Happy New Month in Pidgin English

Happy New Month in Pidgin English: The gift of life is one gift everything and everyone that has breathe appreciates. It is not easy to wake up to a new morning, a new week and then a brand new month. At this stage I know you wish to share happy New Month in Pidgin English with family and friends. Well, we have taken time to pen these lovely Pidgin language quotes for you.

Ephesians 2:8

1. E no easy to see another month like this, no be all wey follow us enter this month finish am well with us. Happy New month,.

2. I wan hey you say you follow me Waka come enter this November like this, I happy to see you inside am like this. Make we make merry as we dey look up to next month so.

3. New month like this dey bring beta blessings, grace and joy dey follow am , I wan wish all the good good things wey this month wan bring make e follow you.

4. Abi tell God say I wan see you for August and odas, as I take ask God, na so em do am for me, I happy to see you inside this brand new month.

5. I dey feel some kind joy to wish you happy New Month in Pidgin English, na so the thing dey sweet me for body, I no fit help am than to show you say I kia Wella about you. 

6. You see this month wey we enter so, God no go shame you, anything wey you wan put hand inside, na beta go follow your hand come out, nothing wey bad people abi enemy go fit do about am. 

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7. As you dey Waka inside this new month so, no bad thing go come tour way, you go Waka and come back, you go fly and you no go fall, . Amen.

8. This month so, those things wey you be wan achieve for the months wey don pass so wey you no achieve, heaven go open back those doors wey connect to those things for this new month and you go achieve them . Amen.

9. For this month wey show like this, na goodness and mercy go dey follow you up andan . Amen .

10. Happy New Month in Pidgin English, pidgin language dey sweet to talk with, na em make I want reason for the better things wey I wan make God do for you, as the thing dey sweet me as I dey reason am, na so e go sweet God to answer your prayers.

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11. I wan tell God to bless you yafuyafu for this new beginning of a happy month like this. Make favor follow you always.

12. As you bring us come anoda month, I wan say Baba you too much, Jesus you three much, I say you five much, six much yes I thank you. I thank you well.

You fit still learn from here how you go take wish happy new month give your bestie, that kind thing here.

13. I wan thank God in unique style as Em grant me access to anoda month so, Baba I dobale for you.

14. As we enter the second half of this year, na Baba God go bless our huzzle and struggle, nothing go stop us from progressive. 

15. As we carry navigate other months na so we go take navigate this one, nothing go stop our train from moving. No shaking.

16. Oh Lord, as we try again this month OPEN doors wey go lead to our blessings for us🧎‍♂️🧎‍♂️

17. Papa Send destiny helpers wey go come and change our Tori  for good🙇‍♂️.

18. Oluwa provide wetin we go eat this new month and comot the one wey go eat us. 

19.For me ehn, na ogbonge month be this

My prayer for all of us this June ehn, na good news everywhere oo. Amen.

20.Lastly, put smiles on our faces as we go in search of our daily bread..[Amen]🙏🙏

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Na Oluwa prayer be this. 

We pale wey dey heaven, we dey hail u, make ur unit come, wetin u talk, na en go happen for this area we dey as e dey happen for ur unit. Show us love make we fit chop today, abeg make u no treat our mess as we  no go treat other people mess. No let us enter for wahala, but you help us wen issue burst amen.

Hope say you like our happy New Month messages as we carry arrange am for una.

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