Hustlers prayer quotes in pidgin

Hustlers Prayer Quotes in Pidgin: Prayer to all hustlers and Strugglers all around the world. God knows everything we do,  So, let’s  communicate with Him in prayers by submitting our fears and challenges to Him. He wants to hear us say them. Feel free to pray.  If na pidgin English , Queens English or your native dialect go work for you, Nwanne, open ya mouth and talk it hoo haa. If you are breaking down,  tell Him. That’s why we have hustlers prayer quotes in pidgin. With Pidgin English we relate and interact with streets well because we hustle in streets.

Hustlers prayer quotes in Pidgin
Hustlers prayer quotes

Hustlers prayer quotes in Pidgin English

1. Close your eyes, If someone or something is troubling your case ,report  them to Oga at the Top immediately

2. This life no balance at all. Yarn with God. Relate with Am. Him wan have  conversation with you. Go to Oga J make una yarn, tell am as things be.

3. You won’t even know when you’ll spend  up to an hour or more with Him, as you dey yarn the prayer with your whole heart. Him no  far from us but na we dey run. So make we apply break at this stage and explain things to Am.

4. Baba ooo,  as we try again this week, OPEN doors of blessings for us, make our hustle no be for vain.

5. Oluwa as your boys dey street like this Send destiny helpers to change our story for good. Make we no dey street long , make things dey better for us. Amen.

6. Papa God, as I dey so, my ink don dry for my pen, na tears I dey use write my pains give you, my eyes don see plenty things wey my mouth no fit talk, e dey my heart and na only you dey see heart, Abeg clear the load off my heart. Amen.

7. As I dey hustle everyday, I no Sabi sleep again, Oluwa help me to make this money make I follow the masses rejoice.

8. I wan change meal, Oluwa bless my hustle, help me make things dey Waka smoothly for me. Amen.

9. Oluwa butter my bread, make I fit put bread for my family table, help me Oluwa.

Quotes about hustling and staying humble

10. We all hustle to survive…..If you succeed without suffering, it’s because someone have suffered for you. May God bless all hustlers out there, especially those hustling from scratch.

11. They’re are working hard, drop your shoulders and respect hustlers. Some of us building from the scratch, no inheritance, no connection, no backups, just prayer, blood, sweat and skills. God no go shame us.

12. Hey Dear hustlers, no matter how dark it looks, no matter how long it has been. Believe, God will always finish what he started.

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13. God won’t bring us this far to abandon us. Lailai. May He bless the works of our hands. Amen

14. Keep on pushing it, one day u will enter. God is our strength Broo.

More wins to de hustler

We go make am.

Hustling and succeed na our prayer.

Oluwa bless us ooo

Mama no suppose cry for money

No  No gain

15. More grace bro, you will surely make it in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN .

16. Battery wey low go still full , my prayer be say make our charger no spoil, !!! Hustlers don’t complain we figure it out. God got us.

From the above, you have seen quotes about hustling and staying humble.

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Hustlers prayer quotes
Psalm 40

Hustlers prayer quotes in Pidgin

Here you will see how to pray and hustle, because to work is to pray and God said he will bless the works of our hands. Let’s pray while we work. Say these hustle prayer quotes gently.

17. It’s not how it used to be but God made it possible.. There is nothing that beats hard work and prayer. It’s all we know and that’s what we will ever do.

18. God leads we follow. May God bless the works of our hands . Amen.

19.  This is a week of breakthrough to the genuine hustlers, menh, our  customers will patronize our goods and services the way we never expected. God’s blessing will locate everyone of us with His abundant grace and favor this week in Jesus name. Amen.

20. My humble prayer this new week as we hustle, we will not come back in vain….. Keep the work going. You will succeed. Amen.

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21. I never stop praying and wishing for the better days to come, because the point I am now was my prayer point some times ago. Keep the faith alive.

22. I pray for all hustlers out there may almighty God bless you abundantly this month and forever.

23. May he answered all your prayer request

May he grant your heart desires. Keep grinding it will blend.

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24. My prayer is for you to start the week with blessings.May you succeed where you have failed in the past. May God bless the work of your hands…I wish you a happy new week Dear Hustler.

25. Only God is the keeper to all hustlers, Double your hustle and prayer bigger time will tell. I won’t be long by God’s Grace.

26. Happy new month family and friends, My prayer is that all hustlers will smile at the end of this month, much love to all well wishers, stay safe.

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27. My prayer for you this week is that God will favor that which you put hands. As you dey go dey come, na favor go dey follow you, wetin enemies want no go happen for your head . Amen.

28. God!

The road no clear, obviously to make legit and clean money no easy with man but I know say with you on my side, road go clear, better money go come. Amen.

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29. Dear hustlers.

No reason the stress you dey pass through now.

Baba God go run am for you, keep marching forward, no dey forget to pray.

30. Focus and hustle tight, very soon na so so smile go full your face. Your efforts na crown go dey on top last last. Good luck

31. I pray make God give us beta strength and happiness as we Waka today, make we no Waka in vain . Amen.

32. May every hustler out there get hustling and praying spirit, make God cause the zeal make em dey burn inside us.

33. As 9ja hustlers dey for their hussles to pay, I join them dey say Amen.

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34. God bless my hustle prayer, let all hustlers pray this prayer and watch God perform his wonders. Tell God to bless your hustle, God bless my hustles and bless all hustlers.

35. Shout out to all Naija hustlers and other hustlers out there who toil day and night to put food on the table, na God go reward all your efforts. One love.

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May we not labor in vain…Amen.

Lastly,  Oluwa put honey for our mouth .ale smiles for dey our  faces as we go in search of our daily bread..[Amen].

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