Powerful healing prayers for loved ones

Powerful healing prayers for loved ones – When someone who is sick knows how much you love him or her, that alone is a healing process. If your loved one is sick, keep them in your prayers, let them know you’re praying for them, you can do it by sharing some of our lovely prayers with them.

You can visit them and pray for them with these our short prayers for a sick loved one. But where distance or work schedule cannot permit you to do so, pick up your phone and send them a quick recovery messages. They will feel relieved knowing they’re not in that situation alone, they will be happy knowing you have their backs.

In this prayer section, we shall be praying for:

Powerful healing Prayer for loved ones

Prayer for a sick friend

Powerful healing prayers upon a sister.

Special prayers for a sick brother.


Let’s keep showing love to our loved ones, especially they sick ones, love is what can heal our world and make it a better place.

Below is our powerful prayer for a loved one.


Powerful healing Prayer for loved ones.

1. I pray for healing upon my loved ones that are sick, whatever the illness is ,I don’t know, but God I know that you’re a  Doctor who has never lost a patient. Send your Angels to encourage all that are sick at this moment. I need you to perform miracles in their lives. I pray you grant answers to my prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.

2. James 5:15 says the prayer of the faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. God’s promise are timeless. I therefore ask for divine healing upon all my loved ones that are sick at this moment. May you all receive healings. Amen.

3. God I commit your daughter/son in to your able hands. Only You oh Lord can heal . I call upon your name this hour to heal him/her and take all the Glory. This and more I pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

4. Eternal Father, you word says our body is your temple. We agreed to this and therefore we call on you to heal our sick friend. Free him/her from this affliction. Glory be to your name. Amen.

5. We present your daughter/son who is sick to you. Strengthen your healing hands upon him /her. Whatever it is that is the cause of this sickness only you know Lord. Take this sickness ways from my friend. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

6. By your stripes oh Jesus we are healed. May this your promise manifest in the life of my sick friend and all that are sick. Amen.

7. This sickness shall not be unto death oh Lord. I pray for divine healing upon my friend. Amen.

8. Only You can tell the cause of this sickness. oh God and only You can cure this sickness and it’s root cause. I present your child to you . Heal him. Amen.

9. God protect your child from this sickness. Put a smile once again in his face. Protect him from the plans of the wicked ones. Take all the Glory. Amen.

10. I pray God to destroy every form of sickness in your life. Sickness shall not hold you down. Nothing will stop your shine. May you rise once again and reflect God’s Glory. Amen.

Prayer for a sick friend

1. Father you created us. You know every cell of our body, by this hour I present my friend who is sick to you for you to cure her and take all the Glory. Whatever part that is weak and not functioning well, whatever that is lacking in her system, greatest Physician I call upon you to heal her and we shall return all thanks to you. Amen.

Powerful healing prayers for  loved ones
Sculpture hands

2. God, if it your son’s sinful nature that caused him to be down like this. God I plead for mercy on his behalf. Show him mercy. Amen.

3. To my sick friend, I pray for showers of God’s healing upon you. I pray that you will be set free by God to enjoy His awesomeness once more. Amen.

4. I pray for the healing of my beloved friend, let her health be restored back in Jesus mighty name I pray . Amen.

5. Dear Saint Anthony, you have helped those who invoked you. I fervently pray for my sick friend. I beg you obtain the gift of healing for him, let his pains be ease and may he find strength to offer praise and thanksgiving to the Lord in union with the passion of Christ. Amen.

6. God I whisper my prayers into your ears that you heal my friend from these sufferings. Amen.

7. I humbly ask that your glorious miracles befall my friend through Christ our Lord. Amen.

8. God is greater than all your fears, He will give you the grace you need to stand firm. Amen.

Powerful healing prayers upon a sister

If you have a sister who is not feeling fine, you can share in their pains by encouraging them. Let her know the sickness shall not be unto death. Remind her God’s word. For the bible says ” By his stripes we are healed” . Tell her God is still in the miracle of healing people. You can share this short prayers with her.

1. God I present my beloved sister who is not feeling fine to you, please God come and heal my sister, Amen.

2. Let the weak say I am strong, sister you’re strong in the name of Jesus. I cancel evey arrow of sickness that is pointing at you. I return them back to the bottomless pit. Amen.

3. My beloved sister, whatever it is that is not of God in you I pray God to take it out. Amen. May God set you free because His word says he who the son of man has set free is free indeed. Because God is aware of you case. You’re free. Amen.

4. God I present my sister to you, please fill her being with strong health, happiness, love and faith. Amen.

5. Lord you’re the only answer to her problems, I ask you attend to them all through Christ our Lord. Amen.

6. God my  shepherd, saviour and healer. Please take charge of my sister’s life, strengthen her mind, body and soul. Forgive her sins and perfect her healings. Amen.

7. God may I be a source of strength to all who are sick, I am using my sister as point of contact.

Powerful healing prayers upon a sister
Holding hands

Special prayers for a sick brother

A powerful prayer for loved ones can be to a sick brother. 

Isaiah 41:13 says for the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying to you ” Fear not , I will help you” . May God come to you aid. Amen.

Brother, your help doesn’t come from man, it comes from God. As you lift up your eyes to the hills, Jehova that loves you will heal you. Amen.

Father you’re the answer to my Brother’s problem, please come and take your place and manifest yourself in his life . Amen.

God I know you don’t like what this sickness is doing to my brother, I trust you will heal my brother, that you would have compassion and bestow life to all sick persons out there. I put my trust in you Oh! Lord.

I thank you for the healing upon my brother. I am grateful that his healing is permanent and that affliction shall not rise again in Jesus name.

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Always say powerful healing prayers for loved ones, it keeps them going. Makes the weak ones among us stronger.