How to dress to a wedding

How to dress to a wedding_ What to wear to a wedding as guest – Are you looking for dress to wear to wedding? Getting a suitable outfit to wear to a wedding can be stressful at times. Even the couples who are celebrating find it difficult at times to settle with a particular outfit. Starting from getting a good material, deciding on the tailor that will sew the clothes, deciding on which designer to go for in the case of already made clothes to meeting up with the colour of the Day in most cases. Sometimes guests are mostly faced with the problem of choosing a designer outfit  or buying materials so a tailor can put it together for them. In most cases a lot of people prefer to go for the latter, as it will enable them to stand out .

How to dress to a wedding as a guest

Though these days in Africa  mostly, the problem of what to wear to events has been drastically reduced on the side of the guest. As most celebrants buys enough materials for guests and sell it to them at  a cost. The materials are nicknamed “Aso ebi” or ” Asebi’ materials. Some times also, celebrants will show picture of the sample material to the guest who in turn will go to the market themselves and get the materials. Well to do celebrants in most cases gives out the materials without collecting money.  The guest will only be faced with the problem of getting a good tailor who will give him or her a unique outfit. At times it will be just material for caps or head tie.
Not just the clothes and clothing materials, getting accessories that will go well with the clothes is also a challenge. Stuffs like necklace, rings, ear rings, head ties, bangles,wristwatch, bags and even shoes. Knowing when to exceed the required number of fashion colours to avoid what is known as color riots or color blockages. Which at times been taken to media for analysis by some programs such as fashion police. To avoid making wrong fashion statement, one needs to plan well before attending events, not just wedding receptions.

Whatever be the case, we are here to help you plan on how best to get yourself ready for a wedding and look good at the same time. We will show you some elegant styles. And also some materials you can make clothes with, ranging from velvets, crepe, Chiffon ,Lace, Sequins and Anakara materials. We will also show you how to combine different materials to achieve a desired outfits.

Dresses to wear to wedding

For weddings in Africa, the first material that with always come to mind is Lace material. Lace material ranges from different prices depending on the quality of the material. There are baby lace, dry lace, stone lace and others. Lace material can be sow as gown, tie as wrapper or as skirt and blouse.
Lace material
These days velvets materials are back invoke. These material was initially neglected because it seems carpenter people use it in making chair fabrics. The big girls left it in the hands of carpenters. But guess what? Velvet is back! Yes, and people combine it these days with different materials. You can combine it with chiffon material, lace material or even lacara or crepe materials and it will come out well.
Velvet Dress
This is one material that has come to stay, it can serve for several purposes. Either for official functions or for other occasions. Crepe materials can be used to sew fitted gowns, jumpsuits, skirt and blouse, free gowns and what have you. The nature of the material made it suitable for almost all functions. It is always available in many colors, mostly bright colours and rarely absorbs stains. These days most people go for the material.
4. Seqins
Similar to lace material, it can be used to sew anything and everything a lace material can sew and more. It appears a little bit finer than most lace materials. These days brides use this material as after wedding clothes. They sew it or buy the already made of it for their wedding receptions. It can be styled in different forms.


5. Chiffon
Chiffon materials are very light, as such can’t be used to sew as many styles as others. People normally use it to sew bubu gowns, that’s free and long gowns. And then some lovely tops. It can also be used to combine with Velvet, yes! It comes out well when you do. People normally go with it to events during heat period, because it is light.


6. Ankara
Ankara originated  from Africa , hence it is commonly used in this region for traditional events such as wedding, burial, naming ceremony, iwa akwa, iri ji etc. It comes with different designs peculiar to different countries.
It comes in six yards from the manufacturers and then can be cut to the users or buyers specifications
It can be tie as wrapper, sew as gown, blouse, skirts, shorts, trousers, jumpsuits etc.
Ankara Dress
As you are looking for the perfect material to wear for events, remember also to look for the perfect shoes and bags and other accessories that will go well with the outfit in view. Also put the color in consideration.
Are you having in mind to attend any wedding, this can help you as a guide to know what to wear. Also don’t forget to put into consideration the host’s color of the day. This is very important with some hosts as the feel if you are not in the desired color you want to make nonsense of their events. Now you have seen how to dress to wedding.