Nigerian proverbs in Pidgin: Proverb is a short piece of advice expressed in a short sentence. It is a wise way of advising someone. Though most times it takes someone who is smart to decode the area the words of wisdom are pointing to. And then Pidgin is a language spoken in some countries of the world, Nigeria inclusive. Though each country with their own pattern. So today, we have our wise words on counsel by our elders in form of Nigerian pidgin proverbs.

Nigerian pidgin proverbs
Proverbs in Pidgin

Nigerian pidgin English Proverbs

If you’re having difficulty reading and understanding pidgin English proverbs, we will be helping with their translation as we go further.

1.Na where parents dey advise their children, pikin wey no get Mama dey take learn.

Literally, the above pidgin proverbs says, it where other parents are advising their children, a promising orphan learns. It means we should be open to learning at all times. Learn from other people mistakes and don’t wait until it gets to you before learning.

2. Take day time find black goat before night go come.

This Nigeria pidgin proverbs is similar to a popular English proverb that would say, “Make hay while the sun shines” but translating it the way it is ” it says, Look for your black goat during the day and not during the night so it doesn’t mix up with darkness” that’s a good one.

3. Na eyes them dey take know corn wey don ripe.

4. Pikin wey say him Mama no go sleep, him too no go sleep.

The above pidgin proverb says, a child that says his mother won’t sleep, he won’t sleep too. It means when you’re holding someone, you’re equally holding yourself. Keeping someone hostage is the same as keeping yourself in a hostage, that’s another good way to interpret it.

5. Person wey dey for em maternal home die, if em dey with his kinsmen, em go still die.

Basically, it talks about what must be, must be, as we do say it in English language. But relating it to the topic of the day and it’s meaning, it means someone who does in his maternal home, if he stayed behind in his own house, he will still die. A kind of saying some certain things are inevitable.

6. Goat wey escort lion go fish hunting, make him no say if them no see fish, food don ready for lion.

7. No be person wey call police first dey win for case.

8. Soon e go better, na em make Carmel still dey carry kaya reach today baayi.

9. Say lizard dey nod head up and down no mean say everything dey ok for em side.

10. As snake dey carry belle Waka, we no come know dey one wey dey sick and dey one wey normal.

11. Lizard fall from tree look up and down nobody praise am, e begin shake head say if no one praise am em go praise em self.

12. Na woman wey never jam, dey hold breast for hand run.

13. Na student wey pass sabi book but the one wey read, just sabi book.

14 Na wetin you see for goat mouth , na em kill am.

15. My people talk say, rat wey follow lizard enter water, if water dry for lizard body, em own go hard.

16. E get another proverb wey dey sweet me each time I hear am, I go tell you, e say

17. Na as Goat carry stand for market, na so em buyer go take price am.

A common English proverb we can equate to this , is the one that says, you’re address the way you dressed.

18. The world dey small no mean say you go fit trek am.

19. If you say you no like rat meat, no take you teeth share am for children.

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Keep reading pidgin proverbs, the originated from Nigeria.

20. To run mad no be the Koko, na the Waka wey you go Waka be the Koko.

what is Koko in pidgin? Koko simply means the big or major issue. So if I say something is the Koko, that means that stuff is the main issue.

So number 20, is saying, it is easy to run mad but the major problem there is roaming around aimlessly. That is to say, when you want to start any issue, think of the consequences.

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21. Pikin wey dem carry for back no no say Joni far.

22. Person wey chop belle full no sabi hunger.

23. Na same Mama and Papa born Akara and moi moi, wetin separate them na wetin them pass through.

24. Fowl wey run from Abuja go Kogi go still end up for pot of soup.

25. Leg wey dey Waka wamwam, eye wey dey look dey see am.

26. Dem no dey tell person wey no sabi Waka say wan don start.

27. Poor man no dey sitdon for front row in a village meeting.

28. Wetin dey Sokoto dey for shokoto.

29. Person wey wan go Abakliki reach aba see wetin em dey find for Aba, wetin em emwan carry kliki do.

30. Na only when breeze blow, we go see fowl yansh.

31. Wetin old man sitdon see, pikin wey stand for tall tree no go fit see am.

32. No matter how you vex, your vex no fit boil water.

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Are the really funny? I mean the funny Nigerian pidgin proverbs you just read, smiles. Nigerians passes their advice most times like we earlier stated in these forms. You will be able to know the meaning in respect to the event at hand . Keep up with us at somyarriy’s blog for more ogbonge tori wey go sweet you as you dey read and digest am. Ok, bye