Good night prayer messages for him : Have you thought of the best way to send a goodnight wishes across to your man? Well, worry no more. Like you know, wishing someone special in your life good night as he sleeps is sure a good way for him to retire after a stressful day. The messages we have written here you can share as good night prayer messages for him or equally write them down on cards and send across to him as goodnight texts or SMS. Wish you friend, Father, brother or even colleagues at office goodnight. So check out the best good night messages for him .

Good night prayer messages for him

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1.As night draws near, may God draw you close in heart and mind. I shout from the highest mountain for the Glory of God upon you. Rest well.

2. As you sleep, may you wake up to proclaim the wonders of God and tell of His deed to all men.

3. To God who all glory and splendour belongs to. I thank him for making your day special. Sweet Dreams.

4. May Lord make your ways prosper and bring joy to you.

5. Though sun and moon may pass away, God’s word upon you shall come to pass, fear not as you go to sleep. God gatchu.

6. You shall possess within the veil, a life of joy and peace Our Love and praises shall ring hope and joy as you sleep.

7. What a blessed night, a new hope is yours through the love of Jesus. Wake up to your renewed self.

8 . Good night Love, sleep as the heir of His divine love. All honor to Jesus.

9. Through many dangers, toils and snares you experienced during the day, His grace that brought you out will lead you as you sleep, I care about you. I do.

10. As the day fades away, and the night comes at door, may you possess the live of joy and peace. Good night Honey.

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Good night Messages for Him from long distance

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11. I pray you have a cool night, dream of me until you see the rising sun and Angels by your side to lift you as you wake. Guess you will be attracted by these words and rise up soon to be with me. I’m waiting for you my king.

12. May the Angels of the Lord watch over you as you sleep. Thank you for making my day worth it.

13. You deserve every rest you shall be receiving tonight. Keep your soul, spirit and body at rest and do enjoy the rest of the night.

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14. Sleep early, so you can be up on time to face the day activities .

15. I pray you wake up to the brighter side of life as you retire from the heat of the sun. .

16. I have to lie down here with you, because I want to appear in your dream. To keep you accompany there too. Let’s sleep. Do have a blessed night rest.

17. Good night wishes Sir, may Heaven bless you and favor you as you spend your night alone. Amen.

18. God please, preserve my pumpkin, guide his thoughts and rest his mind as he sleeps.

19. I could have wrapped my arms around you and sleep, forgetting the world. But where my hands cannot reach, my sweet good night wishes will, here is wishing you a goodnight rest.

20. Just checking on my baby. To see if he has fallen asleep. Look at you, staring at me. Lol, Honey sleep well and wake up to a beautiful morning.

21. Though I am not there with you, my thoughts and prayers will always be with you. Don’t be scared, my thoughts towards you are of good and not of bad. For you to achieve all that you hope for.

22. You’re one of the most beautiful souls I have ever seen, stay as amazing as you are. Good night.

23. I can only imagine those smiles coming from you as you read this good night messages for you, that’s a good feeling though. Be happy, because you don’t just deserve the world but the best.

24. I thank God for given you a quiet rest and also for His care for you. I plead he make this night safe and sound for you.

25. May this night soothe away stress from you. Thank Jesus for night, so you don’t have to work round the clock.

26. My Love, don’t forget to say some lines of prayers before you sleep.

27. Good night prayers for you my Joy, thank you for taking care of everyone around you. Tonight, may God take absolute care of you.

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How do you like the good night prayer messages for him as written by Somyarriys that you read above? See, the aim is to foster love among people. Sharing good night text and messages is surely one of the best ways to remain in the mind of someone you love. People don’t forget those that showed them love. Love is a universal language, you too can speak it and your friend, partner or even brother as the case maybe will understand.