How to Solve the Problem of Unemployment in Nigeria

How to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria : Unemployment exist when a person who is willing and ready to work but have no work available to do. There are several known factors that can cause this problem  in a given nation. Some of the causes in Nigeria are listed below and we prefer solutions to them.

Some of the causes of unemployment in Nigeria are:
In Nigeria, starting a company is capital intensive. The processes one needs to pass through is not encouraging. After checking these processes, some individuals that may want to start one will be seriously discouraged.
Again apart from the long process involved, at times there’s delay in the process.

A lot of industries in Nigeria are not functioning, so many of them closed due to government policies that are unfavorable. Example excess TAX and other charges.
Some are not functioning due to lack of basic amenities like road and electricity that will encourage production, storage and supplies. Yes, some of them makes use of diesel. But you discover at the long run they will be running the business at loss. At times the have no other alternative than to lay off some staffs. Others if care is not taken might seal up.
Over Population is another major concern in regard to unemployment in our country. As the population keeps increasing everyday without making resources  available, the effect is what we are talking about in this article.
What then is the way out? That’s the purpose of this article. Keep reading.

Ability of government and individuals who are capable to create enabling ground that can absorb the teeming population of her unemployed youths will go a long way in solving this menace.
How to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria are Listed below.  
1. Ease of Company/Business Registration. 
a. To this effect, government show review laws that will allow for easy registration of companies and business names in Nigeria.  Registration should be made easy and smooth.  That will encourage people to establish companies, thereby recruiting people into their industries.
b. Also duration of company registration processes should be minimized, so it won’t take time for a registered company to obtain license.
They should also encourage a fast system to this effect, we are in digital age, the should make use of technologies as a means of registration.
c. Business and company registration fees should be affordable for all. It should be such that after doing it, a business man can equally have some funds to set up the said business and be able to expand easily at the long run.
2. Government should establish factories
 Government should establish factories in other to absorb the teeming population of unemployed youths.
Existing  industries that are not working should be fixed.  In  Nigeria, there are several  abandoned  industries.  Government should look into it and do the necessary things.  Youths that can work here are available and ready. Get factories working and employe them.  Funds to manage such places can be generated from there instead of leaving those structures in bad states, why we have unemployed youths roaming the streets of our Country.
Industries that can processes raw materials into finished products should be encouraged to function.  This will enable and promote individuals to stand on their own.
3. Government should support existing companies  by giving loans and grants 
Government agencies and Non-governmental Organizations should  encourage Companies by giving them loans,  incentives, and grants.  Also loans should  be given with minimal or no  interest. This will promote investment and attract  investors to business. Companies with enough resources can easily expand, giving room for employment of more hands.
4. Training and Retraining of business owners 
There is need for business owners to attend trainings, as this will enable personal development that is capable of improving business.  The aim of these trainings is to give rise to business  establishment and expansion.  In these trainings,  trainees are exposed to new ideas,  new technologies that will promote easy of doing business thereby increasing output. Once output keeps increasing business owners will definitely go for more capable hands.
How to solve the  problem of unemployment in Nigeria
5. Skill Acquisition and Empowerment
There is need for skill acquisition and empowerment of the youths.  Skills such as sewing,  hair dressing,  fishing,  carpentry, shoe making,  tailoring and others.  Youths should be train on these skills and empower at the end of the training.  Several  unemployed youths can be self employed through these means.
6. Population Control 
A good way of reducing this menace is through population control.  In a developing nation like Nigeria,  there is need to watch and control how our population grows.  It will help in the management and distribution of  scarce resources.  In Nigeria for instance,  if the population is not controlled,  unemployment will keep rising and this will cause more  harm to the economy. There is need to encourage people to give birth to the number of children they can train.
Again,  issue of migration should be checked.  The nation should not allow population it can’t cater for into the nation. This will reduce and control over population which is dangerous to the employment sectors.
Census should be taken periodically,  as this will enable government to plan their budget well to provide and accommodate as many as possible and also to know how to work for the future in view.
7. Promotion of Local Contents 
In order to reduce the level of unemployment in Nigeria,  there is need to promote indigenous companies and local content producers.  Government should enhance policies that will encourage exportation of our produce.
Regulatory bodies should also assist to make sure that produced goods meet up to international and local standards.  This will boast economy thereby reducing unemployment as more hands will be needed in production processes.
8. Provision/Maintenance of Basic Amenities 
Basic amenities like good roads,  electricity,  and water should be made available,  as these will encourage entrepreneurs to employ more hands
9. Improvement in Agricultural Sectors 
Nigeria is blessed with fertile land,  improving and investing in Agriculture will improve employment of youths.  Youths can be engaged in fish farming,  horticulture,  livestock rearing and other agricultural practices.
10. Retirement 
Retirement is another factor  to be considered when trying to solve the problem of unemployment  in Nigeria.  When people retire as at when due,  it will enable  the sector to absorb more people. This reduces the level of job hunters are they are called in our society.
Finally after been unemployed and you’re called for interview,  you can prepare using f guide lines from our article here How to prepare for interview
How to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria
In our next article we shall discuss the effects of unemployment in the society. We shall be talking about several factors that can result from these.  Keep visiting our sites for updates.
Above,  we have discussed how to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria,  with hope that the government will implement these and more in order to solve this problem that has eaten deep in our society.
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