Words of wisdom in Pidgin English

Words of wisdom in English
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Words of Wisdom in Pidgin English– is a special gift from God. It is also a rare gift and so not everyone is endowed with it. But that’s the truth.

When words are spoken with wisdom,it takes only a wise man to interpret it. I would say, wisdom is the language of a wise man. A wise man speaks with wisdom.  It sounds somehow right? 

Well,  we all know that someone can be intelligent and not wise. But then wisdom from old has been rated the greatest gift. No wonder that was only the thing King Solomon in the bible asked for. With it you can do other things effectively.

Here , we have taken our time to write some of the popular words of wisdom in Pidgin English that you might like as a seeker of knowledge. 

Words of wisdom in Pidgin English

1. Pesin wey no see food chop for wedding, decorations no dey make sense for em eyes

2. Na wen rain stop, pesin wey carry umbrella go know say na load em carry.

3. Person wey set trap with antelope na em Sabi the kind animal wey em de expect

4. Wetin old man see as em sidon, pikin wey go stan for the tallest tree no fit see am.

5. Pastor wey dey pray for person wey dey mad, no suppose to dey close eyes.

6.  Owl talk say, wetin make em eyes big na dey kind things wey em dey see for nite

7. Hot water wey egg take hard na em potatoes dey take soft.

8. Pack away from my house, no be pack away from this world.

9. Dem dey clap for you no mean say dem like you, na the same clap dem dey take kill mosquito

10. Rice don swell for pot na cooperation wey dey exist between them.

Words of wisdom in pidgin English
Words of wisdom

11. Coconut tok say the journey too far, na em make am  carry water follow body.

12. No matter wetin you dey chop, just remember say belle no dey transparent.

13. Single tree no dey make forest.

14. Person wey hol snuff for hand no fit check time.

15. If we be human being and no come get human feelings, we no be human be again, na animal kingdom we don join be that.

16. No be who first reach market dey sell pass.

17. Man wey bin use moni buy love no dey pay finish.

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18. Traffic way dey vex driver, nah that same traffic dey give gala seller joy.

19. Too much of wisdom nor dey kill person nah foolishness dey kill person kpatakpata.

20. If truth no dey to sell for market, people go begin to dey buy lie.

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21. Rain wey beat you today, fit wash your car tomorrow. No kill yourself.

22. Make I try na so person dey take  fall inside river dey kiaful  on how you wan try life.

23. Wetin money no fit buy no dey come market.

24. Pikin wen wash hand clean go follow elders chop. 

25. If you wan get enemies make friends.

26. Pesin  wey carry hot water put for mouth na em tong go give am results.

As you dey read these our words of wisdom in Pidgin English, hope say the thing dey totori gi. No come forget say words of wisdom go still serve for purpose of proverbs in Pidgin English and motivational quotes in Pidgin English. I kuku say make I remind you, oya, let’s proceed:

27. If giver no kiaful, beggar go first am build house.

28.   Pesin wey no remember  where dey rain start to dey beat am no go fit know where de rain stop to dey beat am.

29.  Fish wey close em mouth , hook no de catch am.

30. Pesin wey his house dey on fire no dey chase rat.

31. Pesin wey dey naked no dey put hand for pocket.

32. No be who first report case to  police station dey win case.

33. Pikin wey say em mama no go sleep, no go sleep too.

34. Work had,work had, you go make am,no be to push truck upandan 4rm morning till nite.

35. Person wey carry artificial teeth dey fear fight.

36. Say I dey hear your yarn, no mean say I dey concur.

37. If you no come like wetin you dey see for your life change the channel.

38. Na mosquito wey never ready to suck blood dey make noise.

39.Until breeze blow, na em wey go see fowl yansh.

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Words of wisdom in Pidgin

40. Fire no fit pass water bon fish.

41. Sugar sweet no mean say dem go use am add to soup.

42. Pikin wey dey learn how to cook soup, dem no dey keep sugar container near am.

43. Pesin wey put sugarcane for house dey invite flies.

44. Kokoroach no fit dey inosaint for where fowl dey.

45. Na sense dem dey take kill rat wey enter inside mould pot.

46. Pikin wey wan wise go wise no be by calling him Solomon.

47. Frog no dey run in vain for afternoon

48. One person no dey hear sound of gun

49. No be the mouth wey them take borrow money, Dem dey take pay.

50.  No mata how hot sun hot, fowl no fit lay hot egg 

51. Boga no fit tell Eba how Banga soup be,

52. Fruit wey don ripe go fall by em self.

53. Pesin wey own money, no suppose spray money for wia em Lender dey.

55. Person wey dey get running stomach no dey fear darkness.

56. You no dey waka anyhow when belle dey worry you.

I greet una specially.

Like this now, I hope say you like our words of wisdom in Pidgin English wey we take time write so.

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If e get anything wey you wan make we help you yarn for pidgin English proverbs or pidgin English quotes you fit to drop am like comment , we go reason am give you. Osheeyy