Short prayer for the elderly – Prayer for Senior Citizens

Short prayer for senior citizens
Prayer in Church

Short prayer for the elderly : Growing old is a natural phenomena. That is to say it doesn’t require human input. It is the dream of everyone to get old. Nobody wants to die young. We all wish to live forever. It is the dream of every creature to live to old age, quite a good number of people will attend to this stage of life. But getting old is one thing and been old in good health is another thing. The latter is the prayer of every soul. Have you ever said prayer about getting old? Do you fear old age? I ask because I have seen couple of people that said they don’t want to get old. They’re scared of old age. But our prayers should be to get old in good health and sound mind. We have written short prayer for the elderly people to help you ask for what you require of Him in your old age.

Recently we have the transhumanist  , who are strongly working on promoting man’s longevity. But they are not going to stop people from adding years, ” getting older” but they’re are going to help humanity achieve old age in good and healthy Conditions. So as science is doing their own, we have to call on our Maker to help us by saying these short prayer for the elders we have here; join us let’s pray for senior citizens.

Short prayer for the elderly

Put senior citizens in our society in prayers. Tell God to strengthen them. Give them wisdom to be able to lead the young generation right.

Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom” Psalm 90:12.

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1. Father it is your wish that your children will live and grow old on earth before joining you to reign in your kingdom. Grant we pray that we may age gracefully. Amen.

2. As the day goes by, I realized how close nature has drawn us to our graves. And then I realized how I wish to live longer on earth. Then I pray God to give us strong health to enable us navigate our old age peacefully.

3. Old age is my wish, heavenly father l prayer for your daughter here, may she stay and get to 150 years and above. Make her another Methuselah of our generation. I am making this short prayer for the elders through Christ your Son. Amen.

4. I pray to get old and see my great grand children. I look forward to that moment I will be surrounded by a community of my offspring, who will gather to seek for knowledge from their Granny, and then I will tell them story of great people that have lived in the past. Blessed me with long life to achieve these and more. Amen.

5.  Dearest God, please teach me to live and grow gracefully. Help me to realize that there is nothing wrong with one retiring from active service. Father give me the strength to understand that at a point my opinions will not count , may I keep living in peace with everyone in my community. Amen.

6. Make me to understand that old age is a blessing so I don’t grumble when it comes. Help me to live at peace with family and friends so they don’t isolate me because of my behavior. Guide me to lead and behavior as an elder when the time comes. Amen.

7. God, may your son not be an elder that will be there and support evil, my prayer about getting old is that we will be an old man or woman who everyone will come to tap knowledge from. Those who are old shall not be wanting in knowledge, good health and will not lack what to eat even as they have taken a bow from active services. Amen

8. Isaiah 46:4,   And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. 

You see, from the above scripture you shouldn’t have fear for old age, God is there to carry you and deliver you. Fear not. We keep praying for our senior citizens in the society.

9. Dear God, thank you for allowing me to live another wonderful year. I am grateful for the beautiful sun and other creations. I am grateful for how far you have brought me. Despite at times I forget to proclaim and thank you. I am overjoyed by the wonder around me. Be with me as I continue this journey. Hear my prayer about getting old and grant me beautiful years ahead. Amen.

Short prayers for the elderly
Church prayer

Short prayer for senior citizens 

Who are the senior citizens in our society?  Senior citizens are the adults We have in our midst. Once one gets to the age of retirement, the person is qualified to be a senior citizen. Sometimes they are also known as elders or state man. Hope you realize the importance of saying short prayer for the elderly citizens as often as you can.

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This is because their jobs are not done. A book is not closed until it is finished. Older have quite a good number of roles to play in the society. They are here to guide and direct their youths , ensuring the didn’t thread  the wrong paths by enlightening them on the dangers and implications of their actions. These advice they give based on their own experience. So you see, the roles of older people cannot be overemphasized. So take out time and say short prayer for the adults or prayer for the old people in our society.

I. God I thank you for the gift of parents. Especially mine. I am grateful for how long you have kept them. For protecting them all these years against the evil ones. I am grateful.

2. I am grateful for the gift of wonderful parents. For these years they have been by my side. I am sorry for all the pains I caused you. You’re amazing and I pray you continue to age gracefully. 

3. You’re aging in strong health and sound mine. And I am praying for God to bless you to see you great grand children. It will be fun having you around when the time comes. May God bless and sanctify you. Amen.

4. God is indeed faithful to His words. He has given long life. You’re aging in love and kindness. I pray God to keep you and provide for us to be able to cater for you in these your old ages. Amen.

5. I am grateful I still have my older ones around. Happy they have turned to people of wisdom and that’s why I am praying these short prayer for the older ones using them as point of contact to others. May you continue to live long. Diseases associated with old age will not be your portion. You shall aged gracefully. And on your dieing day, God will call you home peacefully.

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6. God I thank you for the life and wisdom you have given our older parents. May you continue to be their guide, strength and inspiration. Amen

7. Lord, I present my older loved ones to you, I pray the grow not only in age but in relationship with you till the very end. Amen.

Wisdom belongs to the aged people and understanding to the old. Job 12:12

8. For us who are taken care of them, grant us the wisdom, patience, resources and strength to take care of them just the way they used their youthful years to nurture us. Amen.

I pray after all the struggles on earth we shall make heaven when the time comes. Amen .

And for the loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord, may Almighty God forgives their short comings and grant them everlasting life. Amen

Don’t forget to always say short prayers for the older in our society. Prayer works, it gives them the strength the need to carry on with life.

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