Best Breakup Quotes to Help you move on

Best breakup quotes to help you move on:  It is difficult to fake it because your heart knows when something resonates. It is a pity you get to know this, based on experience. Trust those feelings. Your soul will align with real things no matter what everyone else sees, does and say to persuade you, the truth will always feel different. Some “I love you” are not real from onset. You might not realize it on time.  Your heart is broken. You will then see how messy healing is. It might be the most agonizing and gut wrenching thing you will ever pass through. It will make you to cry so much until you’re left with no more tears. You might not be the same at the end.

Best Breakup quotes to help you move on

Best breakup quotes

1. You were hoping you could go together forever,  but no, it didn’t happen and now you are totally lost. Nothing compares to the pain of losing a relationship that you thought was forever. Leaving or been left, both partners suffers the pain. You have to come to terms with it, I know it is not easy. It is an awful feeling you never get over, but some how with time, you will find a way and move on.
2. Sometimes try and ignore the obvious and shield yourself from the blunt truth that some people are truly clueless to how much they hurt you. Sometimes you might hate the fact that you allowed yourself in a position to be let down in the first place. Let them go and please try and occupy the space with someone better when the time comes.
3. You will wonder if you will ever move on. Sure, you will. Though it is going to take sometimes, yes, sometimes here implies a longtime, but at the end you will be fine. It might be the hardest thing you will have to go through in life. The pain is so consuming that you will not wish it on anyone. It sucks so bad. It is one of the hardest things to do. Letting go is not easy.  But for each day that passes by, you will feel better. This messy healing is going to be a gradual process.
4. Don’t go about chasing after who has gone. Walk away from anything that gives you negative vibe. You don’t need to explain it. Just move. It is not important that others understands you. No one is the reason for your waking up at sunrise and at such no one should be the reason for you to keep awake at night. Start liking the person you see on the mirror more.
5. The universe removes people from you life for a reason. One day you will find out. It might take days or maybe years to find out. At that time you will give yourself a smile. Drop them and sing peacefully on your journey. And then close your eyes gently and say some lines of prayers. Breakups comes with heartbreaks . Especially the unforseen ones. But when you realize the reason at the long run, you will be happy with the outcome of events. Some decisions you might need to make will break your hearts, but it will give you peace at the end.

6. With some people, you will never get to know the reason why they left. When you let them know you are not comfortable from the way they treat you, they will point out that you led them to treat you that way. When you let them know how hurt you feel, they will tag you to be too sensitive or sometimes say you like to nag. But hey! Raise your head high and keep moving. Trust the universe and its plans for you. Believe in yourself and trust your feelings. Who will stay will definitely stay and who will leave you  can’t stop. But then no matter what you have been through, trust the universe because it doesn’t make mistake. The life within you is still blooming.
7. It is better to walk away from an abusive relationship which threatens your life. It sounds easy when people say go back and settle with your partner. But when the heat comes back, those that said you should make up  will not be there to always calm the situation. How long your partner wants to love you is not your decision to make but theirs.
8. Yes, I know at times what we get from life feels heavy on  us. But don’t stay where you’re not wanted because you’re scared of loneliness , you will eventually be okay, everything will work out. You just need a minute or two to pull yourself together. Don’t fake it by pretending to have a hard skin. Don’t pretend things don’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid of disagreeing or agreeing with someone. And never be afraid to stand up for yourself. Like an old saying goes ” speak your truth, even if your voice shakes, just speak your truth and that’s all”.
9. All emptiness, losses and pains are growth, change your perspective. Without any form of explanation, everything will surely get better some day. You will realize that you’re no longer mad, hurt or bothered by those things that has consumed so much of your energy, time and thoughts. You will be in a peaceful place eventually, and enjoy the feeling.
10. If you want to heal quickly, you might consider deleting, blocking and then ignoring them. Do away with those that cause you nothing but pain. Don’t feel too bad when you do, because it is a way of welcoming your new self.
11. Wait for a natural connection. Wait for a love that won’t require you to prove your love and sit in anxiety.  You need someone who will hold your tears when the sadness tries to drown you. One who will rekindle the light in the midst of darkness. You need someone who will help you carry the universe when it becomes heavy on you. They will teach you what it means to be loved, you will experience true love when you meet them. Focus on the people you have around you and careless about those who doesn’t know of your existence. You need to be you without explanation. You need something free flow, it is as simple as that.
12. Hopefully, the next person you will meet, will give you all that you have been looking for. You will eventually see that they are the real ones, they will show you the way, they will help you to overcome what you have been through. They will welcome you and let you know that you mean the world to them. You will have a special place in their hearts. You will be decorated with flowers and with a soft touch.
13. Don’t feel drained, don’t wait for something  is not going to happen. Don’t be in  moody for the rest of your life. Give it time, someone else will show up, sooner that you expected and it is going to be the real one.

