First Pregnancy Announcement Messages To Family

First Pregnancy Announcement Messages to family and friends – Every family looks forward to the addition of a bundle of joy once it is discovered that the woman is pregnant. This is a happy moment in a family. Pregnancy announcement is of course, done by the wife, sure, because she’s the one carrying the baby in her womb. So she feels the signs and will definitely be the one whose samples will be used to ascertain the results. Getting pregnant for the first time comes with a lot of feelings. But then of good. The pregnant lady will be excited and can’t wait to share the good news. First Pregnancy Announcement Messages to family and friends should come unexpectedly to anyone you’re sending it to.

First Pregnancy Announcement Messages

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How do you announce your first pregnancy to your family and friends? . In doing this at times , it becomes difficult as to the best option to choose, you don’t know how people will react to it. Though it will be a happy moment, but then, you really want to take everyone by surprise. So we will give you a clue on first pregnancy announcement messages.

First Pregnancy announcement messages to family

Are you planning to announce your first pregnancy to your husband , well, we have to choose from some romantic ways of doing this. Most times placards are used, with beautiful words of pregnancy revelations inscribed, such as:

Guess who is going to be a father?

Just to let you know we’re some months closer to meeting the newest member of our family.

Oh my God, we are super happy, we want to let you know that our family of two will soon be three.

We have a life in us. We are so lucky to have been this blessed.

When two becomes three, we are happy for this update.

Our joy is coming .

In seven months time, we are going to meet someone for the first time and we will leave with her forever.

Hello everyone,

We’re so excited to announce that our little miracle will be arriving in June.

It time we let the world knows, for long we don’t know if we would ever going to make this announcement, but here we are, there are no words good enough to describe the joy, gratitude and peace we have, knowing we are going to be parents soon.

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Great News!!

With God on our side, we’re going to be holding our child’s physical hands by July.

Here we go, since everything went good today, I have an announcement, John and I are now about to enter the world of parenthood🤰🏽. It was so unexpected that we didn’t believe it at first but we couldn’t be more happier at this point in time. We’re pregnant

After all the trials & hard times we had together and before we met with pregnancy troubles we have been blessed to have this experience together Mommy & Daddy can’t wait to meet you miracle baby Say hello to the new addition to the our Family .

Pregnancy announcement messages to friends

You can actually invite your friends to announce to them that you’re expecting a baby. It will give them joy that you deemed it for to consider them. Everyone wants to share in joy and happiness. Pregnancy is a thing of joy that deserves all the positive energy it can get.

We are excited as we wait for the arrival of our first child this month.

For the first time, I am going to be called Mom.

Some good news,. you’re looking at the next Daddy just in a couple of days.

I am currently 20 weeks and 6 days Mommy & Daddy Can’t wait to meet you, our little one, we love you so much already!!

At last, we spent 5 years waiting for this moment, I’m aware of how hard it can be to see a pregnancy announcement. To all trying to conceive mothers, know that I see you & I’m praying for you!

Trust God, his timing is always perfect! I Can’t wait to share my nine months journey with you all! Thanks for reading my first pregnancy announcement messages.

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Funny pregnancy announcement messages and text

Our love cycle is expanding .

We can’t wait to meet our new pumpkin .

We want to inform you all about our decision to expand our family.

Our blue jet is on its way.

Some good news, we can’t wait any longer to meet our first fruit.

We have been keeping a secret for a while now some of you know, most of you don’t. But my husband and I figured it’s about time we post on our social media platforms, this year we are adding a special somebody to the family November 2024 baby number 1 will be arriving!!

We hid it well and can’t hide no more, some of you are right, we’re pregnant.

This is our first pregnancy announcement and we are glad to let you in.

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My husband and I fell pregnant last two months, put us in prayer as we await the coming of our first fruit in seven months time.

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Pregnancy Announcement Messages

The best is on its way.

I am happy to announce to you guys that my wife and I will be having our first child come December. And it’s going to be a boy!!

We are half way done as of today, and so happy to announce our first pregnancy.

Looking for pregnancy announcement ideas? We have got you the best ideas

  1. You can use a good photo of your family and give it a good caption that reveals the good news.
  2. If you have gotten a sonogram, you can put it up to giving it a heading like, ” we can’t wait” ” Soon be plus one” ” The family is growing”
  3. Several creative videos can be used, you can edit to your desire.
  4. Taking pregnancy shoots and displaying, is also another way of showing off your baby bump to announcing your pregnancy .
  5. How about creating a pregnancy announcement with a pun.
  6. Test result showing positive pregnancy is also a beautiful way
  7. Put up an ultrasound result with a caption that reads, “It’s a …!”, this is also a way of revealing the gender of the child.
  8. Posting a pregnancy announcement messages without attaching any other thing, is also a good way of letting family and friends into your joy.

Pregnancy Announcement ideas depends on how creative you intend to go with the whole concept.

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Now you have clue on how to announce pregnancy to friends and family, especially if it is your first. I can tell you it will be a happy, joyful and a day full of memories in your family. First Pregnancy Announcement Messages to family and friends are received with excitement. It’s a memory they all have been waiting to create. Good a thing they finally did.