Best Street Quotes About Life

Street Quotes about life: These are the quotes that are peculiar to the street. The are the kind of lines we hear everyday in the street, people use these sayings to encourage themselves and others. Generally, life is not easy at times. To some people everything is fine and to most the achieve anything and everything through struggles, but how do you console yourself when you find out things are not working the way you plan?. At times, people reacts to this situation by listening to music but you can also read Street Quotes about life to get body and soul together.

Street quotes about life

Street Quotes about life

1. We came through one way and will only make sense if we keep pushing.

This will only encourage you to keep living and never to look back, it gives you insight that life is a journey and you have to live it with expectations and hope of a better tomorrow. 
Here, our focus should be on what is ahead and not what has gone. So let’s live while pushing.

2. Things will surely come to those who wait but definitely it will be remains from those who hustle.

You need not to stay one place and wait for manners to fall at your feet, it happened only in the old testament. For us in the new era, we are encouraged to work hard and smart. Not to be lazy.

3. To be successful in life, you need training in areas where you are not competent , discipline, hard and smart.

We shouldn’t wait for everything about us to be done by others and then we come for the results. No, we should be able to get up and keep moving until we see the work of our hands prospering and then we become prosperous.

4. Invest in your dreams. Just be positive about everything you try.

The only person you should struggle to better than is the person you where yesterday. You’re trying to achieve your destiny, only you can do that and there’s no competitor when it comes to that.

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Gangster street Quotes about Life

5. Life is a dead end street.

At times in the street you might be wondering , if there’s actually a way out of these life mess, you will get to the end of a road and it seems no way out, but hey chill, there will surely be way out. It’s a matter of time.

6. Take the risk and go for it whether it work for you or not.

Stop been scared. It’s one thing to take risk and fail, it is another thing not to take risk at all. Sometimes, those risk we refused to take turns out well and vice versa. Realizing to live itself is a risk, will enable you to conquer the fear of not trying at all. Stand up and make the move.

7. When you’re brave, life comes as award.

So true, good things smiles at those who made it through. Those who didn’t give up. Hope you will like to be counted among. So, roll those sleeves and put your hands to use.

8. Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.

Surely one of the greatest challenges one can face is letting go of things we ” cherish”. It takes a strong mind to let the good go in anticipation of something “great”.

This is where faith comes in. The Bible in Hebrews 11:1 says : “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. It is important to practice faith as it helps us to achieve great things. Let’s hope and pray. Street quotes about life also involves putting God’s word to practical task.

9.So far so good, that’s a lie.

You don’t have to console yourself with the above statement. See every stage as a stepping stone to the next. Hey, don’t relax. That’s why comfort zone is bad and you need to step up your game. Wear your shoes and keep moving, the best is yet to come. If you are crawling walk and if you are walking run.

10. Life is becoming more scary than before.

Everyday the world seems weird, sometimes it’s as if it hasn’t been that bad. Though it is not supposed to be so. But the society is taking advantage of things meant to improve life to destroy humanity. People are now been more careful than before. The streets are now tight. It’s scary, isn’t it?

Belong to the streets Quotes 

Turn to your neighbor and say neighbor, we belong to the street.  Lol, street life is a free life, you live with no rules and regulations.  Though where rules exist, the people who belongs to the streets will know the rules and sure leave by none.  But then, we are not talking about that touts ways of life. We are talking about life of a decent struggling one..Life of someone full of dreams not necessarily those sleeping under bridges alone. Okay.

11. Street life despite free it’s not easy.

At times one is prone to do things based on environmental influences. So here we have written several belong to the streets quotes showing street Quotes about life.

12. Life will give you what you want from it.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, keep saying it and don’t stop believing. You asked for it, the universe will rally to align everything to your favor but remember don’t stay one place and send the universe errand. It might not go don’t forget.

13.Be careful what you wish for.

In living your life in the street, be sure of what you’re bringing up on yourself. Most important, be careful what you wish, you attract what you wish, have a positive mindset and attitude towards everything and everyone and the universe will work in your favor.

14. Stop been scared and go for it.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. This is because mistakes you made yesterday will be part of your success story tomorrow. You have learnt from them and that’s why you’re hear. Except if someone else did all the works for you, otherwise you can’t run from them. Never give up that the essence of these street Quotes about life.

15. Fortune smiles upon those that rolled their sleeves to work.

You don’t wait for opportunities to come and meet you , you dress up and go for them. The will meet you and then you will be glad you did.

You know what?, I honestly know that street can be jungle at times, but then be street wise. Put your eyes on the ground and get all the details you need to navigate through life. We are here wishing you well and to encourage you with our street Quotes about life. Good luck 👍.

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