Causes of Breakup in Relationships

Causes of breakup in Relationship
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Causes of breakup in relationship – Relationship failure can be attributed to a good number of things. Though at times relationships might not meant to be. Relationship dies a natural death when one or both partners are no longer interested in it.

Causes of breakup in relationships

Some of the well know factors that leads to  causes of  breakups in relationships are..
1. Lack of Communication
When communication in relationships becomes one sided, then the relationship is prone to breakup. The partner that keeping on with the communication will at a stage become tired and may decide to let the other partner to be. This affects relationships a lot. Some partners may claim to be busy within those periods.
2. Lack of Understanding
When a partner finds it difficult to understand his or her partner, it leads to issues in relationships. It takes understanding to keep a relationship. Understanding includes studying and knowing the mood of your partner, things that makes them happy or sad.  You should know the choive of words to use on your partner and as well both partners should understand each others love language. Having in mind the we are all raised from different backgrounds also helps in keeping a relationship.
3. Lack of trust
Relationships suffers from trust most times. Relationship that is moving well, once there is trust issue it is difficult for such relationship to survive. Some of the causes of lack of trust include lies, infidelity, insecurity in most cases. It is really difficult for one to regain trust once lost. It takes a lot of self discipline and determination to gain a lost trust. Most partners finds it difficult to continue with a relationship without trust. At times the issue that led to distrust might be used against the partner, some can endure while others might decide to take a walk.
A relationship that is built on lies remains faulty until amended. A lot of people believe that lying to someone will make it easier for them to get through to the person. But at the long run when the truth gradually comes out, not everyone can stand be in such relationship.
5.Third party
Most people don’t realize that it is not everything that works for someone will definitely work for them. Like the saying goes relationship does not have formula. People should chose what works for them. Allowing a third party access to your relationship most times ruins it.
6. Lack of Common Goals
When you work with someone who you share common goals with, you will tend to go far in everything. Same is applicable in relationships. Nothing pass having a partner with whom you share visions with.
 7. Comparing your relationship with others.
Comparing your relationship with others is surely a faster way to kill a relationship. Nobody wants to be compare with other. We are all unique and as such love to be treated individually. Comparing a partner with maybe an ex will definitely make the partner to feel inferior. Most people can discontinue with a relationship once it gets to this level.
8. Referring to ones past.
People open up to their partners on trust. They sometimes exposed secrets they have sworn that they will take to grave to their partners. What happens at the long run will leave most partners with no choice other than to back off. Sometimes it seems like ones partner is waiting for the day an issue will rise up, then you see him or her spilling all they know about the partner. In most cases it is always on the negative side. Some will even go to the extend of shouting it to the hearings of third parties available. This act will definitely kill the spirit of the partner. The might be ashamed to walk again in the neighborhood, go to work or even market because they might become the cynosure of all eyes. The only alternative might be to walk away from the toxic relationship if care is not taken.
It is advisable to be with someone you share the same vision with. That is to say be with someone with your same “mental disorder”. A good number of people can take common jokes as a big deal, if you end up been in relationship with such person ,that means for every word you want to say, you would have to weigh it before saying it. This is to avoid provoking the partner that doesn’t find jokes funny. So it is one of the causes of breakup in relationships.
It is difficult when you’re the playful type and you find yourself in such relationship. Nothing will seem normal to you again, if care is not taken you might start nagging just because you want to be treated well.
But then no gender loves someone that nags. This might be marking the end of that beautiful relationship both of you have been sharing.
Study who you’re dealing with to be  sure you have the same vibes unless you can cope.  But then you should enjoy relationship and not manage it.
Nothing beats a friendly relationship.
Causes of breakups in relationships
Couple at sunset
Other causes of breakup in relationship and how to keep relationships will be available in our next post
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