Anonymous love letters for him or her. You can hide under the name of anonymous to send a letter to your crush. What does this mean? It means you can write a love letter and send it to someone you love, and the person won’t know the source of the letter. But of course, they will be smiling after reading those lovely words you wrote. So ,let me ask, who is your secret crush?, Smiles, I am just kidding, you know, so keep it anonymous. Send these anonymous love letters and leave them to their imaginations.

Anonymous love letters for him or her

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How do I write an anonymous letter to my crush? One of the questions that bothers us when we’re not ready to reveal our real identity in expressing our love, romance, thoughts or feelings. To some, it may be due to shyness and others may just prefer to hide and show love, whatever your reason is, best ways to do it is by creating new email or other social media handles, you can also use the post office to send anonymous love messages or letters. Whatever medium you choose, the most important thing is to keep the identity hidden.

1.Hello Love,

This is your secret admirer from afar. I have loved you right from when I set my eyes on you. Oh yes, we have met. But we didn’t have time to speak with each other. Guess you were rushing for lectures and I let it slide.

So, here is to let you know that someone somewhere cares so much about you. Do have a blessed day.

2. Hi Handsome,

Hope you’re having a pretty cool day? My day is moving well, though with a little rain fall but we’re good now.

Pardon me, this is your Love. The Lady who is willing to share your family name with you if you allow her.

I have been staring at your display picture for weeks and felt the best thing to do is to express the feelings that I have for you. Until we meet,

Your future Love.

3. Dearest,

I choose to write anonymously to you , it’s been a while I have been stocking you. You’re perfect definition of a gentleman from what I have seen and gathered. I admire and love you from afar and can’t wait to show up on your doorstep someday.

Yours sincerely,


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Anonymous love letters will help you to communicate with your crush without getting close and revealing yourself. Thank God for technology, you can send these lovely texts through several medium, all though using any means apart from writing on papers can give a clue of who you are to your crush. But putting your words down on paper will leave them to their imaginations until you have summoned the courage to speak up or see them one on one. So let’s take a look at these anonymous letter to my crush as written by somyarriys.


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4. Hello Pretty,

Where you created on a Sunday or public holiday? Pardon me, I asked because you’re so beautiful. And I believe your maker took his time to mould you. He was not in a rush. See how you radiates like the heat of the sun.

5. My lady, you’re so beautiful, my babe in red. I started at you all through and couldn’t get enough of you. I wish you can be mine and I have you all to myself . You’re epitome of beauty and class.

6. I will continue to love you in silence until you have made up your mind for us to see. You’re damn gorgeous and I can’t look away. Not for a second, so you know.

7. Are you wondering why I still love you, despite all that went wrong between us? Well, my love for you comes from my heart, it is deep and I can’t express it all. You mean the world to me and I am not ready to let go.


By the way, an anonymous love letters or messages or letter must not be to someone you have not seen or spoken to, you can also send love letters to your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend anonymously, you will have them thinking forever. It makes sense. Although for partners who are committed in the relationship, who understands their love language, the receiver may be able to detect that it’s coming from you. But then, that’s another romantic way of showing love.

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My Secret Crush,

How are you doing? I admire you so much. I watched you speak all through the seminar, I fell in love with how eloquent you spoke. You’re endowed with so much wisdom and I just write to let you know how much I appreciate you. Do have a blessed day.

I am writing again 😂, but this time to let you know I love you and admire the way you look at me. It makes me feel wanted and that’s why I am here.

In case you come across this letter, it is meant for you. Hope your day is as beautiful as you are. Keep hope alive Dearest .

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Do you like the anonymous love letters you just read? Don’t forget been shy is not enough reason not to express your love , feelings or romance to the love of your life or someone you admire. Make the move, grab paper and pen, inscribe some words. Create new account add your lover up and send them any of the anonymous love letter examples we have written above. Keep your love life updated.