Fake Friend Quotes in Pidgin English

Pidgin Quotes about Fake Friends
Fake Friends

Fake Friend Quotes in Pidgin English: This Pidgin quotes will give you an insight on how to throw shades at friends especially the fake friends. Fake Friends exist, they are unfriendly friends in our lists, we have them and at times might take us decades before events that will unfold them will happen.

What is a friend in pidgin English?

In Pidgin language or rather pidgin English, a friend is know as “paddy”. So when you hear someone say my paddy, it simply means my friend. Though sometimes called bestie. Basically my bestie is my paddy and also my friend. In the street, a friend can also mean my person. Someone can walk up to you and call you my person. Same as friend. In making friends it is necessary you recognize their intentions, as this will help you to avoid been hurt.

How do you treat a fake friend in your life? How do you feel when you found out about the fake friend? That feeling of betray will set in, lack of trust will accompany. You will stop feeling secured around the fake friends and guide practically everything about you. You were hurt and don’t want to be hurt again. At times we take it to the extend of avoiding good people in our lives. Just because we don’t know who is who. All these inspires these pidgin quotes about fake friends or Indirect Quotes for fake friends.

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Pidgin English quotes about fake friends

1. Na when a bad friend don chop finish, em dey remember say rain don stop to dey fall.

To explain the above, it is a way of throwing shades to friends in good times and enemies in bad times. The above quote in pidgin means, ” Once a bad friend finished eating, he will remember that rain has stopped falling” That’s once your friend notices that you don’t have enough with you after eating up with you, he will remember to leave.

2. Fake Friends dey Waka with you in the sun and leave you for dark.

The above quotes is similar to the one we had earlier earlier, it talks about shadow leaving one during dark. That’s a friend who sticks around when the going is moving smooth and cool and abandon you when things goes bad.

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3. Plenty times no be say people change na mask wey Dem take cover face fall.

To explain this type of pidgin English, though the proverb comes in English also and it says “sometimes it is not the people that changed but a mask that falls off from them” It is basically about people who pretends and how time unveil their true selves. It is basically an English proverbs but we translated into pidgin English quotes about fake friends.

4. Wetin dey hot dey cool.

This quotes in Pidgin English is a kind of consolation as well, it’s like what what goes up will surely come down. But literally it means whatever that gets hot must surely get cold.

5. Person wey dey close to you fit be your enemy

The above African proverbs talks about friends who turned enemy overnight. It talks about friends who later became stranger to us in this life journey, they exist. We have had people we wish we ever met. But then as much as possible we give them distance so the won’t get to is the second time. Pidgin English will call them frienemy. You can balance your friendship to avoid someone sending fake friend quotes to you 😂

6. No go count your friends wen you no fit count on them.

This one sounds like music lyrics, but hey it says don’t count your friends of you can’t count on them. You don’t need to assume you have got 20 friends but when the need for a friend arises non will be there for you. So the pidgin quotes is advising you to be sure you have a friend before saying so.

7. No dey cross gutter for person wey no fit jump fence for you .

If you have friends friends, check the extend the can go for you before you do everything and get ignored when it’s your time. I am not saying you should do things with expectations, no, but just like the pidgin quotes advises, don’t go about doing big things for people who can’t do small things for you. This is because once you don’t get the little help you need, you will feel used and ignored. It is dangerous for friendship. Learn not to be always at the receiving end in friendships as to avert this.

8. Friend wey want make you better no go wan make you better pass am.

This is to say, despite you guys are friends, there is a limit a fake friend will want you to get to. Hey, they wouldn’t want you to be better than them. They don’t wish you the best of Jobs or marriage. They prefer having the lion share in everything.

9. No be by pretty face and smile.

How you know a real friend is not by their faces or smiles. A good number of friends can laugh with you in your presence and at back make mockery of you. So look beyond beauty when you’re choosing friends. Some people and beautiful in face and ugly at heart. Look out for them and avoid such people entirely for you mental health to be balanced.

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As we proceed, you will be reading how to avoid fake friends. But that will be in our next article, so stay tuned. But then hope you have learnt from this fake friend quotes in Pidgin English we have written above.