Birthday letter for sister from the heart that makes her cry

Birthday letter for sister from the heart : Do you have a sister whose birthday is coming soon? Do you have someone who you regard as a sister though might not be from the same mother celebrating birthday, ok you’re at the right place to get the best birthday lines to celebrate your sister.

Birthday letter for sister from the heart provides the best birthday letters to a sister on her birthday. You will have opportunity to write letters that will make her cry.

Birthday letter for sister from heart
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Birthday Letter for Sister from the Heart that make her cry

1. Happy Birthday to a rare gem

Dear Sister,

Happy birthday to you my sister, having you as a sister has been the best part of my life. On this occasion of your birthday, I took some moments to reflect on how far our lives journey has been. I remember severally moments you stood by us. You fought were necessary. Thank you for the roles you played and still playing to us your younger siblings. We love you Sister.

2. Happy birthday to my sweet sister

My Beloved Sister,

One of the greatest God’s given gift to our family is you. Over the years, you have proven that blood is thicker than water. You have been there for everything member of the family through thick and thin. We appreciate all you do. Here, I am wishing you happy birthday from the heart, I love you more than you can imagine .

3. Happy birthday to my sister with a heart of gold

Dearest Sister,

You needed to see the joy that was in our family the day you were born. We were all happy at the amazing little one God blessed us with and we’re still happy at the woman you have become. watching you grow brought some much joy in our lives, from cradle to kindergarten and then you started nursery and the look at you now, see how big you have grown. Here is wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Happy birthday once more.

4. Happy Birthday to my One in a million Sister

Dearest Chisom,

Celebrating your birthday took me back to memory lanes. I reflect back to the time we spent under moon listening to fairytale from Dad and Uncle. How you would ask questions in-between the story, and everyone will laugh, with Dad telling you to hold on and ” don’t dive with speed” we would laugh once more. Every moment of my lifetime was like an adventure just because I have you in it. I wish you happy birthday Sis.

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Birthday to my sister

5. Happy birthday to my second mother

My Irreplaceable Sister,

You have shown us so much care during and after the exit of our mother, you assumed the roles of a mother seamlessly and has been playing just well, we miss our mother though but I still want to thank you for all you have been doing to make it up to us. I wonder what we would have done without you? Honestly, it won’t have been easy. So on this special day and new year of your life, I pray God to grant you answers to all your secret prayers. May He bless your paths and everything that concerns you. Amen.

6. To my Wonderful Sister and Friend

Dearest Sister,

I ask God for a sister and He blessed me with an angel, happy birthday my angel. Sister, I recall how you showed me love in school, you will hold my hand to cross roads, make sure I didn’t forget my lunch box at home on our way to school. I remember vividly watching you wash and iron our school uniforms together. All these you did without complain knowing your kid sisters strength. Smiles! I love you Sister. Have fun on your birthday.

7. Happy birthday to this great Amazon

My Beautiful Sister,

You always stand strong to the cause you believe in. You don’t let anyone to intimidate you. These traits you used as mechanism to defend us your siblings. We can’t forget in a hurry all the stress we put you through but then you went through all still standing strong like the big sister you’re. I hail you Sis and celebrate you on this Day. I pray the universe to bless you with peace and prosperity. Amen.

8. Congratulations to the most generous sister I know, you dedication to everything has been tasted and trusted. With you as a sister I fear no obstacle. Sister I want you to know that I love you from the depth of my

Happy Birthday Letter to My Sister

9. Happy birthday to a friend turned sister

Sweet Jennifer;

Can you remember how we met? Lol! Funny how two strangers can come close and became inseparable ever after, I recollect how we bumped on each other on our ways to lectures, how you helped pack my bags and then tendered those soft apology words. Instantly I clicked with you and I have no regrets. Knowing you made my stays in the university worth it. We would go to cafeteria, library and read engage with social activities together. It was mad fun with you and I enjoy every aspect of it. I wish you happy birthday to sister from the heart, I celebrate you my sister from another mother. Do have a nice year.

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10. To my beautiful sister, happy birthday

To the most pretty sister ever, I wish you a happy fabulous birthday as you turned 30, I give God glory for the woman you’re becoming. Look at you, @30, you have achieved so much more. You’re really doing great things for yourself and I want you to know that I am so proud of you and love you to the moon and back.

11. I am putting this birthday letter to sister from the heart , to appreciate Chomzy my sister. Congratulations Sister on your new year. It is a rare privilege and I am grateful to God for making you to behold it. May this year bring forth all the good things you have been asking for, because you deserve the best.

12. May you live long to fulfill the goodness of God in the land of the living. See how far God has brought you. You shall achieve amazing things. I love how you take God’s things serious, hence I pray that he bless you immensely. Amen.

13. The most thoughtful being I ever know, thanks for all the care and support. You have been my support system ever since I was born . I am lucky to have you. Because it is your birthday, I will set today outside as work free day .

14. There’s so much to celebrate about you, you lighten every dark area of ones live. You have been celebrating others as much as you can and now we’re setting today outside to mark your wonderful year with you. Sister I wish you know how I love you and cherish you. I am writing this birthday letter for sister from the heart and I pray it gets to you. Do have fun and happy birthday sister.

15. Happy birthday to my kid sister, you’re amazing don’t forget. Thank you for been there wherever I need someone to lean on, just know you’re welcome anytime in my heart. Because you deserve a beautiful place. Hey Sis, all the best.

Hope you will be able to put a smile on the face of your lovely sister with birthday letter for sister from the heart that makes her cry.?

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