take responsibility for their actions .When you get to a point and discover that another conversation is pointless, explaining your position doesn’t count and voicing your forgiveness is futile,  then you have to move on. Move away from there and be open to what may come next. To help you , we have How to recover from breakups: 10 ways, find out for more as you read.

Life doesn’t let anyone go forward without knocking you down over and over. But you will get there. Letting go is one thing but rebuilding yourself after is the main thing. Fight with yourself to take that steps. You have to wait until the new routine becomes familiar and it will peace well with the pain of letting go. We have some suggested steps on how to recover from heartbreak.

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How to Recover from Break ups : 10 ways

1. Forgive the past
You don’t need to hold on , forget what happened and move on. Don’t be hard on yourself. It was not your fault and even if it was, no need crying over a spilled milk.  Put yourself together and move forward, make reference to the past only when there is a lesson there to learn. Keep moving.
2. Share your experience
Sharing what happened and what you went through with the right people is an excellent way to over the challenge. While sharing listen to their advice. But you will have to filter it and know what to pick up from their advice. Life is like that, sorry you have to learn from experience.
3. Don’t rush to new relationship
You are vulnerable at this stage and the best you can do to yourself is sit back and allow yourself to heal. It is necessary to heal from this mess so that you don’t mix up things in your next relationship. And remember not to compare the incoming friend to the one that left. The are two different individuals with their traits. A lot will not be the same, though I pray it will be on the positive side for you this time around. You deserve it.
4. Create room for others
You don’t need to isolate yourself because of what happened. Don’t go into quarantine, as it won’t help. Mingle with people of positive mindset. Allow yourself to be in their midst. Remember don’t ruin the gathering with stories of what is happening to you. Be there for the sake of the gathering. It is a good way to heal.
5. Decide what you need 
Old adage will say ” once bitten, twice shy”. For you not to fall a victim of toxic relationship the second time, there is a need for you to set boundaries. Outline what you want and what you need. I will advice you stick with your needs at this stage. But first realize the difference between need and want. Most times in life we want those flashy things, but at the long run we discover the are not actually what we need. I pray it doesn’t get late before we distinguish this.
6.Take care of yourself
Take care of yourself. Take care of your physical appearance and mental state. Eat good foods and wear nice clothes and perfume. You don’t need to look rough. It is not the end of the world for you rather a beginning to something bigger.  Take your bath often, freshen up, wash away those negative energies and create room for better version of what life have in stock for you. Smile more, you will get there.
7. Read books and watch movies
Just like you’re doing now. Read books and watch movies that will help you to forget what happened. Visit cinemas, hire movies if possible, buy books and visit sites with motivating write-ups like ours. Sometimes go through the comment section and read the views of the readers pertaining to the topic. It helps to get wider view and sometimes you see people sharing their personal stories, then you will learn that you are not alone on this struggle. You will be inspired with a lot you will gain from the media.
8. Attend events
Go to social gatherings, meet with people, exchange pleasantries
9. Draw list of your moment in the relationship
You can do this by getting a sheet of paper, write down the good moments and the bad moments. In this list, you will see the reasons to keep going and never to look back. You deserve love and more sweetheart,don’t let anyone rub you of it.
10. Seek help
If after all these you’re still battling with the thoughts of what happened, or you’re still finding it difficult to forgive yourself, then I will suggest you go and seek help from therapist. The will put your mental health in check. There is need. But then don’t forget healing is a process, doesn’t work like magic, so give it time. Everything will be normal.
You worth more than the things you have been through, when it is time you will know, you will feel it and tell it. Your bones too will feel it. You can’t mistaken it for anything else when the time comes.
How to recover from break ups :10 ways
Couple love
Just know that people don’t change and won’t change by watching you light your self on fire for their sakes. It happens only in movies and novels not in real life.
One day you will sing along, you don’t need to set yourself on fire in other to light the path of anyone. Don’t feel any bad for cutting them off. It was the right thing to do because if you didn’t do it, they would have done it to you, believe me. Even if they are they ones that put an end to it, no problem. You will be fine, I am sure of it. Hope you have learnt how to recover from breakups: 10 ways you can do that?
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