Impacts of Social Media in the Society

Impacts of Social Media in the Society – Social media comprises of different software applications that enable easy and quick interaction among people. These interactions can be inform of sharing videos, conversations, audios, texts and chatting etc. Some of the social media applications that are popular in the society today are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, Badoo,Email, Zoom etc.

Impacts of Social media to the society
Social media network
These software Applications known as Apps for short has contributed alot in all areas of human existence since there inventions. There contributions to human development cannot be over emphasized. The have helped in making human existence comfortable through it interactive nature. A lot of problems has been solved through these platforms. Problem ranging from health, communications, history archiving, sports and lots more.

Impacts of Social media to the society

Some of the areas where social media has played significant roles are:
Health Sector
There are several Apps one can use to get directive for first aid, others offers instant replies from professionals to clients before the patients arrival to hospitals. Also, the can be use in following up patients after they have been discharged from hospitals. These days some Apps are used in checking blood pressure and tracking health results that are uploaded online. Some health workers also offers quality aids to their colleagues in the sector through live videos and instant messengers.  Some of them can also be used to set reminders of medicals appointments. Truly some many deaths has been averted because of Social Media.
For sports Development
Social media impacts in the development of sports cannot be underrated, viewers can now stream sports online. In the past a lot of people missed their favorites sports due to electricity failures, lack of television and work schedule. But these days with the invention of social Media, people can stream any sport of their choice, both live and replay matches using mobile phones at their convenient time and place as the case maybe.
In communication Fields
Journalist can now report first hand  events live from the scene of occurrence, and it will get to their numerous viewers instantly. Communication is a lot easier now than what we have before. Video calls, teleconference, meeting using video enabled Apps are now possible. Different forms of communications now exist. It has also help to reunite people with lost contacts. People can now reach out to friends they ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to meet again through some social media Apps. Meetings can now hold with people from any country without them travelling to meet at a spot as it used to be.
Archival Purpose
Social media has played a huge role in this area. Information can now be archived in different platforms and can easily be referenced to. One can go back to some medias in search of events that happened long time ago and still find them intact. With these Apps,  history can be preserved.
For information storage and backups
Good number of people now use social media as means of backups and a means of storage of information resources. These the upload on their different timelines of social media Apps. Storing such information there will help them to free the limited spaces of their storage devices. As information stored or backup on these platforms are cloud enabled, and as such will still exist after you have deleted it from the devices used in getting such media information(e.g deleting a picture you snapped or obtained with your phone will not delete the copy of the picture already uploaded on any social media platform).So social media can equally serve as a means of storage.
In Business
Businesmen are now using social media for advertisement. They upload their goods and information about the services they render and get customers from different areas. Sometimes they pay for advertisements other times they dont, all they do is to subscribe with their network providers and get themselves online. People sell goods online and have them delivered to the buyers in real life. Most businessmen only run online stores these days.
As a tracking device
Social media has helped in saving some situations that would have otherwise ended up been disastrous. From saving good number of people from kidnappers den to providing help to people in life treating situations such as accident scenes (auto crash, fire incidents) and other emergencies. Some Apps are with location tracking chips that once one is online his or her location is known. Also when he goes offline, from his or her last location, the person’s whereabout can be traced.
Some people who are trapped in accident scenes like fire, autocrash or any other form of accident can quickly get the help the desire from the right source once the news is uploaded online.
Business owners can track the delivery of theirs goods online. Orders placed on courier services can be monitored using social media dedicated to it. All you do is to put down the tracking Identity number given to you by the company you did the way bill with, after expected time of delivery, you can log on their Apps to ascertain if the item has reached designated location or not. It makes it easy on the side of the sender and receiver.
Also travellers can book, reschedule their tickets using social media. And information can equally be given to travellers using same medium. Information such as cancellation of flights and other changes that might develop.  Passengers booked for seats from the comfort of their homes and offices, ahead of their journeys and their seats will be reserved. This is a very good development especially in this era of corona virus where overcrowding is been managed. It reduces stress on staff and also help for easy checking of security in parks, airports, seaport, railway stations and bus stops around the globe
Although there are some problems that are associated with social media with those that do illegal stuffs with it, but the merits derived from these platforms cannot be overemphasized.
Technology has improved tremendously over the years, especially in 21st Century, emerging powerful applications developed and some are been developed and all is to enhance comfort in the society.