Morning Prayer in Pidgin English

Morning prayer in Pidgin English: You can communicate with God through any language of your choice. He created all languages and as such understands all. That’s why we have taken out time to write morning prayer in Pidgin English. You can pray with any Pidgin language of your choice, be it Nigerian Pidgin English or any other.

No be only morning prayer in Pidgin English you go see here read, if you go down small, I no say make you go down, ok, if you Waka dey read dey go you jam where we write our Lord’s prayer in Pidgin English. Oya !

Let’s pray early morning prayer in Pidgin English.

Morning prayer in Pidgin English
Morning Prayer

Make we thank God for waking us up in pidgin language:

1. Baba God I thank you say you wake us up from sleep as we sleep, we tuale for you.

2. As we don sleep come wake up with beta bodi, Baba wey dey up we throw salute.

3. On top say I sleep and wake up gidigba ,I say God thanks Sir.

4. As I wan comot today, I pray make God follow me comot, anything wey I put my hand make Him bless am.

5. Everything I put my hand go work,  God go open doors for me, meself go be a billionaire, Amen and Amin.

6. Papa God I pray this morning say where other go and them no make am if I go I go make am . Amen.

7. Make no power stop wetin God don prepare for me . Amen.

8. God I wan thank you specially as you take wake my family, friends and I from sleep, e no easy to sleep and wake up.

9. God no go shame is as we go out and come back in peace.

10. The enemies no go take us do anything, anywhere wey them gather with our names , God go scatter them patapata.

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11. We no go die, we go live to fulfill the reason wey God take create us.

12. Witches and wizards wey talk say we no go make am, God go surprise them and give us victory.

13. God go on cinema in the presence of our enemies, na better table for breakfast, lunch and dinner Him go prepare for us, And no power go fit stop am.

14. As them dey take chain hold dog wey wan run mad, na so you hol us tight make we for no go astray, wetin we go give you to show appreciation na em I no no, na only praise I Sabi and na em make me dey worship you like this. Imela.

15. Oluwa say we dey here no mean say wey better pass those ones wey don show for there, e no mean say we deserve to still dey here y dem dey dia, no na your mercy you keep dey hold us here. We thank you.

16. God wey get action pass all Em children join together, we thank you for waking us to see this ogbonge day wey you create.

17. Oluwa we thank you say u no allow make hunger wire us before you dey provide for us.

18. Baba wey dey provide for Him children na Em we go worship, Baba Osheeyy.

19. As anoda day don break, no let us Waka for road wen road wan suck blood and wen e wan eat flesh amen .

20. My morning prayer in Pidgin English, I dey ask make you prosper my ways, I pray you go make everything wey concern me better. Amen

21. Bros Jesus, as we wan make this waka this morning, no allow make wey jam wetin go kill us, na wetin we wan chop we dey huzzle so.

22. For your book, you talk say before we open our month , you don already know wetin we wan yarn, we ask you grant all our hearts desire. Amin.

23. God Abeg, help us to dey read and update ourselves with your status. Amin.

24.  God I wan beg you make you dish out your grace make e follow me, Abeg join favor as you dey send the grace I wan experience am for my life.

25. Baba God as another day don break like this ,shower me with your blessings make e fall like say na rain for where I dey. Abeg

26. Na through your son we ask say both the one wey we yarn, the one wey we no fit remember na make you process all for your office and give us output through Christ wey be our Oga patapata. Amen.

Hope say you like as we take narrate the matter wey dey choke us to our Oga at the top. Just dey talk to God with our morning prayer in Pidgin English or morning prayer in Pidgin language. Osheeyy.

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The Lord’s Prayer in Pidgin English

Morning prayer in Pidgin English
Lord’s prayer in Pidgin English

Another Version of The Lord’s Prayer in Pidgin language

Our 001 wey arrange for heaven🦸‍♂️, we dey twuale for ur Name🙇‍♀️. Make your package dey corporate for earth as e dey arrange for heaven, give us today our daily agege bread🍞 as u dey do am on top.

Abeg forgive us any way we take fall ya hands🤲 as we dey forgive others wey fall our hand.

No let us fall inside kasala🤕 wey we no fit handle, heavenly Boss deliver us from bad market. Na u get the kingdom, odeshiiiii power💪 and the glory wey brekete, till eternity wey we never see……… Amen

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