How to promote Business Online and Offline

How to promote Business online and offline: Business is the act of buying and selling of goods and services.  In business it is either you’re selling goods and getting patronized by customers or you’re rendering services which customers also patronized.  All these are in change with money.  That is to say the essence of business is to make money, also refer to as profit.

Profit is your gain from a business.  To calculate your profit from a business, you deduct the price of the goods and other inputs you have made in it.  If it is known services, you deduct like transport fare,  consider materials used, the rest  is your profit.

Setting up and doing a business one thing, getting people to patronize the business is another thing.  Generally, there are lots of factors to consider in setting up a business and one of them is, setting up a business where customers can patronize you.  But what happen when after putting all the necessary consideration in setting the business and then you discover that things didn’t work out the way you envisioned it?  Will you close down the shop just because customers are not coming the way you want?  Are you going to seat there and keep hoping things will change?

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In all these,  we decided to put up some guidelines for you,  this article will help you source for customers from all works of life. Thank God for social media and other platforms, as a means of communication,  you can equally pass your business messages across to family and friends or even to a total stranger that might be needing your goods or services.

How to promote Business online and offline
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Below we shall be talking on how to promote your business online and offline.

How to promote Business online 

There are several ways we can advertise our goods and services online

1. Facebook : Through facebook one can advertise his or her goods and services.  You can do this by creating a facebook page with the name of your business. Give a detailed description of what you do and contact details. You should also put the location of your business to it.

After creating the page,  send invitation to friends and family, inviting them to like and follow your page.

Put up the pictures of the goods you sell,  or the pictures showing the services you have rendered.  That’s it.

But for you to get enough audience outside your clique,  facebook has made it possible that you can boast the post you made.  But for a fee. To do this you click on the post and then boast,  you will be given option on the location you want it to reach, the age bracket and then the duration, terms and conditions apply.

Boasting of business post will enable it to engage thousands if not millions of people. It is one of the best ways to promote your business online.

Also you can join some community pages that have been created solely for business purposes,  just choose the one that is inline with what you are doing and abide by the community rules and regulations.  You can as well share your pages with groups and on your timeline.

2. Instagram : This is another platform where you can post your  business and engage a good number of customers.

3. Whatsapp: There is Whatsapp for business, you can create a group for people who are interested in your business and share what you do with them.  You can also promote your business online by posting your goods and services on your whatsapp status.

4. Using Influencers: People can also make their goods to reach a good number of audience by targeting mostly celebrities with good number of followers,  you engage those influencers, after reaching agreement with them, they will run the advertisement for you in their platform.  This will also attract good number of customers to you.

5. Radio and Television : Still stand as the oldest means of advertisement and if is still relevant till date. With these you can reach to millions of customers simultaneously.

How to promote Business offline 

Promoting business offline involves lots of hard work. But it pays off as well

1. Sharing of flyers and business cards

Print your business cards and flyers. At times you can share this in a busy bustop,  market,  after service and even on transit with commercial vehicle.

2. Public Announcement: In most churches, there is room for business advertisement after service, you can take the advantage.  Some people uses megaphone once a while to announce what they are into also.

3. Awareness campaign : You can organise campaign where you walk in group and telling people why you think they need your goods and services.

4. Use of sign post: This will help to direct people to the venue of your business.

5. General marketing: This involves employing some experts in marketing, who goes out there convincing people to patronize you.  Most times this is the most effective means of advertising goods and services offline.

How to promote Business online and offline


Above all before looking for customers to patronize you make sure that your goods and services are of good standard. This will ensure customers continues patronage to your business.  Good luck.

We are interested in your business expansion, we would love to see you grow and employ  more  labour. that’s why we took our time to write on how to promote business online and offline. You might want to read this to see how to solve the problem of unemployment.