How to heal from Breakups fast

How to heal from breakup fast
Heart break
Your soul and every detail of you will get tired faking smile just to get through the day, as you act strong knowing your shoulders ain’t built for this.
Sometimes you will wonder if you both failed the test by letting go. You asked yourself, what if you weren’t supposed to let each other go? Stop wondering, learn the lesson and move on.
How long are you going to sit and feel sorry for yourself. Don’t deal with breakups in an unhealthy way, you have to take care of yourself because no one will.
There are people you will meet in life, the emptiness you had before will be better than the pain they will create for you. Though emptiness and pain are both draining. In fact your emptiness and pain will become the same because emptiness will come back with pain. Pain is hard to conquer especially when you are facing it alone. Some days will be good and then you will be reminded of how things used to be. You might feel you have lost the trip of your life but you will be happy to be out of it forever at the long run.
Let go of that fear that you will be letting him or her down, just because you set boundaries. If they care about you, they will respect your boundaries, that’s simple. Note that there is no way love that comes in part time form will fill your heart that you have set out to love in full time. You know every year we learn two things:
1. No one is permanent
2. Life has to move on
It is said that some of life’s wildest journeys begin with a wrong turn, that is to say, we might take some decisions today and the next seconds we are full of regrets, not knowing all these will count for good to us at the long run.
You might think you have given so much of your time that you now fear how to live when they are gone, don’t be scared by this, you will be fine. You have lost a piece of yourself, but know that you can make the remaining pieces come together into a brand new masterpiece. This is when you reinvent yourself into who you want it to be. The authentic self is powerful. You will find it yourself.
Don’t stand on the edge of the cliff, keep trying to stay away from the edge, sometimes it might pull you and tell you the pain will end and it will be easier but hey, try and get the ability not to listen to that voice and fight it everyday.
I know you can give anything to get that ability, ability to move on. You don’t need to feel numb all the time. Weakness is not a feeling, it is been afraid not to feel. You might prefer not have feeling than to feel the way you do now. But no feeling is horrible, appreciate your feelings, tears and emotions, just learn how to control emotions. Walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. Walk away not because you want others to realize your worth but because you finally realize your own strength and worth. It is okay to be vulnerable, it is okay to feel, but then you need to promise yourself not to feel that way again at the long run, because your peace is your priority and it is priceless.
You need to realize that your purpose here is not to make anyone happy and do things to please them. Take only actions align with your purpose of life, hate no one and wish every one well as they embark on their own journeys. Congrats at this stage, because you have updated yourself to the greatest version you can be.
By this you will be fine, your happiness is not attach to anyone. Eventually you will lose him and have to start rebuilding yourself. The earlier you realize this the better. You know if you care too little you will lose them and if you care too much you will get hurt. Let go so you won’t be drained as time goes by , by then you won’t know who you are.
I realize that when you are comfortable in your own skin, if you say no to people, places ,events and things that doesn’t align with who you are, what you want and what you stand for, you will surely lose quite a good number of people in your life.
At the end it should be about you and your peace and so get over it, you may be a pretty cold person most of the time, but you should be in control of yourself and your life. Things hurts, but hey do away with those feelings, the will do you no good.
The essence of this best breakup quotes on how to move on is to help you heal fast

How to recover from heartbreaks or breakups

1.  Listen to good music’
2.Take a break from your normal schedule
3. Talk to a loved one who can help
You can even try getting a councillor
4..Stick to the boundaries you set
If they care about you they won’t disrespect your boundaries, you remember?
5. Feed well and sleep right
Eat well and sleep when the time is right. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
6. Exercise. It gives you relaxation of soul and mind. Your nerves and muscles has been stretched beyond normal. Exercise will put everything to normal, including your mental state.
7.Read books, both online and offline
Just like you’re doing now, read motivational books. It will keep your mind and soul busy. Away from all the dramas.
8. Pamper yourself , yes take care of yourself, you deserve it
9. Avoid been in a  lonely environment. Don’t be in a lonely place. This will cause you to be thinking and worrying. Engage yourself in something more meaningful.
10. Recount the worst moment in the relationship, the are the reasons you have to let go.
Experience the say is the best teacher and knowledge comes with it. Life will keep throwing a repeating cycle at you until you figure out that it is the same pattern. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t gotten there yet. First step is recognizing it, second step is accepting it and these are the biggest steps in your life.
One day, it won’t hurt anymore, let go of those who burn holes in your heart. Embrace the lessons life has taught you using them and move on. Yesterday is gone, you are here today, no turning back. Don’t let them meet you where they left you. You will be doing yourself a disservice if they meet you where they left you.
Sit up as soon as possible and dive into a journey of self love. I hope they love you and be there for you, forever and ever. And ever. All I want is for you to be happy.
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