Pidgin gospel songs : In Nigeria, people worship God in different ways. Apart from using English language to sing, another general way people sing is using pidgin language. Singing songs with different languages at times spices up the praise and worship section. Singing is a way of propagating the gospel. As you know pidgin comprises of English and several native dialects fused together. So we shall be talking and learning about some Nigeria pidgin gospel songs we can sing.

Pidgin gospel songs

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Take a look at some of the music lyrics in pidgin and see if you can sing any.

1.Wetin I do wey make you love me so.

You died on the cross just because of me,

You’re bigger than what people say and forever you will be my God.


You too dey bless me oo.

Na so you love me.

the above songs excerpt from (Frank Edward)

2. I have a very big God o.

who is always by side, a very big God o.

by my side ,(2ce)

3. Carry me dey go.

Jesus carry me dey go dey go dey go.

4. Everything na double double.(2ce)

Every good thing na double double.

5. I no go suffer

Me i no go suffer,

i no go beg for food.

me i no go suffer eee.

i no go beg for food.

Father miracle.

Na my Papa o.

Lord of miracle.

Na my Mama o

6.Hail my Jesus.


Hail my Jesus.


As you sing along, you can also say these hustlers prayer gently

Best pidgin gospel songs Lyrics

7. We go dey hail

Hail your name.

Day by day.

Alway!!! (X3).

8. Jesus is a winner man (X3)

A winner man , a winner man all the time.

9. Jesus na you be Oga (x2)

Every other God, na so so yeye (x2)

10. Winner ooooo, winner (x2)

Jesus you don win o.


i say you go win forever, winner.

Are you a winner ?

i am a winner in the Lord Jesus (x2)

If you’re a winner I want to see you dancing.

I am a winner and that is why I am dancing.

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Lyrics in Ninja Pidgin Language

These are the trending lyrics in Pidgin.

1.Join me sing Hallelujah

Come and join sing hallelujah

Jehova jireh has done me well.

Come and join me sing Hallelujah.

Jehova nissi has doing me . (Repeat)

2. Take glory Father.


Take glory Son.

Take glory Holy ghost

now and forever more.

3. We conquer satan..


We have conquered demons.

We have conquered principalities and we have conquered powers.

Shout Halle, hallelujah, Halle, hallelujah,.

3. So so wonder

Na so so wonder Jesus dey do (2ce)

He butter my bread, He sugar my tea.o

Na so so wonder Jesus dey do.

Eee, He has done it for me, (2ce)

Eeee, eeee so wonder Jesus dey do.

4. Under the canopy

Under the canopy (2ce) of God

My Saviour will cover me.

Give me security, under the canopy of God.

5. He has done for me (x4)

What my Papa cannot do.

He has done for me.

what my Mama cannot do,

He has done for me.


6.March am march am.

satan don fall for ground ooo

March am march

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7. Everybody look look see what the Lord has done. (2x)

See what the Lord has done.

We don’t stop to give God all the praises, He alone deserves our praise. Worship in any language you understand and be rest assured that he will answer you. In all these, remember, he who sings prays twice. So don’t let your dialect be obstacle to you. Nigeria pidgin gospel songs as we have above, will serve as inspiration. Shalom!!!