Best Nigerian Wedding Cake Designs

Best Nigerian wedding cake designs

Best Nigerian Wedding Cake Designs: Are you planning for your wedding or you want to surprise someone on his or her wedding day? Are you thinking of the best cake for your wedding, or you’re looking for a beautiful cake to present to your loved one on his or her wedding day, worry less, we have here several wedding cakes designs that you would like for a wedding. Best Nigerian wedding cake designs presents the best pictures of cakes you can choose from not only for your wedding, you can also consider same for other great celebrations like birthday, wedding anniversary and others.

As you proceed, you will also see Nigerian traditional wedding cake designs.

Simple wedding cake designs in nigeria

What type of cake is best for a wedding cake?hen planing a wedding, you may want to try chocolate, caramel and others. Red velvet cake is not a bad idea as a wedding cake, quite a good number of people loves cake. But coming by public demand and the most widely accepted cake for wedding, consider using vanilla cakes. But I will say simple wedding cake designs in Nigerian comes mainly as vanilla. That’s what makes it simple. We still have other cakes like carrot, banana, pineapple, butterscotch cakes etc.

Wedding cake designs
Best Nigerian wedding cake designs

Best wedding cake designs

Having these 3 layered wedding cake pictures in different colors gives you almost everything you may want from cake designs.

Wedding anniversary cake

3 tier cake
Purple wedding cake
Best Nigerian wedding cake designs
White wedding cake

Like you will see below, that though a wedding cakes is mostly three tier but it is not the standard for wedding cakes. Choose what you want, you can see from the above two tier cake that it serves for the purpose also. The cake is simple and Classy with the lovely rose flowers on it.

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5 tier wedding cake

What do you say when you see a gigantic wedding cake? Waoh, this is beautiful 5 tier wedding cake picture.

2 tier wedding cake

Best layers for wedding cake designs

The best layer for wedding cake designs is 3 tiered layers. This is widely adopted and it seems bakers globally maintains this as the best standard for wedding cakes. Though this practice is not compulsory, at times people go for what the want and what is necessarily in vogue. And that is still ok.

I tier wedding cake

After deciding on the layer or layers of the cake to be baked, another important factor to be considered is the color of the cake, although this is achieved with the help of icing sugar. But in other to do this, you need to check for the event color of the day. Work with the couples color of the day , as this will help to add beauty to the decorations and subsequently brightens the wedding day. Nigerian wedding cake designs has been about size, layers, and color. As Nigerians are conscious of the colors of the day on their wedding day.

White wedding cake
Purple cakes for wedding
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Cake Designs
flowered cake
3 tier cake
1-tier cake
1 tier cake

That everyone chooses to do three layers of cake for their wedding doesn’t mean you can’t do otherwise. Do what you’re comfortable with. It’s your wedding, don’t put yourself under pressure based on what old movies shows of wedding cakes.

1 tier wedding cake
Beautiful cake for wedding anniversary
Best wedding cake
Best wedding cake pictures

Nigerian traditional wedding cake designs

Nigeria is a country that comprises of over 240 ethnic groups. This can be seen in visual everything about this country. Starting from their foods, religion, dance, language and events.

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In baking best Nigerian wedding cake, apart from cakes meant for the white wedding, when you’re baking traditional Nigerian wedding cake, first thing to consider is the origin, and it is mostly the state of the bride. In the cake designs, some artifacts from that region are captured in the wedding cake designs. For the people of Igbo land, stuffs like kola, red caps, beads, calabash jugs and cups are put into consideration. Artifacts that are applicable to other regions are also considered in theirs.

Nigeria traditional wedding cake
Igbo traditional wedding cakes

Typical wedding cakes from the south eastern part of Nigeria, showing the traditional Igbo caps, beads, garden eggs and kola with calabash on top. By the way, just like bottles harbours wine, in Igbo land wine are poured inside calabash. And calabash is a special kind of fruit gotten from a tree that grows mostly in typical rain forest. It is fragile in nature and must be handled with carefulness as a broken one with wine inside in Igbo land signifies a bad omen. I know this much because I am from this great region.

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Igbo wedding cake
Traditional wedding cake
Igbo wedding cake designs
Igbo traditional wedding cake
Nigerian traditional wedding cake designs
Traditional cake

A typical Benin wedding cake designs

Jar cake picture

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Remember to put into consideration why ordering for the cake ideas, the color, design and even the flavor that you want. The color might be based on the color of the day. The flavor, you can go for what you like. How many steps and other designs of the cake boils down on your pocket.

How do you like your wedding cake to look like,? Hope you have seen one to go for in this best Nigerian wedding cake designs above. Meanwhile, we wish you happy married life ahead. Congratulations as we look forward to you coming back to pick wedding anniversary cake here.