Time heals all wounds quotes

Time heals
Time heals

Time heals all wounds; Having you been facing  challenges lately? You might be passing through stuff that you don’t know how to go about it, something you don’t know who to talk to. You might be facing that life threatening situation without knowing what to do, the purpose of this post is to remind you that there’s no problem without solution. You will also understand that at times, it is only time that you need to come out from that ugly situation, just know it that time heals all wounds no matter the degree.

Due to life challenges, someone asked ” is it true that time heals all wounds?”,  well to answer that , yes, it does, time heals. The period of sadness, sorrow, depression, anxiety, worries, disappointment will come to pass as the day goes by. It means as the day goes by, ones level of grievances reduces gradually until one is completely out of grief as the case maybe. So basically time plays a vital role in healing. 

Here we have;

Time heals.

Time heals all wounds.

Time heals all wounds quotes.

They say time heals

You’re on the road of recovery from whatever it is that is troubling your soul, time says it heals “all” wounds and yours won’t be exception. Take note of the word “all” , you see, your troubles are captured in what they say time heals, give it time then;

Time heals all wounds quotes

You maybe trying to figure it out all alone without solution, don’t kill yourself over it, hold on time heals.

To that situation that seems to be the end of the road, you may have looked left, right and left again,still the road doesn’t seem clear for you to pass, hold on, time heals and then the road will be clear. You will pass safely.

It may be irreconcilable difference as you might see it now, give it time, you will start seeing reasons why it has to be you, you will understand why it happened and then you will be fine, time heals, with time you will be out from it.

No matter how deep, time heals all wounds, all you need to do is to Start each day with grateful heart and watch how you will become well again.

Silence is the major key of healing, to that wound, give it time and space, time heals.

Don’t stress over anything, your goal should be how to be genuinely happy because you have your life with you, you life was not taken away from you, everything that borders you will heal with time.

They say time heals

You might have seen yourself in situation where after voicing out your mind about something and then a voice from nowhere will tell you to be patience and give it time, they say time heals all wounds and that’s true, it does. I will tell you;

Time truly heals all wounds,

For someone mourning, during the moment of grief, it might seem there is no way you will let go of dead family member, at times we can’t imagine our lives without them, we sleep and wake up to cry, we loss appetite during these moments,  friends will tell us to take heart, they say time heals, with time, gradually we will come out from grief and then we start appreciating those memories we created with them, we can now talk about those moments though with mixed feelings, but not to be compared with the pains at the initial stage, we didn’t forget them but time has healed our wounded hearts.

Time heals

Coming out from a broken relationship is another sad scenario that seems unending, but they say time heals, yes, with time, you let go of those memories you shared , with time, you meet that one person who won’t break your heart again, you’re healed, you let someone else in because time heals.

Time heals all wounds Original Quotes

Time heals all wounds was first used by a Greek Poet Menander who lived during 300 B.C, the original time heals quote is ” time is the healer of all necessary evil”

Time heals all wounds can be said to be time hem hurt, a time doth hem cure.

Keep believing and keep hope alive. You didn’t do anything wrong, don’t give up, one day everything will definitely fall into place for you. You don’t have to be afraid. Tears don’t last always. There is definitely light at the end of that tunnel. We all have been there before, it take the brave to come out strong and I know you’re one of us. You’re doing just fine. Hang in there.

As you healing process advances, I wish you quick and speedy recovery but don’t forget time will heals all wounds, yes, time heals.

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