Wedding anniversary invitation: Have you been wondering how do you write a wedding anniversary invitation message? Well, this is a special way of inviting family and friends to join in your joy as your celebrate additional year in your marriage, otherwise know as your wedding anniversary. These days many marriages are struggling to keep things together, this has been attributed to so many things, some blame it on social media, science and technology others would say is failed parenting that is leading to break ups in marriages, but whatever is the case, congratulations on keeping your union sailing. You can send lovely invitation messages to those whom you want to come around once more and celebrate this special moment with your family.

Wedding anniversary invitation messages
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To some people, it can be your first anniversary, silver or golden anniversaries, this is a period to get the type of wedding that they couldn’t have then maybe due to logistics and unforseen circumstances. As such, they will term it vow renewal, that’s still another amazing way of marking your journey of love. Whether your renewing your vow or marking the anniversary, here we have anniversary invitation messages

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See the best ways to write an anniversary invitation to mark your wedding.

1.Please join my family and I to celebrate God’s purposes in our lives. It’s been 20 solid years of togetherness with my Joy giver. Happy Wedding anniversary to us.

2. All our lives you have been faithful. We started this journey with you. Thank you for how far you have led us, you’re leading us and you will lead us. We appreciate.

3. Come and share in our joy, as we mark one more year of our anniversary. I will tell you this for free, this has been the best part of my life.

4. With joy in our hearts, join us as we renew our wedding vows.

5. We’re inviting you to join us as we celebrate yet another milestone in our journey together.

6. Come and feel our love as we celebrate our anniversary. Love is in the air. This first year of our wedding anniversary has been memorable.

7. Celebrate love, peace and happiness with us as we mark our 3 years of togetherness.

8. I would loved to invite you to our wedding anniversary on 30th August , 2023. Come and witness as we renew our wedding vows.

9. You’re invited to a small party we arranged to celebrate our wedding anniversary come this Sunday.

10. In honour of our 23 years of pure Bliss, we invite you to Eden Garden on Saturday by 6 pm to celebrate God’s goodness in our union. Your prayers and support are welcomed.

25th Wedding Anniversary Messages

Twenty fifth wedding anniversary ceremony is one of the stages couples look forward to. Waoh, having marriage for these years is not easy. They might have passed through obstacles and yet the stood firm and still talk of love. It worth celebrating. 25th anniversary is also known as silver jubilee celebration, so let’s guide you on how to send this 25th anniversary messages.

11. The last twenty five years of our life, we have spent with each, if you turn the hands of time, we will repeat this over and over. It’s a pleasure to have you witness the silver jubilee of our union.

12. One of the greatest gift God has given us is to witness our 25th wedding anniversary in sound health and mind. Come and witness as my husband and I renew our wedding vows.

13. We have been married for 25 years but it seems like yesterday. Together forever we go as you join us to mark this journey on Sunday.

14. By God’s grace we shall have a fun filled evening to mark our 25th wedding anniversary, please join us.

15. We are so glad to celebrate this wedding anniversary with our children, friends and well wishes, we will be glad to have you join .

50th Anniversary Invitation

Are you celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary also known as golden jubilee celebration, well that’s a huge one. A “rare” privilege in this modern age only few couples witness. At times nature takes it course on any of the couples or even both before this joyful date approaches, so you see why I called it a rare opportunity. Again, we say congratulations on this great milestone anniversary from all of us at Somyarriys.

So here, we have these golden messages to invite friends and families to merry with you.

16. We are happy to inform you of our 50th anniversary that will come up on ( ), at ( ), please come with your whole family to witness this day. Thanks.

17. It is a golden anniversary, we will be pleased to have you in attendance. It’s our marriage anniversary once more.

18. Exactly 50 years ago, we tied the knot, it’s been nothing but a fruitful, happy, joyful marriage. Come and join in our anniversary celebration.

19. Such a golden moment is best shared with loved ones and we would be grateful for your present.

20. We would like you to witness our 50th wedding anniversary, come and celebrate with us.



The question of ” what should I write in my anniversary invitation has been answered in our anniversary invitation card samples, you can choose the write up you can relate with to inscribe on cards and send to your lovely family and friends inviting them to your anniversary. Those who witnessed your wedding are rooting for you . They will definitely be happy to see that your marriage didn’t hit the rock. So inviting them to enjoy the love, peace and togetherness in your home is a thing of joy.

21. Be present for a night of love and celebration.

22. God’s grace kept together despite the ups and downs. Join us as we mark yet another beautiful year together.

23. One of the amazing journey of our lives, it’s been 40years of togetherness in love and respect for each other. Join in our celebration of our wedding anniversary.

24. Your present is required as we joyfully celebrate another year of our union.

25. God’s blessings in our lives are obvious.

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From all of us at Somyarriys Blog, be it the first anniversary, 25th anniversary or even 50th wedding anniversary invitation, we say a very big congratulations to you and yours and wish you more blissful years in your marriage.