How well do you know Abuja, Capital City

How well do you know Abuja? Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located in the  Federal Capital Territory(FCT).  FCT is Located in the North Central region of the country.

How well do you know Abuja, the capital city
Paddling canoe
Abuja indigenes are known as Gbagyi. They are great farmers and hunters. Also they  produce beautiful portraits.
Some Places in Abuja
Major places in Abuja are;
Garki is located at the heart of Abuja , it is quite a residential and a business area. It is divided into Areas namely Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, Area 7, Area 8,  Area 10, Area 11 and then Garki 2
Wuse is both residential and business area. Most offices are cited there unlike Garki, Ministries,  Agencies, NGOs, hotels,market,schools etc are common here. It is easy to navigate. Wuse is divided into Zones, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, and Wuse 2.
Seen as the most expensive place to live in Abuja. Most rich businessmen, diplomats, politicians and celebrities live in this area.
Also this is where the Presidential Villa is located.
Just like Maitama, houses rich people and there businesses. It has an extension known as Asokoro extension and houses there are affordable to people of low income.
Gwarinpa, well known as the largest Estate in West African. It is also expensive to own a house or to live in Gwarinpa. Though it has an extension known as Gwarinpa village where houses are cheaper.
Kubwa is located some kilometers from main places in Abuja, houses are relatively cheap in this area. It is more of a residential area. NYSC camp is located here.
 Well known because it has mechanic workshop in a place called mechanic village. It is where most Abuja residents go when they want to fix their cars.
Gudu has a market that is into spare parts of cars. That’s the most popular thing about it. Also the presence of some gardens.
Close to Gudu, mostly residential area.
Popularly known because almost all the transport companies built their parks there
Some people will say what Ajegunle is to Lagos ,is what Nyanya is to Abuja.
It is quite a busy place to visit in Abuja, with businesses and residents all most of equal degree and that is one of the reasons for the heavy traffic people do experience in Nyanya.
Lokogoma is equally  more of a residential area with several estates.
Just like Lokogoma, It is a residential area, One of the most popular estates in Abuja known as Suncity is located here
One of the oldest estates in Abuja known as Prince and Princess and also the popular Games village are situated here.
It is mainly a residential area.
Aiport road
Airport road comprises of
Karon Magiji, Kuchigoro, Piwoyi, Chika, Aeita,Gosa, (all regarded as villages) and Lugbe
The mostly residential areas.
Other places are
Mabushi, Gishiri etc
Border between Niger and FCT lies the popular mountain called Zuma rock.
Close to presidential villa is also another great landmark in form of rock known as Aso rock.
Exercise and Relaxation/Recreational Centers.
There are beautiful places one can go to for site relaxation and recreation in Abuja. Lots of beautiful gardens and parks, like Millennium park located within Maitama Area of the city, Diplomat park located in a serene environment of Area 1,
And the popular wonderland ,known now as magic land which is located beside City gate, off airport road Abuja.
Also Park and Zoo, located close to Aso rock, in Maitama. It has several interesting animals like lion, cobra, monkey, tortoise, peacock, ostrich, hyena, goat, horse etc. It has a river though not for swimming and  some recreational equipments for mostly Children.
There is a National Stadium, named Moshood Abiola National stadium,Abuja,  that is located in the heart of Abuja, just close to the City gate.
Most popular markets in Abuja are Wuse market and Garki market. Both markets sells similar commodities such as food items, clothes, electrical gadgets, office tools, educational materials etc.
In UTC, a well know mini market located in Area 10 of  Garki Abuja, most of  paper works and other computer related designs are done there. Printing of brochures, fliers, flexs, journals are obtainable in UTC market.
For those that loves fish, you can get it at good rate in Abuja by going to Kado fish market. Kado is located after Life camp.
Another market know as Karmo market is a market that deal mainly with fairly used (okirika) clothes, shoes and bags. Karmo market is located after Kado, the market days are every Tuesdays and Fridays. Matketers opens bales of clothes ,shoes and bags on the said days. Food items are equally available though in minimal quantities
Off airport road is another market where people go to buy food items. The market is known as Gosa Market. Food items tends to be cheaper there this is because farmers bring food items directly from there farmers and make it available to both wholesalers, retailers and consumers.
Nyanya market is another popular market where you can get almost everything.
Abuja interesting city to live in Nigeria. It is noise free unlike most cities in the country.
How well do you know Abuja, capital city.
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