My heart belongs to you messages and quotes

My heart belongs to you messages and quotes: My heart belongs to you my love. Take my heart, my soul, and everything within me. I live for you. I will love you over and over again. Loving you is all I wanna do.  I will love you forever. With you by my side I search no more.  See what we have here on somyarriys for my heart belongs to you messages and quotes.

Short Love SMS to my Heart beat.
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My heart belongs to you messages and quotes.
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My heart belongs to you SMS messages

See best my heart belongs to you SMS messages you can use as texts  messages and you can also share with your loved ones on their post on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
1. You’re everything I prayed and hoped for.  I don’t want to live without you.
2. l bless the day that you were born. I celebrate you my world.
3.I can’t live without you, in a world of uncertainty, I am sure of you sweetheart.
4. You’re the sugar in my tea, the air that I breath.
5. You’re the Angel that I see, my personal person.
6. Words can’t describe what you mean to me. I can’t tag a label to you my love. Because you mean everything to me. You are my universe.
7. You’re the reason for my entire existence.
8. The next time I see you, I will hug you
9.  You’re my king, I am glad I belong to you kingdom. Long live you my king.
10. Loving you is no mistake , can not do without you. I will love you over and over again
11. I am glad that our parts crossed. If I am to choose again, I will still choose you.
13. I will love you forever, thank you for choosing me
14.  Love =You+Me
15. My heart beats each time I wake up with you by my side. I don’t want it to stop beating, I will be with you till eternity.
16. Come to my dream if you can and I will kiss you there. Good night love.
17. I  can’t find a new way to say it , I love you
18. Just a reminder of how I love you
19. I am yours forever
20.  I think of you in a million way and I love you in each . I am happy doing this.
21. I want to be curled up in your arms right away and then I will sleep like a baby
22. Just so you know I am madly in love with you. I don’t wish to cure this madness. I want it more.
23. I wish to be there with you. Where my hand can’t reach my heart reaches.
24. Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you. I care
25. Just to let you know I am thinking about you just like every seconds.
26. I am so completely in love with you, nothing less.
27. I love been married just because of you. And I will marry you over and over again. I am glad you said I Do
28. I won’t give up on you just because I love you.I will keep loving all sides of you the ugly, the good and the bad. I will proudly do.
29. I cannot resist the love I have for you. You’re irresistible. And I am liking it.
30. Thinking of you always my special one. Count think less of you sweetheart
31. Loving you bring me peace and joy.
32. I am happy to share my life with you
33. Good morning beautiful, I love you.
34. Just like a virus, you have infected me with your love.
35. I can keep you forever,because I know that I love you.
36.  Knowing that you and I exist at this moment is enough for me.
37. Missing you and looking forward to seeing you.
38.My love for you is eternal. No man can comprehend, our love has been ordained before we were created.
39. I rose in love with you. I want nothing less.
40. I love you without pride or problem.
41. I love you not only because of what you are but because of what I am when I am with you.
42. Your happiness means so much to me.
43. I have recognized myself in you.
44. You’re everything to me.
I can’t love you less and that’s while I have written these my heart belongs to you messages and quotes just you know I care.

