30+ Classy Low Cut Hairstyles for Nigerian Guys

Haircut for black guys
Low haircut

Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys: How often do you cut your hair? Hairstyles plays a vital role in determining the outward appearance of an individual. Getting your hair cut to desired style gives one a clean look and boasts ones confident . Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys will give you the best hairstyles not just for Nigerians but suitable for black guys.

Black men have a very rich choice when it comes to haircuts. Starting from traditional length, short, medium and even long hair ( afro and locs) hairstyles. This is because there hair offers a stylish and low maintenance look.

How often do you cut your hair?

Ideally, quite a good number of Nigerian guys prefers to cut their hairs weekly, especially weekends. This is to enable them start a new week looking clean and we’ll kept. Who wouldn’t want to look good on a new week? Getting a clean male low cut hairstyles makes a guy to look charming. It gives guys that look of ladies man. Of course, everyone loves to be with someone who is neat.

Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys

The above hair is cropped and trimmed to perfection. The small line up here emphasis on the neatness of this haircut.

Types of low cut hairstyles for guys

Getting the best type of hairstyle depends on several factors. Most times barbing salon in most regions have catalogue showing different low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys. This system has been on for long. But been in the advent of internet, that’s why we are here, to give you the best image you can take to salon. So as a guy you need to consider the following before choosing the style;

Tape fade low cut hairstyles

The Shape of your face : Your facial built plays a vital role on the type of hair you should consider getting. People with round face, oval face etc checks for the best male hairstyles here;

Black men hairstyles

cute hairstyles that you can’t resist.

Mohawk hairstyles

Hey! guys, take a look at these fabulous low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys and of course every black guy out there.

1.Round cut hairstyles for black guys

Hairstyles for black guys
Short fade

How about choosing a hairstyles that suits your look, matching your facial built thereby bringing your face out. You will surely look great by going out there with what suits you.

Fade haircut with braided buns
Fade haircut with braided bun

You may be wondering what is low cut Fade, right?. Oh okay, Low cut fades is one of the best low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys, it gives them that sharp and neat look. The back and two sides of the head are cut very low, compared to the upper front. Sometimes this style is mistaken to be round cut.

Lowcut hairstyles for Nigerian guys
Low cut.

This is good for guys looking for something trendy and neat.

Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys
Low cut fades

Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys
low cut with lines

Haircut for officers
Neat haircut

3. High fade haircut

Fade haircut with curls
Fade haircut with curls
Messy haircut for black guys
Fine hair style

4. Waves. Spot-on waves has been one of the oldest but yet cute hairstyles for black guys. It makes them to appear neat and attractive.

Lowcut wave hairstyles

Best hairstyles for black men

Low cut hairstyles with waves
low cut hairstyles

5. Short styles with finger wave.

Short hair styles with finger wave

Hairstyles for black guys

6. Ivy league

Lowcut hairstyles for black guys

Ivy league hairstyles

Sportsmen seems so be comfortable with the above styles .

7. Short buzz haircut

Short buzz haircut

8. Afro fade. This kind of hairstyle in Nigeria is also known as old school. Afro fade is great for black guys who don’t want to go off hair and who prefers much hair. It is one of the cheapest hairstyles to maintain. Footballers prefers this type as it prevents their head from coming in contact with the ball.

Coolest hair color for black guys with dyed hair.

Afro hairstyles

Having a thick hair and don’t know how to cut it can be stressing at times. Try twisting your hair, grow them and apply some dye. Applying bleach to hair is not a bad idea as long as it suits your working environment. Short dread with bleach brightens ones look and make it looks more cool and unique.

Bleached haircut for dark guys
Bleached haircut.

Dyed haircut
Dyed hair with messy curls

Low cut hairstyles for black men

9. Crew Cut fade hairstyles : Crew cut fade hairstyles gives you that daring and gentleman vibes you’re craving for. It is a soft perm and clean low cut hairstyles.

10. Frohawk hairstyles for black men: Getting a modern haircut for men usually entails a lot of texture and contrast, as every man wants a good hairdo. Sometimes hairs are cut in a way that it makes statement. Frohawk hairstyles comes in form of afro , with hair at back and front sides making it to look like hawk, hence the name, frohawk.

Frohawk hairstyles for black guys
Frohawk hairstyles

Low cut twisted hairstyles for men. If you’re looking for messy and trendy lowcut hairstyles for black men, then consider these messy lowcut twisted hairstyles for men.

Best hairstyles for black guys

11. Fade buzz haircut

The best low cut for guys with beards, here we take a look at the best styles guys who keeps their beards can go for. Once you’re keeping beards you don’t just go for any hairstyle.

12. Skin fade haircut for men

Skin fades for black guys
Skin fade.

Guys who shaves their beards to be disconnected from their hairs tends to prefer skin fades hairstyles. And guess what? Skin fades fits well, it suits them and make them cynosure of all eyes. This is one of the most low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys any day.

Skin fades hairstyles

See best lowcut hairstyles for black girls

See afro haircut styles for guys.

Dread locs styles for men

Low cut and braided buns
Low cut+ Braided buns
Low cut with dreads

By default, blacks guys all over the world are naturally blessed with thick kinky hair, this gives the several options you saw above as to how they can cut and style their hairs. These days people are easily recognized based on their haircuts, one can tell their profession. Low cut hairstyles for Nigerian guys presents haircut styles suitable for officers, sportsman and entertainers. Don’t worry about best hairstyles for children, we will cover that in our next post, so the above options are solid for black guys looking for best haircuts. keep visiting our site.