Happy Anniversary Messages in Pidgin English

 anniversary in Pidgin English
Couple Anniversary

Happy anniversary messages in Pidgin English – Anniversary is basically remembrance of events that happened in the past. We try to mark the days of special moments we have had such as wedding, burial, birthday, graduation, etc. At Somyarriy’s, we celebrate our anniversaries and other events, we do that in any language that we understands. That’s the background of this post, but then we have to write naija happy anniversary in Pidgin English.

Happy anniversary in Pidgin English ; Anniversary messages for couple in Pidgin English

Na today go make am one year wey God join me and you put for this journey . De Joni wey dey sweet and my happiness don multiply as we dey push am.

Congratulations on top say we don enter another year for our wedding.

No say two of us dey perfect, but na God na em make am we still dey together, happy anniversary to us.

I wan send love give partners wey matter to us pass others. Una happy anniversary. Make una dey age dey go for una marriage. Amen.

I dey wish una better anniversary wey better pass the one una dey share.

I dey wish you better life, long life and plenty joy as we go dey together to dey celebrate plenty years wey go come.

Happy first wedding anniversary to us, make God help us to dey together forever. Amen.

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As God don keep us reach now, I pray make him dey follow us dey go till end of time.

Like play like play we are in another year, it’s your birthday anniversary, I wan wish you more ogbonge years to come.

E come be like yesterday, see as you don grown old, small pikin of yesterday 😂, Oluwa don do work finish for where you dey, dey shine dey go.

Anniversary Wedding messages in Pidgin English

Do you have couples who wedding anniversary is fast approaching? Why not send them anniversary messages for couple in Pidgin English, especially if they’re from the region that speaks Pidgin language. Take a look at these happy anniversary messages you can send :

Padi me, it’s our anniversary baayi, and I wan take out time to wish you better things for life.

I wan wish you happy anniversary in advance, as dey thing take dey sweet me say this wedding wey we come now now don turn to one year, shoo? Year na for mouth o, my people make God dey lead una union dey go.

Wetin again I go ask God make Em bless me wey Em never give me, see as him carry better man give me, we come dey live happily every after, Joni happy anniversary to us .

See as our life don better, why I no go do shakara? God don decorate our marriage Wella, give us fine children wey no exist other place, we go thank Am forever, happy wedding anniversary to us. When I count wetin God don do for my life, I dey count you twice, Em no do mistake carry out two put together, we go

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Naija wedding anniversary messages

Keep reading these anniversary messages and use them to celebrate the happy moment. Don’t let anything to ruin your day.

Ten years don waka, we still dey dey operate, nobodi Waka, and nobody come go solo, Oluwa we thank your for this fine thing wey you don do for our life, we dey grateful.

Na wetin we go take thank God wey keep us to see our happy marriage anniversary, we no go fail to thank you for things wey you dey do for us.

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We still dey live our life despite everything wey don happen for our life. Plenty things dey shelle, but you dey protect us gidigba, you no throway us, Baba Oshey. Best happy anniversary to us.

Our life keep getting beta sotey na happiness and joy full am, if I wake up check wetin God don do for us my mouth no go fit to talk am, na our wedding anniversary be this ,e come be like wetin happen yesterday because God give us everything we want.

Happy wedding anniversary to me and my personal person.

Tuale for you , my person , I ask Baba God wey bring us join together to keep us now and forever. Amen.

E get wetin I do last year wey sweet me Wella, if Dem give me more time I go still do am again, that na the kind love I have for you. Say I dey with you reach now mean everything for me.

I don do plenty things for this life wey I regret, but na only one thing I do and I no regret am, na em be marrying you. Happy anniversary to us.

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Happy anniversary in Pidgin English is the best way of expressing happiness for an additional year in marriage, birthday or other occasions. Wedding anniversary messages celebrates the union between man and woman, otherwise known as marriage. We took to Pidgin English as a means of sharing this love.

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