Best Heart beats  messages 

45. I love you for the part of me you bring out
46. I love you in this way because I don’t know another way of loving you.
47. With everything in me, I love everything about you.
48. You’re my entire existence
49. I do everything I do just because I love you
50. There is nothing I love more than you.
51. You’re the sugar in my tea. I will go places with you.
52. You’re the apple of my eyes, you my testimony. You’re evidence of what I hoped for.
53. You’re the air that I breath. My heart, soul and body belongs to you
54. You’re my personal person. I don’t want to be in this with world with any other.
55. I don’t want a world without you. With you I will conquer the world.
56. I bless the womb that gave birth to you. I will love you forever.
57. I love you to the moon and back. You’re the source of my happiness.
58. I derive joy I can’t equate with anything from you
59. I want to show you how much you mean to me always.
60. You’re my king. Thank you’re for making me your queen. May your reign in my heart last till infinity.
61. I love the way you cuddle and kiss me. Sending kisses.
62. Make my heart your home Darling. You’re welcome anytime
63. Our love is immeasurable.
64. Its you and me
65. I promise never to lie to you , break your heart or do whatever that will hurt you.
66. There is no mountain I won’t climb because of you. I will be there for you through the ups and down of life. And I will celebrate the victory with you.
67. I will jump any fence for your sake, I will conquer the world for you.
68. I will do anything for you. Anything.
69. You are my dearest one
70. I hope you know I will never hurt you
71. What I feel for you is real.
72. Thank you for standing with me in every moment
73. You fill my life with light.
74. Without doubt ,I love you
75. You bring so much love to me.
76. You lift me up and hold me down.
77. Counting each second until we are together again. Looking forward to hugging you.
78. You are the only one that makes me happy.
79. To me you’re perfect. I love this version of you. It makes our love compatible.
80. Loving you is no mistake. I will keep loving you forever
81. You’re my moon, sun and stars. My galaxy is you my Love.
82. It can’t be better without you. I need you.
83. Just because of my love for you, I have am now a poet.
84. Search no more for the perfect guy,I am here.
85. Call me the right one for you, I will always answer you.
86. Stay more amazing ever than before. You’re awesome, you look amazing. I love you
87. I have unexplainable passion for you, my love.
88. I will be your superman forever.
89. My sincere feeling and affection I offer you.
90. Everyday I need more of your love.
91. I can be your super guy if you give me chance
92. Thought of you brings joy to my soul. My heart beats for you.
93. I will soothe your pains away  just give me chance.
94. You motivate my existence and that why my heart beats for you.
95. Trying to find out between waking beside you and sleeping beside you, please come back I want to figure it all out.
96. You’re the true definition of beauty
97. You have bewitched my body and soul and I love you forever.
98. All I want to do right now is to reciprocate your love for me, but then I don’t know where to start from
99. I don’t ever wish to live without you.
100. I love you so much, you cant hear or watch it but you can only feel it.
I won’t get tires of writing my heart belongs to you messages and quotes for the rest of my life.

My heart belongs to you Short SMS

It feels good when you fall in love with the right partner and it makes sense when you remain in love. Been in love is one thing and sustaining that love is another thing. From these post, you will learn things to do and say that will make your relationship to last forever. I love you” is sweet and romantic, it can melt hearts. But then there are other words one can use to spice up relationship. Beautiful  my heart belongs to you Short SMS;
– I will never cast you away because you’re mine.
–  Undeniable is my connection with you, unbelievable is how much I love you and unbreakable is the bond that we have formed with each other. Have a blessed day.
– I love to see your face filled with joy. Your smile lifts  my heart.
 I love to see you blossom.
–  My love, what a journey it has been, it’s been a blessing knowing you and to love you.
– In every situation whether good,bad or ugly you can always count on me.
I want you to know that until my last breath I will love you forever.
 My imagination is occupied by your thoughts, my heart beats for you. I am glad I will be spending the rest of my life with you. I fill fulfilled knowing you’re mine.
–  My love, you’re my heart beat, just as the clock ticks, my heart will forever beat for you.
 I may not have it all, but I am glad I have you, and you mean everything to me. So I have it all. You’re my all.
 I will share with you my love, joy, happiness, the ups and down, my secret I will trust you with. Our love journey is going to be an adventure, I will document each in my heart to treasure them for the rest of my life.
  My love, our lives starts the moment we met, so you see I will bring with me nothing from your past.
 I give you my heart ,I am certain you will guard it my guardian Angel. I love you.
My heart that I put in your care, I trust we will forever remain in this love journey. I will joyful follow you all through.
We hope you’re enjoying my heart belongs to you messages and quotes we have written just the way we’re enjoying it here.
My heart belongs to you messages and quotes.

Short Love SMS to my Heart beat

Let your loved one know how much you love him or her. Your love will feel good hearing those reassuring words from you. You can wake them up by sending lovely short love SMS to my heart beat.
. Your smile brightens my day.
. I want to reassure you that I am wholeheartedly committed to this journey.
. You’re my love, my teammate and the one for me.
. I have a special void in my heart that I haven’t been able to fill no matter how hard I try, until I met you its gone.
. I truly believe that this is going to be a lifetime of beautiful moments.
. My joy the frequency of my heart beat, I want to spend every second and minute with you.
. I love you with every thing I have got.
. Who wouldn’t love a wonderful personality like you.
. Our love will be forever.
. You give me joy, peace and you make my life worth living
. You’re my prayer answered my favorite person.
  1. . I can’t stop thinking about you. Your memory occupies my mind every now and then. Thank you for loving me too much.
Keep the fire in your relationship burning with these our my heart belongs to you messages and quotes.

My heart belongs to you messages and quotes is a beautiful way to express love to the love of your life. Let’s show love and not just preaching us. Been there for each other and encouraging one another is a beautiful thing. Send these lovely my heart belongs to you messages to them. We trust the will like it.