Friendship anniversary messages: How long have you been in that relationship? Relationship here doesn’t not necessarily mean with another gender, it can be from any gender of course. Having known someone for a period of a year and above and still maintain the same energy deserves some applause. Go ahead and celebrate your friendship Anniversary in any way you wish to do that. This is because few people are lucky to have someone who sticks around through thick and thin. And this is why we took out time to share some lovely and heart touching friendship Anniversary Messages you can send to your friend to mark your anniversary.

Heart touching friendship Anniversary Messages

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1.Your friendship gives me calm and peace, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy friendship Anniversary to us.

2.You’re occupying the most important part of my life, that I won’t let anyone else in.

3. My love for you comes from a place of love in my heart,

4.Through thick and thin I will stand by you without remorse.

5.You are so dependable and reliable, I love you till forever.

6.It’s 10 amazing years since we have known each other, my friendship Anniversary Messages to you is that, we will continue to build this togetherness, I will always have your back no matter where the world stands, my friend, nothing will change the love I have for you.

7. My friend, keep walking beside me, I don’t want you to walk behind me for I may not lead, if you want in front of me I may not meet up with your pace, let’s keep this amazing relationship by walking side by side. Happy friendship Anniversary to us.

8. Welcome to a new year in our friendship, may God keep us to celebrate more beautiful years ahead. Amen.

9. Our friendship has been as old as we are, right from there in the hospital when we were given birth to, all thanks to our parents, on this anniversary of our friendship and birth, I pledge for more support and care. May we have the best of friendship goals.

10. As you can see, not time nor distance can cripple what we shared. Our love for each other it’s from the heart. And as long as our hearts beats, we will continue to be there for each other.

Friendship Anniversary Messages for my best Friend

1.This last year has been the best part of my life, your presence in it made it worth it. A toast to more happy years for us.

2.I don’t know what I would have done without you. You’re the best ever happened to me in this life and I will love you forever and ever.

3.Having you as a friend is immeasurable, I enjoy every moment of my last five years with you. Happy friendship Anniversary to us.

4. Just Like the walls of Jericho, I will be here beside you till eternity.

5.My love for you will never die, our friendship will never fade, thank you for making it to stand the taste of time.

6.Thank you for been someone by my side, I appreciate the hugs you give me when I am wrong and when I am right. More beautiful years for us.

7. You have been more than a friend to me.

8. I am just sitting down here, reminiscing about the season and time of our friendship, the ups and down we scaled through together, I can only but smile. Cheers to a lasting relationship.

9. I want to thank you for been my support system, you’re a friend that sticks closer than siblings, I count myself lucky to have. My Dearest, this is exactly 365 days that we met. Forever to go.

10. Our friendship is the cynosure of all eyes, I can feel the envy when we hold hands and walk down the street together. I promise you, no matter how far you are, it won’t make difference on the love I have for you.

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Friendship Day Quotes

If you have a friendship you value so much, go ahead to mark the anniversary with each other. Thank God for good communication channels, so distance is no longer a barrel in friendship. Though friendship is perceived to last longer than relationship and love, but still not all that started it will end up on a good note. So you see, you have every reason to celebrate your friendship Anniversary.

Friendship Anniversary text
Friendship day quotes

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I am enjoying my life journey because I have you in it. Happy friendship Anniversary My love.

One of the greatest gift that I am pleased to have is you. You compliment me in every aspect and I appreciate our friendship.

For not betraying the trust I have in you, I will cherish our best friends goals till forever.

The only thing that is keeps me going is our friendship. You’re the best.

You’re my life most valuable treasure.

Staying far from each other doesn’t change the fact that we once stayed side by side and will meet again.

Truly, real friends are like plants with slow growth, we keep pushing.

According to a popular saying, “if a friendship lasts longer than seven years”, Physiologists says, it will last forever. How long is your friendship? Do you see it lasting forever? You know the answers to these questions depends solely on how you nurtured it. Hence the reason for this article on friendship Anniversary Messages you can share with your dear friends. Keep in mind that a good , thoughtful and sweet messages means alot. Keep visiting somyarriys ‘s blog for more updates on friendship and relationships.