Best Goodnight Prayer Messages For Her

Goodnight prayer for her
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Goodnight prayer messages for her – Getting the best messages to send across to those we love at night seems difficult at times. This is because we retire from the day’s work tired, we have little or no strength to come up with some night wishes. But here we thought of helping you to get those perfect words you may want to use. And that’s why we have written goodnight prayer for her here ;

Here, you will find;

Long good night messages for her.

Simple good night messages for her

Goodnight prayer messages for her.

Goodnight prayer messages for her

The day is over and night is here, sleep sound and wake up healthy to embrace a new day. Good night my Love.

May God watch over you while you’re awake and protect you when you sleep. Have a goodnight rest .

God, you’re the bestower of the great reward, I present your daughter to you tonight, cleanse and bless her I humbly pray. Amen.

Forgive her so that your mercy can restore her, O Lord, take upon you her care, that she may reach her mystic ways. I pray through Christ our Lord . Amen.

Dear God, May you bring forth to my Friend, life and light as she wakes to see the brightness of tomorrow’s morning. Amen.

With every sincerity and love, May the Lord raise you with the morning sun. Go forth and achieve your purpose in all that you do. Have a great night.

You have been set free from every bars of sleepless night. Hasten with joy to a new dawn. You will wake up to the day of fruitfulness my love.

Blessings of this sacred day shall never pass you by, I pray thee, O Lord, to grant unto my Joy, all that she desire. Amen.

May the Lord come forth to you as you sleep, you shall wake up to sing His song of victory. Amen.

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God shall pour His dew on your dryness. He will wash the stains of guilt away and will guide you from going astray. Goodnight my lover.

May you wake up to victory awaiting, grace and strength to do amazing, exceedingly and abundantly, all the days of your life.

Spirit of God will blow to your greatness, He will comfort you in your down moment. Amen. Have a sweet dreams.

You’re only allowed to sleep peacefully to wake up refreshed and strong for a better day.

Long GoodNight Messages for her

You can send these good night messages for her, send good morning texts and good night texts as often as possible to the one you love. Make it a memorable night with words.

Having toiled all through the sun, I hope you find rest under the moon, may you have a night free from worries. Sleep sound and do have a blessed night my love.

You shall triumph from the darkness of the night, may you find solace in the midst of woes. Your good shall not turn to evil. That’s my goodnight messages for you.

No matter how deep the pain of the day hurts, sleep well and don’t let anything bother you because tomorrow will surely be a blessed day.

All your efforts shall yield good fruits, you have toiled all through the day, I hope for a blissful night.

Sleep tight my Pumpkin, tomorrow is going to be a great day because the banners of darkness has been unfurled. You shall look to the shining sun.

Tonight shall be spotless and fair, empire of failure has been destroyed, you shall rule your world through Christ. Amen

The day is over, night is here, shine bright like diamond, sleep tight like the baby you’re. Wake up to a brand new day and give thanks for the gift of life.

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Simple good night messages for her

Simple goodnight messages for her
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Sweetie, sleep like the baby you’re. Love you.

I would have loved to spend the whole day and pause the night, but I don’t have super power, the night is here, do have a good one.

You’re my special gift I look forward to having every morning. Don’t forget.

Let the angels be beside you while you sleep. Sweet dreams my heart.

I wish to hold you in my arms, look you straight to the eyes and tell you I love .

Every night is peaceful, do have a beautiful night tonight

I am lost in this night and wish you were near.

I love you always, dream of me.

Looking forward to seeing your pretty face tomorrow, bye.

My night is chill, how about yours?

Don’t miss me so much, morning is here already

I understand the power of simple goodnight prayer messages, it soothes stress and makes one more relaxed, coming up with the above text , is a thing of joy. We are glad we have contributed in your happiness.

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Goodnight prayer messages for her will leave her with a sense of love and care. The messages will come as a witness to your love for her. It will leave her with a desire to love you more and the courage to keep the love burning despite the ups and down. Let love lead.